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deci belle

The Real

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The real.

Who sees this?

Just the same.

But for those who stumble upon it

here it is.


Responding, advancing, withdrawing

waiting~ with no things on the mind;

ready~ adapting to situations objectively.


But what is this?



A whole working totality complete, unborn and solitary.

Brimming at the cusp of actualization

momentarily for ever and ever…


Who sees reality without distinction?

This is not some other place!

The ravishing beauty has no attaching.

Even the raw expression of exceeding altitude

has no equal and is equally difficult to arrive at.

How much the more is that which cannot be known by the body~

…but is the body, a speechless, inconceivable mystery.

This is not something else!


Do you imagine equality with reality

entertains understanding

much less doing?


This is not some other place!

Eternity has no distance;

Beginninglessness has never tasted a time:

So true reality is not far.


Neither picking or choosing

ignites the furnace and swirls the cauldron

as you watch what you took for your life

flow on and on and on

you see the working of non-origination.

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