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  1. Healing Tao USA

    I don't know if you are supposed to do this on this forum but I have my Spring Forest Qigong, Healing Tao DVDs for sale on ebay: I totally understand if one of the admin deletes this email. I don't care about the money I just want them to go to someone that will use them. I do a different form of Qigong now and never use these. They have been sitting around my place unused for years.
  2. Apart at the seams

    Hagar, All my life I have been trying to avoid or fix my emotions. Now I am just falling into them and discovering that there is a richness and an inherent dignity to being a human being full on. It is touching to be in such a vulnerable space...sensitive like a child...I can be hurt easily. For me they seem to be the key to feeling fully alive and a natural part of the human experience. I heard a teacher once say that the emotional body will stretch your capacity to allow the present moment. It is like it prepares you for the unpredictability of the infinite (where anything can arise).
  3. Lama Dorje

    My body feels really good after reading the posts of peoples experiences at the Lama Dorje course. The cells in my legs feel happy. I have a really sensitive nervous system because of a lot of medical trauma as a child. Qigong used to be such a relief. But now any qigong I try feels too strong for my system at this point (somewhat retraumatizing if you will). I was wondering if this kunlun practice would be too much for my system. I guess nobody can answer that unless someone in a similar position has done the practices. I will get the book and see.
  4. Outer dramas, illusion and deeper reality

    I think there is a mass awakening occuring right now. There is a book called the "The Translucent Revolution: How People Just Like You are Waking Up and Changing the World" that talks about that. Interesting about the walk-in thing you were talking about. I have read somewhere that some believe that Eckhart Tolle himself is a walk-in replacing Ulrich Tolle.
  5. Merging with the Void

    Freeform, you might want to explore the Waking Down work. I read one of your past posts talking about a NLP teacher (JS) that you like. He woke up using the waking down transmission. It is a "both/and" awakening (you are still a limited human being while paradoxically being unlimited). You wake up to consciousness but remain your individuated self (no need to kill the ego or perfect yourself...although it starts to harmonize after you awaken which is said to be quite challenging). It is a totally embodied form of awakening (it makes for a challenging life to be a deeply open and feeling person unable to disassociate or buffer yourself from the inevitable suffering in the world). Many of the teachers previously had advaitic awakenings before finding themselves in this work and say this is deeper. I have not awakened using this method so I can't personally vouch for it.
  6. Jinye Huandan Yinzheng Tu in English?

    Why don't you contact the professor that maintains the website where you found it. He might know if the scroll has been translated. How do I contact James Miller Email [email protected]a Department of Religious Studies Queen's University Kingston, ON CANADA K7L 3N6 Fax +1 (613) 533-6879
  7. Penis Size

    You could always try Iron Crotch. When I first saw this for sale I didn't know what to think.
  8. Vehicle of mind

    That is what the Waking Down form of awakening claims to be all about.
  9. Robert Peng

    I may have overdone it on body work. The day before the retreat I had the treatment from Robert Peng. I then proceeded to have 4 chi nei tsang/4 dimensional body work treatments from Karin Sorvik during a 3 week stay at Tao Mountain. Cool things were happening like waking up from 1 to 3 in the morning while my liver was going wild. Pains in the lungs followed by huge releases of grief and sadness. My goal was to open up the tightness in my solar plexus and chest. I did that...what followed was a month of panic attacks (perhaps the resistence was there for a reason). My inner smile got a workout as I allowed these powerful energies to pass through me...there was nothing else I could do but allow. In the end a great deal of energy was liberated but it was extreme. Feeling wide open and ungrounded is unsettling. Interestingly enough I feel extremely grounded currently.
  10. Robert Peng

    I had a treatment from him last year before heading off to Tao Mountain (I was curious what electric shock chi felt like). First he did some Tuina to relax me. He then had me put my hands in a prayer position and he touched each of my fingers for a while. It felt like pulsing electric shocks (like an electrical muscle stimulator). He told me that my kidneys had a good amount of energy but it was dispersed so he condensed it. He also said that I was easy to work on because I practice qigong. I felt much better after the session. He did operate out of a swanky New York studio and was wearing a Hugo Boss shirt. I figure if the other doctors in the building deserve to have an upscale lifestyle why not him as well.
  11. Free Chinese Astrology Chart

    Mine is messed up year - water ox month - water pig day - water pig hour - water dog inner element: metal wood 1, fire 0, earth 2, metal 0, water 9 Nine water!!!! What does this mean?
  12. The Enneagram Thread

    I took that test and came out with the similar results as Freeform. type score type behavior motivation 5 60 I must be knowledgable and independent to be happy. 9 50 I must be peaceful and easy to get along with to be happy. 6 48 I must be secure and safe to be happy. 4 46 I must avoid painful feelings to be happy. 1 40 I must be perfect and good to be happy. 8 29 I must be strong and in control to be happy. 2 28 I must be helpful and caring to be happy. 7 17 I must be high and entertained to be happy. 3 16 I must be impressive and attractive to be happy. I wonder what the experience of life would be like being a different type?
  13. Spiritual Crisis

    This is my mentality with these processes. It seems that some people are more motivated by exploration whereas I am motivated more by the pain I feel in my solar plexus, chest, and heart. I have had a tremendous year of growth and I don't mind dark nights...that is a part of the process of integration and growth. I was just curious what others think about the potential of the big one where your mind has to let go of its supposed control.
  14. Spiritual Crisis

    The only reason I am sensitive to this is one of my teachers went through a major crisis in which he had to have people constantly watching him so he wouldn't harm himself. He described it like the infinite was jealous of the finite because it was the one thing it couldn't be (the infinite can't be finite). Those forces were expecting him to be the bridge and he wasn't grounded enough to handle it. Michael Winn helped him out. Michael told him that he doesn't teach individually but he would make an exception for him because he had a dream about him. The Waking Down guys helped him out with their transmissions and he had his Second Birth (a waking down term to describe when you know beyond a doubt that you are consciousness yourself). They talk about being embodied and rotting into your emotions. I think that was the point when he got his trust back. As for me...I love the Healing Tao stuff. I took the fundamentals 1-4 course last year and I am going for 3 weeks this year. The earth's energy is so nurturing and it has helped me to feel my emotions deeply and feel stronger. I am highly kinesthetic so feeling the different flavors of energy is not difficult at all. I tried a few phone calls with a waking down guy named Krishna Gauci last year and I have never vibrated at a rate like that in my life...all from gazing at a picture I emailed him. For 2 weeks the energy wouldn't stop churning up emotions...occasionally I would feel something shift but there was no break. In the end it kind of freaked me out so I stopped. Now I am much more grounded but I find the Fusion methods to be a lot more gentle. I guess that is the reason I am cautious with spirituality.
  15. Spiritual Crisis

    Has anybody gone through a major spiritual crisis? You know the kind where a person falls completely apart and is unable to function in society for a prolonged period of time. I am hoping that the Taoist methods of embodiment with a strong earth center make the growth process smoother. I guess that every spiritual practice is inherently dangerous. I don't know why I worry about such things (given the goal thread that was recently posted I may be unconsciously asking for this sort of thing to happen to me). Sometimes when things get really cooking it can get a little scary. Nevertheless, I wonder what other people think about this?