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  1. I listened a pod-cast with an resertecher who had searched for the origin of the word god, and he came to the conclusion the the original meaning of the word was, nature or the will/way of nature.
  2. Thoughts are binary. Reality isn't.

    Your mind can change. Your reality changes. Change your mind, change reality.
  3. Premature Ejaculation solutions

    Getting to know the sensitizations and know when to slow down or back off is the key. Desensitizing takes times but is possible, a quick fix is a short session followed by a long, first a fast one as fast as you can, then after some time hard to say whats a good amount 1-6 hours maybe, you do a long session put a time limit that you think is good and try to improve. The short session should desensitize enough to make you notice a difference. For better results more work is necessary, everyday in the shower or just washing yourself, put your fingers together like picking up a ball, grab the head of penis and just slide them off, just do this a couple off minutes it should not be to stimulating but over a long time its enough to do a bit of desensitizing. Then after some time when you need to advance you can do the same whit some thing a bit rougher like a towel or the scrubbing side of a washing sponge, if its to rough just go back to your fingers and try it some other time. Just take it slow and be observant to not do too much that can remove skin and you will bleed. Yes the rough side of a sponge is enough to do that. Rubbing the fingers at the edges of the head is also necessary this is the most sensitive part for those that are uncut. So that is what i have found works, if you give it a try i hope you can share your experience, as far as i know the experts giving advice about how to last longer don't know about this method and there advices are just not going to give any results.
  4. Are Dreams Perception?

    Reading and thinking about this ,I get the idea that the consciouses is a construction made out of many parts of the mind. That would explain why it can alter its perception, as in dreaming and hypnosis the parts making up contentiousness is altered, one part that is tuned out its the reality check so things in the dream state is perceived as real.
  5. Unraveling Taoist Yoga

    Hardest book i ever tried to read. Did not get far two chapters maybe. And it seems that is starts at an high level no explanation how to get there.
  6. From my experience gaining length is no that hard, 10 minutes a day is enough, girth is harder and can easy cause injury. This takes time, so slow and consistency it the way. I recommend thundersplace forum for info.
  7. Human Torus Field Meditation

    Thanks for sharing, its really interesting i think. The only thing that comes to my mind is merkaba meditation, it might have some similarity. Don't know anything about it so i cant say anything but it might be worth looking in to.
  8. Damo Mitchell interview questions

    I forgot about this one, hope some one can repost the pdf.
  9. Wilfred's Vivid/Lucid Dream Cocktail

    How do you take it? Just drop it in your mouth or mixed with some thing?
  10. Ancient Sites

    5qnu8XrgpJA Not realy on topic but, thows nice pictures remided me, this is just amazing.
  11. Is the earth round/spherical?

    This is a interesting video, shows how much time and work people are willing to do for versus reasons. So I say always take things lightly in enjoy the show.
  12. Seriously. what happened to Miley Cyrus.

    You know they don't make this bye them self there are Agents,Managers Producers, Record companies, Handlers and who know what behind all this. So its all about making a profit, and who knows maybe there are some hidden powers using it for the long game. As for Miley i don't think she has much so say about things.
  13. computer gremlins

    Running a Linux on a bootable cd or usb is a good way to check for hardware trouble, if it works fine on linux the hardware should be fine. Maybe some program stress test program for the cpu to check if there is a power consumption problem. I'm thinking the cpu is going in to power save and does not work properly or a battery problem, but its a fare fetched idea. Might be a BIOS issue , or other hardware problems if you have updated your OS.
  14. OK, I get it, Mjauvetian Iluminati.