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  1. Take away good and there will be no evil the whole notion of good/evil depend on each other to exist. There is no evil or good just your own judgements. Stop thinking and you will be closer to the real answer
  2. Letting Go

    Sedona method is the 3 question thing to assist in letting go of emotions?
  3. Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime

    Being a philosophical taoist i can definitely see some strong shared ideas between taoism and aboriginal culture Particularly regarding coming and going to the source / universe. And that a person is part of the land not a separate entity.. I to live in Australia from European background, I think that aboriginal culture is some times disrespected here so badly because it is to so basic, so profound that like the dao that western culture dismisses it due to their own preoccupation with furthering their own ego. any way i think the first verse of the chapter 41 on the tao te ching points out what i am trying to say regarding aboriginal culture in Australia you could probably substitute Tao with aboriginal spirituality if it helps Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 41 The wise man hears of the Tao and practises it diligently. The average man hears of the Tao and gives it thought now and again. The foolish man hears of the Tao and laughs aloud. If there were no laughter, the Tao would not be what it is please dont jump on me saying that the 2 things are the same they are different but from similar perspectives
  4. Taoism Vs Buddhism

  5. The Way of the Warrior

    Hey onlyindreams i been reading through what you have been talking about and in my humble opinion i think that the idea of a gallant enlightened warrior is more important to you than the idea of being enlightened; during my time training in kung fu i strived for exactly the same thing and all i found out that Iwas pretending to play a role that i thought would look good to other people.. If your mind is telling you that being an enlightened warrior is appealing tell ur mind to shut up because its getting in the way of your true enlightenment. All the stuff you are posting is only creating you a bigger and more hungry ego and that will only slow ur journey. i guess i would just leave you with this - Every thing you need to be enlightened is in this current moment the universe has already laid it out for you; this warrior code etc will only serve to divert your attention to what is important btw not saying martial arts is bad just use it as a sign post not the destination
  6. A disturbing thought about (past life) karma

    If u look at it from the perspective of duality, for people to do the right thing other people have to do the wrong thing . So in theory for every saint the universe creates it also has to create a sinner (The person you suggest needs to atone). I think if you can transcend thinking about right and wrong (ego based concepts) your probably on the right track to living a peace filled life.
  7. Do people get what they deserve?

    you must first figure out who's in charge of deciding what people deserve.. im pretty sure the universe doesn't care
  8. Hello from Australia

    thanks for the welcome guys
  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    all men are Prophets or else God does not exist satre'
  10. Hello from Australia

    Hey guys ur forum look's interesting Kind of got into the taoism bout 6-7 years ago but theres really no meet ups or groups near me.. i found out about the tao via kung fu but stopped the fu and continued studying the tao.. like most cultivators i'v got way to many copies and interpretation of the tao te ching but also like to read up on books by alan watts, satre, chang tzu and other similar things just been reading up on some stuff put out by ekart tolle but im finding it a bit so so.. any way looking forward to chatting to peeps about the dao and anything else floating around peace