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Chunyi Lin's new radio interview

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do you get paid per post?

if so, how much?


it reminds me of the story of the parrot...


Actually that reminds me - what happened to Biff? Biff PMd me saying he had ordered the "Level One sitting meditation" c.d. from and then the same day he posts a comment stating he thinks I'm a paid poster for


So I responded to Biff - lets see if I can find it. Meanwhile Biff has vanished like a puff or whiff....


Nope -- anyway yeah I get paid $20 per post. It's a sweet deal! haha.


Seriously it's a free radio interview minus the commercials.


Me -- I live with my parents -- my dad is a retired lawyer in his mid-70s, and my mom is a sorority gal in her mid-70s.


So I got $1000 in the bank from my last job which I quit for numerous reasons, most prominently that I smelled like shit too much because I was eating meat and sugar even though the middle of my brain is permanently magnetized.


There is no going back! haha.


So now I'm planning on planting some forest crops -- chestnut trees and a nitrogen fixer -- honey locust -- and some apple trees. We got 10 acres although my parents are heavily mortaged with the banks. But still you never know when the economy is going to crash considering there's some $500 trillion floating in speculative derivatives backed up by government bail out money printed on a jobless recovery!


haha. Still considering the nuclear fuel rods are all cracking there should be a good power plant meltdown soon that will wake up this rotting empire.


Or else all the depleted uranium Gulf War illness -- if not just move to Fallujah right?


Nah I don't get paid but I did get arrested some 7 times protesting the Evil Empire -- the Twin Cities is the largest manufacturer of munititions through AlliantTech -- home of the largest depleted uranium weapon producers. I got arrested there a couple times.


I also got arrested protesting the nuclear fuel rods stored in the Mississippi river -- that will be nice when the whole down river gets contaminated a la Chernobyl. Yes there's whole towns with children all orphaned and defects, etc.


Then I got arrested protesting the clearcut of the sacred old growth forest -- Big Woods maple basswood at the headwaters of the Mississippi and Minnesota river. The Indian first nations would meet there from the whole region.


Strange I had a precognitive dream about that protest 3 years before it happened -- and it was the largest police raid in Minnesota history.


And then I got arrested protesting the genocide in Iraq -- twice.


I got arrested protesting Project ELF -- the nuclear weapons one way First Strike system that was shut down.


Did I get paid for those arrests?

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Thanks for the link Drew! Ignore the spammers. Master Lin is great but these hosts are insufferable!

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