Just Got My TaoBums Subscription

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Thank You for subscribing _/\_ I see the cool subscriber icon is back too, nice.


I've still got till 2012 on my old 2 year subscription ($32)

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I was looking at that the other day. I was quite interested in doing it.


But of course I couldn't help but get curious :-)


So I have to apologize in advance for my questions, but where does the subscription money go? I was thinking about the adwords and stuff the other day. I see all that stuff as helping to pay for the site servers and such and maybe Sean. I mean I hope he's getting something out of this (aside from all the awesome wisdom I mean ;-)) I realise the mods are volunteering (man, I wouldn't want that work :-)) but I'm still curious :lol:

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Got the 'Lifetime Membership' for $47. Feels good to support this site financially!


If you're a regular participant, think about contributing to help keep our nice lively community going strong.


this website has truly changed my life. the people i have met, the discussions i've had, the teachers i've found, and the books/videos i've acquired have all been worth a LOT MORE than the lifetime membership fee.


it just really struck me the other night when i saw that zerostao had TTB listed among their top 5 teachers.


i sought out Mark Griffin of Hard Light because of this site. (thanks, Trunk!)


i received transmission from Max because of this site.


i found Sifu Jenny Lamb because of this site.


i made friends with Seth Ananda because of this site! :)


and lots, LOTS more.


i've met people in-person, i've had intimate discussions with people through email and phone, and i've picked up some amazing insights over the years from SO many different people.


those of us who have been here a while and those of us who know we have benefited significantly from this site should really consider supporting it with a paid subscription.


in my case, it's been long overdue.



TTB, you have my deepest gratitude. :)

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