Meditation and the Three Regulation

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I liked this and thought I'd throw it up for comments.


Meditation and the Three Regulations


Stillness is the key to open the gate to the mystical world. With stillness, the mind and body fall in love, yang and yin. The enemy of stillness is motion. How do you deal with motion in the right way? You must learn to deal with it in a philosophical way. Physical motion is the first test for everyone. You need a very wise mind to not attach to it. Once you attach to it, you are back at square one.


Wu is the character for Enlightenment or Breakthrough and has the inner radicals “heart ”on the left and “self” on the right representing the relationship between you and the cosmos.


To meditate bring the mind back to look for tranquility. Do nothing and leave nothing undone. Move into “Ting”, stop, be still, frozen, have no need to move. No one can distract you unless you want or allow yourself to be distracted. Withdraw the senses.


Regulate your body:

A. Seal your hands

B. Eyes on the tip of the nose

C. Arms rounded

D. Sit cross-legged, females with the right leg outside, males the left leg. If you must sit on a chair then sit on the front 1/2 – 1/3 of the chair with your feet shoulder width apart and facing ahead.

E. Let your armpits be empty and the belly soft

F. Wear no jewelry, no watch, be natural

G. Wear loose clothes, nothing binding


The usual pain sequence for the body to follow when you start sitting is:

1) Legs ache

2) Kidney/low back aches

3) Shoulders ache

4) Neck aches

5) Forehead aches


This is a natural sequence as the energy starts to move up. Just take it, do not attach.


Sit for 20 minutes initially and then gradually add time in 5 minute increments over 1-2 months. Be regular! Do your practice at the same time every day – for example at 11:00 pm every night. Twice a day is recommended for your meditation practice: Mornings between 5 and 7 and evenings between 11 and 1, even when you travel. Twenty minutes of good quality meditation equals 2 hours of sleep.


Regulate your mind:


Kill the self – let go of your self-concept: ego, desire, self-identity, stress and go back to the innocent stage. Desire and emotion are the leading causes of mental motion – monkey mind. The wild horse is the intention, jumping monkey is the heart.


1 replaces the 10,000


Focus on the 1.


Focus on the tip of the nose. The tip of the nose is the pole to tie the wild horse to. When you focus on the tip of the nose during meditation then you bring the consciousness to the Dan Tian. That’s called caging the monkey. **


When you focus on the 1, that is the beginning stage of stillness; when you let go of the 1, that is the intermediate stage.


To achieve stillness you must practice self-cultivation of your virtue: remove the masks, be true to your heart, and seek the purity of your own heart. The goal is stillness. You must preserve the root in order to achieve stillness. Practice self-examination. The source of stress is from your own heart. You cause your own stress and you must take responsibility.


Regulate your breath:


Tu Na Gong Fu is the art of regulating the breath. In pure meditation you do not even regulate your breath. It simply falls away.


This is a basic method for regulating breath.


1. When you inhale, gently contract the anus in and up beginning with the intention just under the tip of tailbone (Wei Lu point) and leading it up the inner face of the spine, up the Du Channel, around the skull to just below the nose.


2. When you exhale, gently relax the anus. Allow the intention to lead the Qi down the front of the body to the perineum (Hui Yin point between the privates).


When beginning, practice 36 breaths or rotations and then let go of intention. Then do nothing, keep the mind in the belly, on the Dan Tian. Focus on the third eye; see and not see.


Females can focus the intention on the heart center for around 15 minutes and then bring the intention back down to the Dan Tian.


When you begin this will be a dry river. Use intention to see the path until one day water comes, and energy goes up and down by itself. After 100 days of practice you will achieve results.




**This is an interesting take. It backs up Eric Yudelove's beliefs and exercises (In 100 Days to ..) about focusing on the tip of the nose.





I'll make it a twofer and include this blog entry:


Bubble Meditation & Grief and Happiness


Can you find a single reason to forgive yourself? You can always find 100 reasons to forgive others.

You have unlimited potential for a successful life! You must believe “I CAN DO IT!”


What is the connection between grief and happiness? They are two sides of the hand. To appreciate happiness you must have grief. Just flip the coin.


Victims lose their motivation to flip the coin. Don’t be a victim of any situation or for anyone, especially yourself. It is very simple to find the root – it only took me 30 years…

Bubble Meditation


For this meditation, seat yourself comfortably in meditation pose (cross legged or in a chair) and visualize yourself covered by a large bell. Visualize your mind as the sun, and your Dan Tian is the water.


Let the sun shine and boil the water.


Allow Qi to rise up the inner face of the spine – the Du channel – (red line) and around to below the nose with the inhalation. With the exhalation allow the intention to drop down the front of the body and back to the Dan Tian. (light blue dashed line). This circuit is the small circulation. Once Qi flows on the small circulation there is no more sickness.


Eventually you will achieve longevity and immortality.


Degree of concentration determines heat of the fire.


Do not practice when you are emotional.

Repeat the circuit beginning with 36 breaths and building up to 108 breaths.


When you are done, cover the belly with both palms (females right hand underneath, males left hand) and rub the belly three times in each direction. Then rub the palms until they are hot and dry wash the face and head 3 times.


Practice for 100 days and observe the changes within.

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Thank you for sharing this. Seems like a great practice. I'm reading Taoist Yoga by Luk now and it seems to coincide with that alot. The website just feels so commerical, not saying its not authentic I just wish there didn't have to be like an online store, etc. Guess that is the way of the world now though. His blog is great, thanx for turning me on to it. You seem to be more into kinda of Vipassana stuff though from your posts, not so much energy moving. Not to pigeonhole anyone. Thanx again.

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Maybe the ideal is, Vispassana is where I live, but energy arts are what I exercise.


Hmmnn taking it further, quiet sitting (emptiness) is my washroom that I visit to avoid constipation. :)



(not that I shine at either particularly)






ye olde tyme religious taoist are a pretty commercial lot. least they're not pushing charms and talismans :)

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