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  1. As the New Year has arrived, alas, it is time to get back to work. Which means less time for posting. I want to thank all of you for asking great questions, I have thoroughly enjoyed the interaction. May I remind you, that I have given seminars around the country for years. I prefer small venues with true cultivators/martial artists/yoga adepts. If you want to host a seminar at your cultivation location, send me a private message and we can discuss. Hosts are always compensated for their time. Skype appointments are arranged through email as well. I have students in Thailand, California, Ireland, Finland and all over the United States. Sometimes a good discussion can lead to an amazing insight. And I train well. Otherwise, my general advice is this. Mind: keep it sharp. Keep learning daily. Keep it empty. Keep it open and clear. Watch the hypnotic states as they leave you vulnerable. Body: work on the vessel. It is a doorway that can allow your full soul to enter, or keep it shut out. Yes, its a meat sack that we give back in the end, but it is a link to holding energies that you need after you launch into the next "situation". Soul: keep searching. Express your emotions, holding them back harms only you. Just do it without destroying. Keep playing and look to find contentment. Even happiness is one of the seven emotions that can cause taxation. Contentment is pure refinement of all emotions. Love and Good Shen to all!!! Ho ho ho. S.
  2. Excellent! Yes, I am sure we have met or been in group practice together! I didn't run into Gunther until I moved to Colorado. When I move to a new area, I invite all of the current teachers to a friendly meet and push. I ran the open push hands group in Boulder for about 3 years until I gave it over to a Chen Family Teacher. Gunther showed up and sparred a couple times, which was great. We ended up talking more than sparring since we were so eager to discuss. At that open group, I had the chance to spar with Yin Style Bagua players, Gao style Bagua players, Chen, Yang family, MMA players, boxers and numerous Kung Fu teachers. Boulder is a good collection of martial artists. Philadelphia has a great collection of traditional martial artists as well. Their open push hands is still going on every other Saturday off of 2nd Street. Sharon Smith from NY was my micro cosmic opener. She is still teaching to this day and I recently have emailed with her. Its great to see the Tao endure as its been 15 years since I attended her seminar. I lived in San Fran for a while as well. I was prospecting at Five Braches for my degree, but ended up at Southwest. Amazing internal community in San Fran, especially the old school guys. Roger is a good friend and teacher in Cali as well. Great to make the connection...
  3. Ah, the dreaded 3 am waking question! It's quite a common meme among people. Overall there are many different factors today that are affecting this precious time in the evening. It is the beginning of Lung time, that you are correct with and have obviously researched. The lungs receive the circadian flow of energy around that time. Which is why in China, the hardcore qi gong enthusiasts always do their personal practice at around 4 am. Interestingly enough, there are some environmental factors such as signal amplification from, let's just say, dominating influences in our society that like to transmit at that time. Added to this, the influx of metallic salts into our atmosphere for SRM and geo-engineering practices, that have weakened the lungs of the population overall. This taxes the lung yin, or the mucous lining and hormone structures of the lungs, and lightens the Po during that time, which then is causing individuals to awake. If you are stressed, this adds another dimension to the situation. Stress heats up the Solar plexus region, in particular the Liver/GB/Adrenal axis. This added stress causes the area to run "hot". When its heated up, the excess stress must vent somewhere. And where does heat go? Up. And disturbs the Shen and the Po. There is more even yet. Add the balance of the environment to the situation. Notice the climate lately? How is your skin this winter, or your lips for that matter? The intense heat of the summer has cooked the yin from everyone. This decreases cellular pressure and overall protective mucous barriers and allows for pathogen growth from endothermic retention of heat. And since we are still in a drought, the overall temperature of the population is still running high. Hence the amazing strength of pathogens this year. I have never, in my 12 years of laying hands on people, seen the intensity of pathogens such as during this period of time. Everybody has weakened lungs from these seasonal and technological influences. As for your orbits, you seem to be a smattering of Wynn, Frantzis and Chia. With a little other instruction thrown in there to boot. I will add the Hindu and Wudang versions as food for thought. There are nearly 8 channels on the back side that I have found, that can "run the orbit". The farther left you go, the more yin in nature the energy. The farther right, it tends to be more hot/yang in nature. When you close your eyes, attempt to move the orbit more towards the left inner pole of your core channels, and open the left nostril with intention. This will help cool the energy. And reverse the orbit, don't go up to stimulate the brain. Go down to reserve the qi and yang. If you can directly access the Nadi, use the Left Nadi more than the Right. And move the orbit to inside of the core. This uses more of the fluid potential rather than the nervous system that you are attempting to soothe. Despite my overall pushing of general health and fitness to the uninitiated, there are serious particular techniques to learn through practice and inherited knowledge. And you sound as if you may be well versed in the open door technique base. Edit: Suan zao Ren Tang is the classic insomnia formula for Liver blood deficiency.
