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  1. OSHO: Fucking God

    that is why i keep coming back on this forum ... i wouldnt find things like that myselve. very funny! thanks!
  2. Your own videos

    this one i played today. it starts off pretty wild. maybe if you make it through the first 4 minutes you will like it the videos i made on my trips through portugal ... love jan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBhVRmFcRA8
  3. Your own videos

    can we change our places to practice??? nice surrounding!! wow! jealously, jan.
  4. Kunlun, seitai, seiki, osho, Keeney, zi fa gong?

    hi, i was thinking if i should write or not since i really dont want to spend too much time discussing in the internet anymore. but here i go ... i will just share my experience with my of course limited understanding. altough i am not a sanyassin or osho - follower i added some of his meditations to my normal pratices some years ago. additionally i praticed some of his meditations on a silent retreat. those i praticed: 1. dynamic meditation ( quite a lot on a daily base for a few months ) 2. kundalini meditation ( just a few times ) 3. gourisanka ( just a few times ) differences to kunlun 1. dynamic meditation has 5 formal phases in which there are 2 phases that offer room to express spontanious movements, emotions, feelings. in kunlun there are no phases except starting and closing down. all phases for me come naturally and can include simliarities to different meditations i knew from the past. 2. kundalini: same like 1. kundalini has certain phases that you follow and within those phases are times where you can express yourselve. the other phases are meant to built up the energy or to become more aware of it. 3. gourishanka. before entering a state similar to kunlun you do certain breathing and a visiual meditation watching a blue, blinking light. after that you have kind of visions and your body might want to move. at least in my case. i think the difference in kunlun is that that there are less formal stages. you go with the flow and in your own rhytm (in osho meditations the rhytm is made by a music that changes or a bell that rings to say: move to next stage no matter what you are experiencing right now). some people prefer to have formal phases and for them it seems to be very good. there are similarities in kunlun to all of the above meditations for me. in kunlun it happened to me naturally. like sometimes this energy would let me do yoga postures, sometimes qi gong, sometimes special breathing exercices that i didnt know but enjoyed a lot, sometimes perceptions of other dimensions or whatever you want to call it ... there is no better or worse. just depends on what you want. i personally like that now i do not have to use many techniques anymore but still have powerful results. with seitai i have not much experience. a friend of mine is a teacher of this art and it sounds very good and interesting to me. but i know to few to give a comparison. it seemed to me it has lots of good exercices. for me personally being a more yang person the last years by doing so much training, practicing a lot it is very good now to just follow the flow and see how fast this leads to changes in my energetic perception. there is a constant vibration now even when i dont pratice. along with other things that amaze me. i knew spontanious movements. they happened naturally but not as strong as now. all of this doesnt mean other systems dont work! of course they do. most important things to see is with what pratices you resonate best to acces the universal filed of energy. since doing kunlun my other things work much, much better for me. it helped me to overcome a time in which i felt stuck in my other practices. transmissions are given in many systems. it mainly depends on how well you resonate with the person giving you the transmission. in my case the transmissions of max happen to really open up a lot of doors inside of me that i couldnt acces as easy in the past as i can now. for me personally kunlun really helped to bring major changes in my energetic perception. for me also very important is practicing the red phoenix meditation along. it seems like this gives the practice a lot more energetic potential and helps me to pratice wherever i am. i had to add: JUST REMEMBERED THAT THERE IS A GOOD BOOK OF A MALAYSIAN MASTER MANY KNOW. HIS NAME IS WONG KIEW AND HE DESCRIBES EXERCICES TO ACCES SPONTANIOUS MOVEMENTS, TOO. very interesting guy. hope i could help. and i hope i can leave this thread, too. otherwise it will be a .... love jan.
  5. What are your delusions?

    must have been rainbow-day yesterday. one followed my car for a while. i was reminded by that reading your post. wish you a good day, rainbow-friend, jan.
  6. Is wing chun internal?

    very well said. that is what i had in mind today, too. stick to qi gong, tai chi ... or find a teacher like lin that has experience in both paths. good luck, jan. good to read about your experiences about the pathgate. that is maybe why i stood away from it intuitively quite a while ago. good luck, man!
  7. Is wing chun internal?

