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  1. What is the Most Important Thing?

  2. A question to the general public

    Heyall. What a question! What a dire predicament we find oursellves in! But where there's life, there's consciousness... I have been working as a eco-tour guide for the past eleven years. My familoy has practised wildlife rescue for the same eleven years. For ten years prior, I worked in the conservation movement - everything from being chained to a bulldozer to parliamentary negotiations, media liason and research, school talks and carrying dead animals around in the city to show people the pointy end of their lifestyles. I have had exactly this discussion with numerous activists ovwer the years. Including the discussion about precipitating the crisis to limit collattoral damage. Do we let the mass of humanity aqmble its way to disaster? Or do we push them over the edge or pull the rug out from under them? Whenb injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty! By most measures we have patently crossed a critical line whereby life and the parameters of life will change. In way7s both subtle and profound. The delicate interplay of gravity and magnetism; of light and heat and sundry radiations; of consciousness and instinct all continue. We are the rocks dancing , but our ears are tuned to new songs and our feet are dancing in designer shoes. Do we honour and protect our children? Do we husband the environment for its own sustainability and for the good of all sentient beings? Do we carefully remove our waste away so that it cannot affect our nest? Fundamentally, are we overpopulating the planet??? The planet is on the verge of a series of ecosystem collapse. It is a question of wheter natural systems can cope quickly enough with rapid shifts in ecological balance to sustain systems within life-supporting parameters. Good luck my friends...
  3. The Real

    Look for but One in all things. It is the second that leads you astray...
  4. The first Taoist TV on internet

    Yo dudes. Bring it on! Taoist TV, having appeared in China, and having been muted on the Tao Bums; will now become a reality - it is only a matter of time! The swirl of consciousness has begun... Re-runs of "Kung-Fu", Martial Arts Movies( not crappy ones or just excuses for violence ), Doco's on practice and practicioners, On Masters, Diswcussion and interview, everything...!!! Sci fi movies that explore the Taoist theme, The Tao Bums Show, with online input... Aaarrrggghhh, stop before i go blind.......
  5. The One Moon is reflected in all the waters. And all the moons in all the waters are held in the One Moons embrace. Chant this while contemplating a reflected moon.
  6. Ta Chuan chapter 4

    Hey! Whichway? To me, the I Ching is the most fundamental of the classic texts. The TTC is the descendant of the I Ching - expressing the same worldview in a more poetic and encrypted language. So much eloquence could be wasted without the scaffold of the original insights presented in the I Ching. No Taoist scholar can embark on a study of the Taoist systems without first embracing the I Ching. As far as practice goes, knowledge of the I Ching is not a pre-requisite. However, exposure to the I Ching coda will generate immediate recalibration aof the practitioners psycho/physical aggregate. Kind of like a Thunderbolt moment of transmission. By understanding the Tao maatarix and the way we move within the matrix as energy beings we are able to integrate all our knowings to better our practice. Of course, this means at the root to be in harmony with the Tao. Or, in other words, to go with the flow. The original map of the eight trigrams, the genesis of the trigrams from the Tao, the swirl of consciousness that produced the eight from the One, and the sity-four hexagrams form a multi-dimensional map of the potential of consciousness on both the individual and global scale. We go to Ba Gua and to Tai Chi. We go to Tantra and Mantra. And ultimately to Wu-Wei from whence we may meta-morphose, in a reversal of the genesis, back to the primordial egoless drop of pure consciousness... Om Gaia Dudes!
  7. Sun Tzu - The Art of War, Chapter 4