  4. Thanks for the link to the article. I read. Unlike others of this age. Example that I found rather interesting in subtext. Does anyone need a qi emission to "reach the next level"? Loaded question. Assumes many things. For example, that you are separate from anyone. That they have an ability that you do not. That there is anything to achieve in this world. There is a right and a wrong answer to this question. What is qi to you? Qi is a mistranslated and misinterpreted word. Do you have more of a thermal pocket that you emit from your body than another person? Could that mean your enlightened or have a fever? Work with the healthy tissues and develop loads of efficient nervous system transmissions through your body. Increase your coordination. These two acts alone develop zhong qi and ting qi. Righteous qi and sensitivity qi. These are true to life. Don't get overly focused on any one of the Siddah' characteristics or powers. These things are traps. When you constantly look for an ability rather than a mindset, you are already done. I fell into this same trap for years. If I wasn't zapping people from across the room with qi, then I wasn't reaching the next level. Its an illusion and a test. Powers require huge energy differentials which eventually move in both directions. All sun's will eventually die as well for their huge combustion rate cannot be sustained forever. Can it help to have a certain "educated" frequency get merged into your programming level, yes. When I was a true empty student 20 years ago, I attracted tons of teachers who were "full" with what I wanted to learn. I met some big ones too. Now? No longer. The universe sends me people who are "empty" to learn, and its my turn to do the filling so to speak. That's how I know where I am in my training. Can I zap people with qi, yes. Do I want to? No. Its a waste of my energy. It means nothing as to my spiritual level, its only a skill, like hammering nails. Reserved for acupuncture treatments... At any point in time, and from any place on this planet, you can find the exact frequency that you desire. We are all "transmitting" with our DNA at every second of the day. The true test, is how quiet is your mind? When you are really, really quiet and have good control over your ego in your dantien, then the signal will find you. And then, maybe you will learn to transmit once you have enough differential stored in your individual transmitter. But every one of these posts that I have left for the world to see, is a teaching. That has an "emission" stored inside of it. As for a story? Hmm. I'd need a cup of tea and a meeting. I don't share my good ones with the uninitiated in the dojo.
  5. Sounds like you are an Oscillator, Shen. That means the brain conduction is crossed. You probably have bilateral tendencies and ambidextrous capabilities. It means your dominance is cross wired and doesnt always flow in the proper pattern. At some point, you probably did a lot of "hot" meditations which caused ascending yang chi to fry the circuits a little. Or this was inherited. Either way, sounds fun... Tone in the ears is not quite as simple as pitch. Although generally that can apply, but its high or low, frequent or intermittent, one ear or both, closed feeling or open, background or constant, rest or activity and with certain foods or not. It gets very complex. There are six more questions, but its a minutia type variable. No need to get too focused on one small point. Just a diagnostic tool unless its debilitating. The ringing that people are hearing is associated with many different things. Never before in history have we had so many signals running through the environment. Trees are dying from wi fi, temporal lobes are vibrating with induced patterns, towers are heating up children's yangming channels... Its quite an effect. There is a reason autism and communication disorders are growing, there is so much frequency and energetic interference occurring that our DNA doesn't know what to do with it. There is also the extra energy released from the sun and the higher friction coefficient that the heliosphere is experiencing in this section of the solar system. We are definitely getting juiced. Its part of the reason people are having intense emotional breakdowns. I know they have always occurred, but not at this frequency of events. Its a deep rabbit hole, and quite a different direction that I intended to discuss.
  6. Tinnitus develops from two organs specifically. The liver and kidneys. If the adrenal system pushes the body to work harder and more intensly, it burns out the "oil" of the body in these two organs first. What does an old engine sound like? Louder. So the energy that is normally trapped in the organs for typical metabolism, fails to be secured by the blood/yin/physical mass of the organ, and it rises upward into the side of the head and causes ringing. Obviously trauma can cause and injury as well to the actual ear drum mechanism. I had a guy at the range fire off a Desert Eagle next to me and I had forgot my usual "ears" and used the plastic plug ins. I still ring on that side if I'm done shooting. Try -You gui Yin, or Da bu yin Wan- Making the body stronger is like forging metal into a sword. Yes you need muscle to be able to move and resist gravity. Without the ability to resist gravity you are worthless. So building muscle and tendon is the hardening stage of the metallurgy, dipping the sword in water. Being able to work out energetic and physical obstructions, as they are usually one in the same, is done through tendon/muscle changing qi gong to soften the channels. That is when you reheat the metal and make it malleable and work out the imperfections with a hammer. Blood is the mother of qi and qi is the father of blood. If there is no circulation to the area, the energy cannot move through either. Good questions.
