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Hi all, I came across the posting below on the internet and wonder what people think of it. Why would you want to have a new soul for your organs. Are we not supposed to resolve our issues with the Shen we have?


Posting Below:



Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, author of the best selling book, Power Healing" is now

offering one of his most powerful forms of healing to the public.


From Dr. Sha's web site:



By divine order, Master Zhi Gang Sha is honored to offer Soul

Transplant, a new divine healing service.



A Soul Transplant is the replacement of the soul of any organ, system or

part of the body with a new divine soul. The new divine soul of the

organ or system carries divine frequency and vibration which is a divine

treasure for healing and blessing.



Sickness is due to energy blockages and spiritual or soul blockages. A

human being consists of soul, mind and body. Every organ, every system

consists of soul, mind and body. Soul directs the mind. Mind directs the

body. Heal the soul first, then healing of the mind and body will follow.



Transplanting a new divine soul to an organ or system is the highest

form of soul healing. In a Soul Transplant, the transformation of the

soul of the organ or system occurs instantly. This may lead to instant

improvement, healing and transformation of the mind and body of the

organ or system. Energy blockages or deficiencies can be transformed

because the root cause of disease, suffering and pain, can be

transformed to light.



Soul Transplants can benefit anyone who is suffering from disease or

sickness, by addressing any organ or system that is not functioning

properly or needs to be strengthened.



For more information see Dr. Sha's web site. From the home page, click

on the link for "Soul Transplant" (flashing in red).



Also see the results that others have had with this new healing service:

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He's selling this because someone will buy it.


I notice he is offering Soul Food. It would be cheaper just to go to Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem.


I just went back to his website and found out I could get a divine blessing for my appendix for $200. Forget it. Appendix, you are on your own.

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I met this guy accidently on an evening talk. He tells people about their future (like for example "you will get cancer with this and that age etc ...") and then offers to heal the karma for about 600 and more dollars. The healing doesnt take long and your future is happy again. I saw people getting pale of fear hearing what kind of wicked deseases they would get. Fortunately when they pay the money he can save them from their bad karma and future. Once in a while he gives healings for free so (in my opinion) people do not get suspicious. He is clever.


Also he uses other methods of selling his books and promoting himself. He has people to say good things about him before he starts with his "show" to build up trust.


You know: I do not want to make people bad. Every student will find his master. On the other hand people come with an open heart to this kind of workshops. To work with their fear and manipulate them in that manner is far from being a "grandmaster of qi gong, tai chi, feng shui and i ging" as he calls himself. At least in my opinion.


He seemed to have healed some people of bad sicknesses. I do not want to kill their believe. I am happy for them. i even think the book itself is a nice thing. But tell people those kind of very bad things and then even take a lot of money to "help" them is a strange kind of business. Good I do not have to carry the Karma of such actions as he does. It is the worse

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