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Hi all,


not much time to write...


but some left to share - in case you are interested:



Letting Go Movie Party This Weekend!


Watch the Letting Go movie this weekend on us! That’s right… This

weekend you can watch the Letting Go movie online for free and invite

as many friends as you would like! It’s a Letting Go Movie Party…starting

at noon on Friday, November 12th at noon and going through Sunday,

November 14th at midnight.


During those times, you can log in to:


to access the Letting Go movie for free and watch it as many times as you like.

So make plans to get your friends and family together this weekend—or chat

live with your friends in the community around the globe while you watch

Letting Go…for free!

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I have not heard about TheSedonaMethod before, but from what I learned about it whathing the clipps on youtube its same principles I been using and it works well for me.

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