Upcoming Kunlun Nei Gung courses in Australia Nov / Dec 2011

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Just waving the flag for some upcoming Kunlun Nei Gung weekend workshops to be held at:

* Nov 12/13, Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast, Qld

* Dec 3/4, Woy Woy, Central Coast, NSW

* March 2012 - Melbourne, Vic

* April 2012 - Murwillumbah NSW


For further details, please see www.onemillionthhuman.info/kunlun


Blessings & Blissings


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& truly. My understanding is that Sifu Max chose to streamline teachings that had been... let's say, 'creatively modified'by prior facilitators. That's all I know about the matter. Cheers.

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Kunlun in Canada?


I can see you are a great fan of the TM! You obviously have a highly intellectual & resourceful butt! ;o)


Check Sifu Max's site at www.primordialalchemist.com. There is a list of instructors (aka facilitators).

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--- On Sun, 10/23/11, Chris wrote:


From: Chris

Subject: Visiting Australia

To: [email protected]

Date: Sunday, October 23, 2011, 11:24 AM


Hey Mal,

How are you? Hopefully well.


I am writing to you because I may be coming to Australia to teach Kunlun and help promote the incredible work of a man named Paramahansa Jagadish (http://www.jagadish.org). I have been working with him for a few months now and his transmissions are very powerful and transformative. He has expressed an interest in going there and asked if I knew anyone there. I said I knew a couple of people including you.


Anyway, despite the fact that I have moved on to making my films, I am willing to travel for this kind of work if it seems worthwhile, and in this case it is. Jagadish is amazing.


So, I am wondering if you might be able give me some ideas of where to hold an event. I know you're up north but would you have any contacts in Sydney?


Please let me know.


Thanks man. I appreciate it.








Hi Chris,


Great to hear from you brother, things are going really well for me, hope they are for you too.


I don't have a lot of contacts with this sort of "area of interest" :) outside of TTB But I know there are a few Aussie 'bums helping out with the upcoming classes, I'll post your request there and that will get you some useful suggestions


... otherwise I'll be house siting on a tropical island starting in December (magnetic island) while it's only a 10 min ferry from Townsville, Queensland, we are still a long was away from anything :lol: (but we do have an airport ;) )


Have fun mate.


bye for now


[email protected]

"Don't think..... feel" Bruce Lee

"Feel......don't think" Qui-Gon Jinn



If you don't have a contact for Chris ( Mantra68 ) send me a PM or email and I and pass on the info

Edited by Mal Stainkey

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