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  1. Emotional Release

    Hey you might want to look into some of Osho's meditations. A lot of them are about catharsis to release emotions. There's a book called The Orange Book / Meditation Techniques of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh that I would really really recommend. If you're interested here is an amazon link...
  2. Funginears Tea song

  3. Sorry to hear about your confusion. Beware if your mental health physician starts to give you any anti-depressants or other pharmaceuticals. You don't want to go there. Ever looked into Qi Gong or Tai Chi Chuan? I go in and out of periods of depression, but since beginning internal cultivation & the balancing of my energies from the inside, I am starting to develop a more stable foundation. I think it's a good path that you have stumbled upon. Take care โˆ†
  4. Ginseng when young.

    Hello. I am 18 years old and I have been taking some herbal tonics that contain ginseng. A friend of mine was explaining to me that his understanding is while you are young, it is unnecessary & even harmful to take something so fiery because your body is producing a large amount of jing naturally, and it isn't beneficial until your body begins to slow down as you age. What do you all think? If it makes a difference, I have a regular practice of Taijji Chuan. -โˆ†ngelo
  5. Chi of a beautiful person

    Dude you're caught up in a matrix. We are vibrational beings on a tiny ball in the middle of the universe. You are creating your own reality.
  6. Wuji vs Tao

    Wuji --------------------------------------- Tao ------------------------------------------------------------------- Wuji ? [nothing] ---------------------------------------------[everything in between]-------------------------------------------[everything] ? Thanks for the replies. Maybe wuji is more like the source / universe / creation and Tao is the way it unfolds itself? It's totally just mental shit but Im enjoying it.
  7. Wuji vs Tao

    Hello. I would love to hear what your guys' thoughts are on how wuji differs from the Tao itself. I've been pondering it myself and I have tied my mind in many knots. Is the Tao all of creation, and Wuji is just one polarity of it? Or does all of the Tao exist in Wuji? Cheerio -โˆ†
  8. What Books are by Your Bed?

    Magister Ludi by Herman Hesse & Tao Te Ching & The Orange Book by Osho
  9. Energy Vortexes on the Earth?

    I am living in Sedona right now. Tourists aside, the energy is definitely special here.
  10. Music, perfected, has no melody

    Very interesting things to ponder. I will be going to university to study music soon, and I have been curious how it will tie in to my practice & further development along this path. I would also love to know if anyone knows of any 'Taoist' or Chinese folk music?
  11. Herbs and Qigong

    I think an appropriate elixir of tonic herbs can be a nice supplement to your practice, but certainly not a replacement for your practice itself.
  12. Heart & Soul

    You guys just need to find the real music that is happening currently. Perhaps some of this will inspire you.