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It would be lovely to see more people flesh out the ideas behind scalar/longitudinal/Tesla waves and how they apply. Has anyone read anything by Tom Bearden, especially his theories about how dipoles are wicking energy from the time domain via virtual particles and broken 3 symmetry? This stuff really helped me to start wrapping my mind around some of the stranger experiences I'd had during intense Chia lovemaking and the literal dynamo inside my abdomen.


Great picture! Need more! :D

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30 Violence 11


30 FLOWERS support, promotion, protection


Whoever relies on the Tao in governing men

doesn't try to force issues

or defeat enemies by force of arms.

For every force there is a counterforce.

Violence, even well intentioned,

always rebounds upon oneself.

3d TAO

The Master does his job

and then stops.

He understands that the universe

is forever out of control,

and that trying to dominate events

goes against the current of the Tao.

Because he believes in himself,

he doesn't try to convince others.

Because he is content with himself,

he doesn't need others' approval.

Because he accepts himself,

the whole world accepts him.

31 Armies

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