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  1. The Gabriel Method

    Here's the first chapter of his book: http://gabrielmethod.net/downloads/Gabriel...hod_Chapter.pdf
  2. tooth regeneration

    Tooth Soap is based on the work of Dr Judd. He told me any bar soap is fine. He uses Dial.
  3. tooth regeneration

    I bought a jar of Tooth Soap. A good product but expensive for what it offers. I went to the natural food market and bought a bar of olive oil/coconut oil soap for $4. I then used the finest grating side of a box grater and now I have tooth soap powder. It can be mixed with Peelu powder or extract or tea tree oil for added benefit. Uncle Harry's product contains chalk as the main ingredient. I think it is too abrasive.
  4. www.chikung.com

    You might want to read the books of Waysun Liao. He was Clyman's teacher.
  5. A Fathers Wish

    A medicine man from the Dagara tribe in Burkina Faso was sending his son out into the world. This father loved his son very much. He sent him out with these words: "The greatest gift I can give you is to wish you a life of immense suffering".
  6. Consuming Oils

    At one time I would attend, as a guest, quite a few nutritional/medical conferences. I still get invitations addressed to my name followed by R.N.[which I'm not]. During one conference a practitioner was telling me about the value of using cod liver oil. The brand she used in her practice was Lysi from Iceland. She gave me articles and told me she would get me a supply. This fell through. I wrote to Iceland but received no reply. Now in the days of internet connection I am able to contact the company directly. I was told that Lysi can be obtained, in the U.S., under the name of IcelandHealth. Those in the U.S. may of seen Dr Gary Gordon doing an informercial for this product. It is available only online. Those in Europe can contact Lysi directly. I Particularly like Dr Barry Sears work concerning optimum dosages. Another oil worth considering is wheat germ oil. John Heinerman, in several books, recommends Rex's crude wheat germ oil for animals. I was familiar with Viobin but not Rex. Further investigation revealed that Viobin and Rex are the same company. I asked a company representative what is the difference? I was told all oil starts out the same. But the oil targeted for humans undergoes further refinement. This lowers free fatty acid levels and lowers the amount of waxes in the product. In other words less nutritional value for humans. The reason they do this is that consumers complain about sediment levels and the stronger taste. If interested in using this product, it is readily available on the internet. It may be marketed for dogs,birds or horses. It is all the same. Just look for the best price.
  7. Dr. Sha

    Didn't Cyndi Lauper say "Money Changes Everything"?
  8. Dr. Sha

    He's selling this because someone will buy it. I notice he is offering Soul Food. It would be cheaper just to go to Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem. I just went back to his website and found out I could get a divine blessing for my appendix for $200. Forget it. Appendix, you are on your own.
  9. Nattokinase Update

    I don't know if this provides the same benefit as taking nattokinase as a supplement. But one can make their own natto. All that is needed is soybeans and the culture spores to innoculate them. These spores are available from Gem Cultures in California. Warning. A restaurant reviewer who says he can eat anything also said that natto was the only food he couldn't tolerate.
  10. Dr Shyam Singha

    Shyam Singha wore custom tailored clothing not orange jumpsuits. Besides, the person I knew was too powerful a figure to be placed in any subservient role to this man. When Rajneeshs health declined Dr Singha reached out and offered him help. But only as friend to friend. That was something Rajneesh could not accept. He declined. And died. That being said, Dr Singha recognized the brilliant,perceptive mind that Rajneesh possessed. But I thought there was more. I got the impression that Rajneesh was a conduit for something greater. This was touched on ,in part, in Dr Gordon's book.
  11. strech machine...

    Investigate the Versaflex machine. It seems to be closest to the Power Stretch.
  12. Dr Shyam Singha

    I was fortunate to have been a patient/student of Dr Singha. By student I don't mean in a formal sense. But by listening and learning from his advice. There is a book assembled from his lectures titled "The Secrets of Natural Health" . This book is now out of print but still available. One procedure that I do that is listed in the book is the grilled orange diet for detoxification. Put grilled oranges, Dr Singha and humanuniversity into a search engine and there are a couple of sites with the information. Dr Singha was also the personal physian, before being excommunicated, for Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He was one of the people responsible for bringing him to the west. Dr James Gordon was first a patient of Dr Singhas then a direct student. He wrote a book about Rajneesh titled "The Golden Guru". This is a recommended read.
  13. strech machine...

    Bill "Superfoot" Wallace was a proponent of using these machines. When Regis Philbin first came to New York, besides his talk show, had a health program on The Lifetime Network. I remember seeing one show where he had a sporting goods store send over various pieces of exercise equipment. One piece was the stretching machine. Regis got on the machine, pulled the lever in the wrong direction and let out the loudest yelp I have ever heard.
  14. New Member

    My introduction to Taoist studies was directly from Mantak Chia. This was in the early 1980's. At the time he was teaching weekend workshops on the Bowery in lower Manhattan. This was pre audio and video cassette days. The only work he had available was his original book. I arrived early and helped Maneewan set up the room. They gave each attendee a printed handout. What was interesting was the material on how to use herbs to help deal with symptoms that might occur. I have never seen this in any of his other work. Others at the workshop told me he has taught people how to do self acupuncture. He also passed energy to each person there. The result was that when I first started practicing on my own, the moment I placed tongue to palate I felt like I was being electrocuted. A lot has happened since then.