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  1. "Mysterious Pass"

    Hi people. Have been reading some Thomas Cleary recently. Extracts from various authors. The mysterious pass is frequently referred to, but no clues re its location. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge in this regard? Thanks. Mike.
  2. Love the psychadelic mandala!
  3. I can see you are a great fan of the TM! You obviously have a highly intellectual & resourceful butt! ;o) Check Sifu Max's site at www.primordialalchemist.com. There is a list of instructors (aka facilitators).
  4. & truly. My understanding is that Sifu Max chose to streamline teachings that had been... let's say, 'creatively modified'by prior facilitators. That's all I know about the matter. Cheers.
  5. Just waving the flag for some upcoming Kunlun Nei Gung weekend workshops to be held at: * Nov 12/13, Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast, Qld * Dec 3/4, Woy Woy, Central Coast, NSW * March 2012 - Melbourne, Vic * April 2012 - Murwillumbah NSW For further details, please see www.onemillionthhuman.info/kunlun Blessings & Blissings Mike
  6. Hi there. Earlier this year I attended Apprentice / instructor training with Sifu Max. Max has restructured / modified the complete system, & to me, the exercises as they are now taught seem to simplify the various options presented in the Kunlun book, which has been withdrawn with a new rewritten version due out at the end of the year. I would not describe Kunlun as a 'yin' form. It teaches how to open up to the cooling, rejuvenating energy of the universe (Water Path), as opposed to working withe Earth / fire energy which is common to Qigong and kundalini yoga. As for learning, there is currently two beginner courses,Level 1 (purification & enhancing energy flow), followed by Level 2 (exercise refinement & variations). As it currently stands, you may then attend a course with Max to become a 'Kunlun Apprentice' after practising for 12 months. The initial courses are run by certified instructors - & previously known as Facilitators. There is a list at Max's Primordial Alchemist website. The main practices are Red Phoenix, Kunlun, 5 Elements, & I-gong. It is certainly the most powerful system I have encountered, & from my experiences, certainly lives up to its reputation as the 'Quick Quick Path"
  7. Status - upright & breathing ;o)

  8. G'day

    Hi peoples Great site... so much info flying about. I live In Australia & have a passion for Taiji, have studied various Qigong styles & have recently become a Kunlun instructor....Look forwward to conversing with fellow seekers (especially now I have overcome the limitations I have had with functionality within the site since joining a few days ago). Cheers.
  9. Interest in Taiji (Yang style)& various forms of Qigong.Now teaching Kunlun Nei Kung throughoit Australia.