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  1. feel like giving up

    You need to look in the mirror and reevaluate your life... no ones gonna fix this but you and your deal big dog
  2. I ruined my moms life

    They have tigress energy...
  3. I ruined my moms life

    First of all, she's a woman she doesn't have any jing. Jing comes from a man's equipment. From his fireman.From his alchemy. Second of all,where is her husband? Why isn't he taking care of you two? Post about it, please.
  4. NCA trying to kill me

    Youre right it is the wrong forum, this isn't a conspiracy site. Please do not come here with your chaos magic curse, our water ducts have an inherent filtration system. It is SAFE for the populace... you are a massive mussadi disinformation agent.
  5. I charge my Dan Tian chi chakras with old VHS players in the winter, a stance is suffice. it's ACDC I believe however the flux is capacity.
  6. Fresh Red Dates (Jujube fruit)

    Red dates actually have yin chi much akin to the 'perineum chakra' of the western roaming blue bird... as of holidays at least..
  7. Fresh Red Dates (Jujube fruit)

    Heh, yes the type of chi in red dates is lush... this thread should be deleted....
  8. What Results Do People Here Have From Training?

    Black magic? My dear boy. . . What you westerners call black magic, we practice as Daoism, we must replenish it through bull semen (the highest chi-jing sun form) to compensate for the natural depletion.
  9. Questions About The Inner Smile Meditation.

    The Inner Smile meditation is in essence an internal orgasm, thus one should truly practice it's innate alchemical benefits upon an internal orgasm akin to the bonobo tribe. hint: uni-sex
  10. The Tao cannot be found in any hour nor week. It is beyond space and time, it is never found. It does not exist - it only shames its seeker. The true Tao is a DRAGON PERMEATION. That's why Daoists are stuck in a lazy lifetime of butterfly fetish while Christians RIDE THE DRAGON. WWJD.
  11. You need to close your eyes... because as the De Jing says, darkness gives birth to light. If you desire a light feather rainbow body, you must be reborn in the empty abyss of clear light.
  12. Questions about the six healing sounds.

    Six healing sounds...? It's ALL about the DRAGON BREATH, roar, and orgasm noises - you don't need to heal you must become a DRAGON. Instead of snoring tonight, you will DRAGON ROARGASM.
  13. ...I think the term "Scholar Sage" is an oxymoron; an inherent contradiction... at least in terms of Taoism.
  14. Hunter's Moon

    Hunter's Moon? More like Moon Hunter.
  15. Q's...ONLY Teachers may Answer.

    1. Rid yourself of ALL material possessions 2. Walk 3. ?