    hi, there is a lama in england who teaches qi gong, tai chi, wing chung, aikido and other martial arts. i dont know if he is any good as a teacher. i heard good things and pretty bad things about him but never met him and most likely never will because i am very happy with what i got. i wont post what i heard because it is not first hand and so find out for yourselve if he is interesting for you. before everybody will discuss if the stuff on the videos is possible or not ... i read in a forum that people called at his school and asked. the answer was as i remember that he only does it with energetically open students. if you want to find a traditional wing chung teacher i guess he his not the right one. he seems to mix, too, but again i do not know because i didnt check him out more closely. just check it out for yourselve if it resonates with you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnApFhvV7uA www.pathgate.org good luck, jan.
  8. Your own videos

    unfortunately this is not me playing ... but i love it! love jan.
  9. Who is /are Max's Egyptian teachers?

    bless u, too. love jan.
  10. Who is /are Max's Egyptian teachers?

    seriously this discussions really have been going on for so long now ... first kunlun came up and lots of people trashed it ... then the first ones went there and found it great ... then lots of people bought the book, went there and wrote very good things ... some still remaind sceptical and didnt go for it ... which is perfectly fine, too. many good teachers and systems on earth. one good for the one and the other good for the other. then many complained that there was too much kunlun in this forum. "too much kunlun!!". then the kunlunforum was opened and suddenly for a little while there was a big silence here ... then ... some of the same people that before complained about kunlun started threads again or put all their efforts in putting threads alive ... it is like your neighbour that lives a few blocks away annoyes you and you never met him. you just heard and read about him. then he moves away and suddenly there is that big emtpiness ... nothing to be annoyed with anymore ... just you ... what to do with that ... wun yuen gong ... you say you want to protect people from getting false impressions. seriously man .... i definetely respect your points of view and it is good to see both sides. but do not say you just do it for the sake of others. kunlun seems to be your personal obsession ... which is ok. you seem to be happy with your own system. go for it. i saw a video of one of your teachers you posted. he seemed like a good one. why are you so obsessed with max ... let it go and let the free energy flower into something else. if you feel occupied to post a lot of mostly negative things about kunlun then just say so but dont say you just want to protect the others. it seems like a political party ... better to make a great party and put love and energy in your own party than constantly pointing on the others. especially when you clearly see that people of the other party seem to be very happy with it. sorry wun yuen gong when i come across annoyed but sometimes i just dont understand. actually you are a very good mirror for me as everybody else here is . i had a "i dont like this" - thing with another teacher for a while. i came to the point for me that it doesnt matter. just a waste of energy. instead of waiting that the other teacher confirmed my expectations of him i moved on and put my energy into something that made me more happy. i went to this forum because i felt stuck. i have a long backround of dedicating myselve to the pratices i learned before. but for a long time i felt i didnt proceed the way i wanted. i found this forum. i came across kunlun and another thing. i didnt decide for kunlun at first because of the way it came across to me. but i liked the people that presented it patiently. then i decided to give it a try after a meditation time in india (which doesnt mean i left my other things ... they are getting strongly affected by kunlun) .i put away my doughts and went for it. later i travelled to new york to see max. since i started kunlun my inner flow comes back. so many great things happen. so i move on. no need to constantly discuss about the same old story ... peace jan. p.s. i have to add again that i personally think max is a great teacher and kunlun/red phoenix etc. are very good and powerful tools. even just by using the book i had very good results. namaste!
  11. Your own videos

    very nice to see some of you people in "real life". thank you a lot. i really enjoyed to connect another way. i see how people can easily missunderstand each other here because they never met. it is much easier to project your own stuff on others when you dont know them. once you see them there is more real connection, understanding ... even a picture helps. or music, or a video. great potential! would be nice if more posts will come. maybe next week i have the time to upload something else, too. god or whatever you name it bless all of you, jan.
  12. Your own videos

    thank you, truth! i saw this video already. very interesting stuff! i like it. thanks for sharing it!! love jan.
  13. Your own videos

    just uploaded one more song ... this one i made together with a very good friend of mine. we recorded it i think about 9 years ago (i am not the singer ...) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE2yzQ5Jn3k
  14. Your own videos

    funny that you are the first one answering ... i was thinking of you and your videos quite a lot. maybe this even inspired me to open this thread. i enjoyed watching your videos and i got a lot of inspiration from them! thanks. love jan. the way you smile in the camera ... made me laugh. good vibes!