    Isn't it the case that the whole general theme of the AoW is to always delay action until the most opportune moment. Now sometimes there will be an obvious strategic factor or moment, perhaps as prosaic as the weather or the movement of a particular squadron or sapper unit. But it also relates to factors of consciousness and spirit and surely the concept of Wu-wei is pre-eminent. And from Wu-wei swirls the rest of the Tao and the TTC and Ic, etc. Sifu Bruce Lee was at times the embodiment of these principles. His admonition to :"Study widely. Absorb what is useful. Discard what is uselsess. Add what is intrinsically yor own.", is sound strategic advice. Through constant and rigourous dedication to self-knowledege and challenge of that self, Bruce Lee was always on steady and high ground, strategically speaking. When he takes that ready stance, you know that the opponent has already been outmanoueverewd! In military action, as in business and as in all our relations, we are challenged to repond appropriately but also in such a way that we are not strategically undermined. But the ultimate goal would be to not only avoid use of force but also to develop a win-win sitution for bothor all parties. If force is required, then the shortest route to victory (foot-strike to knee or finger jab to eye) with the leastexpenditure of power for the maximum gain. But of course sometimes decisive actio might be exactly the opposite of force. Perhaps to bend or sway aside. Sometimes to not engage at all is the most powerful course of non-action. Watch the Wing Chung or tai Chi Master deflect force with the slightest of motions while remaining fluid and unhampered from flowing in the Watercourse way. I think it is important that we do not get tunnel vision in these fora - to lose sight of the ground-truthing of these concepts in our daily lives. Think of the times when you felt so powerful for havinf deflected force or defused a potentially violent situation. Equally think of how we are secure precisely because we are rooted in the Tao and we dance throyugh every encounter because we know that we cannot be defeated by any adversary.
  8. General Discussions

    Yes. Definitely the finger and the moon! Definitely it is a tool that lends itself to the usewr. The world is seen and experienced according to the modality of the viewer. The magic of words and language that they can speak to us as a people but also intimately as individuals whatever our modality or millieu. TheTTC is just as much an oracle as the IC, just as the IC can b seen to flow and express the watercourse way as eloquently as the TTC. As Sifu Bruce Lee used to say:"The essence of Martial Arts is to honestly and openly express myself..." And of course to be like water. So when each of us slips in to the watercourse way, it will mold itself to us and we will experience it in our own unique way. We Tao Bums are rather like a gestalt in that we can all be informed by each others experience and so experience a multi-textured immersion in the Tao. Om Gaia dudes.
  9. The wheel turns

    Hey all. Hail and well met. I Have been kept from posting for quite a while by various circumstances. But The Tao Bums have occupied a warm spot in my consciousness since I firast posted back in 2008. Through all the roller coaster of family life I have kept up my practise and in recent months I have been re-minded. Reminded of the potential in our lives and reminded of how valuable every moment and every insight is for myself and those who are connected to me. And that includes all you Bums. So I reconnect with you. I am the Dragon Guan-Wen! My practise continues daily with a mix of Yoga, 24 Form Yang Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Wing Chung and Meditation. I have been excited to discover the subfora for discussion of Tao Te Ching and I Ching and Art of War and I hope there will be more. I know there are a plethora of Martial Arts sites, but is there one with extensive discussion of the Tao in the Arts? More power to you Brothersand Sisters!
  10. Happy Losar

    Om Mani Padme Hum The Jewel is in the Losar... :
  11. New Member

    "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." Bene Gesserit mantra in Dune. Valerian. You must face your fear. Sit with it. Make it a nice cup of tea (What type would you suggest Stig?). What is the opposite of fear? Is iot courage? Make a list of every courageous thing you have ever done and note the small victories each day. Have the courage to be honest with everybody in your life!!! THAT is the heardest thing to do. When you are paralysed by fear then it has already crushed you. You are reduced to your bare psycho-physical aggregates and bereft of higher function. RECOGNISE THIS TRUTH. Next time it happens, spend quality time with your total response to the fear. Then, take a breath... See how the breath and your fear/fgear-reaction matrix are separate. Then breathe again. Spend quality time with your breath. Make it a nice cuppa too (Stig?). "Seek freedom, become slave to your desires. Seek discipline and discover youe liberty." Frank Herbert in Dune.
  12. Don't get me started..

    "Brevity is the soul of wit." Oscar Wilde "Be like water." Bruce Lee :In so far as I am unlike God, I am unlike myself." Meister eckhart [i think] "See but one in all things. It is the second which leads you astray." Meister again [?] "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." The queen in alice in Wonderland "The one moon is reflected in all the waters. And all the moons in all the waters are held in the one moons embrace." Yung-ji Ta Shia in Huxley ; The Perrenial Philosophy. I'll stop there, but: "I'll Be Back!"
  13. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Easy Rider!!! The whole soundtrack!! "The river flows. It flows to the sea. Wherever that river goes, that's where I want to be... All he wanted, was to be free. and that's the way it turned out to be.. Go river go past the shady tree Flow river flow flow to the sea Floooooowwww to the seeeeea..." Ballad of Easy Rider