the cream that you want to be translated

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is like "coca cola" :lol: i like cream


i have like 50 books ( and going to the 100 :lol: ) the top cream in west esoterism ( that i found much better, no reincarnation stuff in this cream) and i have none taoism or chinese cream book, that is why i had put these questions


any way i have only found one cream in english in this forum ( i can not chinese) that i going to buy very soon:


Art of the Bedchamber: The Chinese Sexual Yoga Classics Including Women's Solo Meditation Texts by Douglas Wile


There is also some litle more cream if you want to hear:


Wudang Martial Arts by Masters: Pei Xi Rong and Li Chun Sheng 1984.


The Secret of Training the internal Elixir in the Taiji Art by Zhang San Feng preserved by TaiyiShanren


ps. some martial art "cream" that sure have some info about Qi Gong:


History of Chinese Martial Arts by Xi Yun Tai 1985


any of the 6 books by Wu Tu Nan but for example these

Guo Shu Gai Lun

Tai Ji Gong . Nei Jia Quan . Xuan Xuan Dao






ps. 2 i wonder if the greatest Lu Dongbin had take the best of his era and done a "cream" to commond people, uncode?

i scream , you scream ,we all scream for cream cream :lol:

i also like to invest in my library.and herbs too, if i have any money left over

i consider then to pay bills, or buy food etc.


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Guest sykkelpump

You shouldnt waste time looking for a secret method that gives you magick powers over dont exist.The best practices are free.But since they are free and easy to learn,only needs practice over time.then peoplpe ignore it and wants some complicated magical method.And while spending years and years searching for this thing that dont exist,trying every system they come over,they make a living for people who claim to teach such secrets.and they waste importent time.time that could get them to a high level with meditation.

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blacksword, thankyou so much for these titles.

i really liked my cheng manching 13 treatises of tai chi

but to find a book on taiji art by Zhang san Feng would really be super cool.

all shen gong books would be good to look at.

i think Lu dongbin has sent you :D

i like wasting my time reading classics, but to each their own, right?

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i reckon the book i want to read , or wish to be translated is

Sun Lu Tang's second book A Study of the 8 Trigrams

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