  7. Love Qi gong. I cant miss a day at this point. My patient load is a direct proportion to my cultivation. I have many mouths to feed, LOL! Its a combo of breath, muscles, fascia, tendon, bone, energy/electricity and marrow. In that order. You feel me? Notice energy is toward the end. Its a big problem I have with current training methods. How can you have energy if you don't have the wiring to support it? Your amplifier can only send a certain quantity of signal through those crappy speaker wires they include in the box. You must constantly work to upgrade your wiring to Monster Cables! Have you ever seen a really weak looking Master? Nope, me neither. Maybe later in life when they have refined into the deeper levels, but they are still steel. I am not one of those people who works with energy in the beginning stages. You can fry your reserves of both Qi and Jing. Get a proper vessel and then we will talk. Just had a practicing acupuncturist contact me about training yesterday, from out of state. First thing I tell them? Work on your core. Yep, muscles too. Then we will talk about building up the dantien. How can you support nuclear fission without reactor walls that are really thick? I'm 270 lbs. So yes, I still accept challenges!
  8. Differentials are like weather patterns. High pressure moves things away and supports, while low pressure draws near and detracts. All human interactions fall somewhere in this category, to some percentage. Good practitioners take care of themselves and are able to feed their systems from the universe. "To live off universe dew", to quote Kung Fu Panda! Then the differential moves towards the patient. In China, they move invalid and ICU patients into the middle of a group qi gong practice to allow them to soak in the qi differential. Its ambient qi gong therapy. Plants generally are balanced by themselves. But there is some energy loss otherwise they would not die. When people sap plants, its because they are a low differential and are in energetic debt. They do not know how to fill themselves up. People who stay connected to the stream of energy from the creator and the planet, your North and South poles, end up living much longer because they have a constant source other than air, food, water and human interaction. When you cut yourself off, you must seek energy from other sources, which leads to manipulation. Read The Celestine Prophecy for more info on the four energetic manipulations. RE: the pop in the back. A good traditional TCM acupuncturist will know the classic method to return the spinal alignment. Its complex, but has to do with relaxing certain spinal muscles and performing pulling with the needles. Or find a good osteopath or chiro to help out with getting it back into place. I've heard good things about traction/inversion boards.
  9. 8 Meridians are made from initial 8 cellular division just after impregnation. Which by the way, getting pregnant on a micro level follows the exact order of Taoist creation of the universe. First there was Wuji. Then yin and yang, then the 8 directions and then the myriad of 10,000 things! I love micro vs macro, what a trip! I am a stubborn bastard, which is why the first 10 years of my training I called no teacher Master. To this point, I still only call them teachers, I am my own Master thank you very much. The only person I bow to is the Creator! With that said, you can learn by yourself. It will be slow, and you will screw things up. The path is slightly more efficient with a good teacher, but you still have to do the homework, so to speak! I had offers for years from really amazing teachers. I kept saying no. It pissed a lot of them off. Which is fine, because it made them remember me and it led me further and further to more incredible teachers. Till I found the best, which is inside of myself!
  10. Diagnosis of particular problems is difficult. I need to at least visually see your face bare minimum. So I can't tell you what meridian is exces and which is deficient in order to modify acupressure or treatment accordingly. Cetain things, like hangover, can be herbally influenced regardless of the person's Constitutional Factors. I'd take Chai hu long gu mu li tang or Jia wei xiao yao san for Liver qi stagnation with minor heat. But again, that's dependent on a particular person. The TCM directive is there are patterns, but everyone is an overlay of about 5 different pattern cycles. So the combinations are exponential, which is why TCM is half art, half science. I'd look first with an EENT specialist to clear the possibility of any obstruction or mechanical deficiencies of the sinus or nasal cavity. Then move to Cang Er Zi San for short duration if all is cleared in Westen DX. Sounds like deep seated nasal phlegm nodulation. Yoga, stretching and personal massage are great forms of "acupressure". Acupressure works almost entirely on a physical level to move broad areas of stagnation out of the muscle/fascial layer. Energetic influence upon self is limited; energetics will be influenced when another system/practitioner can exchange influence the qi level. Hopefully that person is "full" so the energy differential is in your favor. Hawthorne is Shan Zha in TCM. The tertiary effect is to unclog microvessels in the upper jiao/chest region. It primarily is used for meat stagnation and secondarily for cholesterol mitigation. It a minor blood thinner. Great! In my personal training, I rarely repeat except for cycles. Seasonal training the cycle repeats. The main thing I repeat is Qi Cooking and Consolidation daily followed by circulation and Shen refinement. But depends on the day. The biggest thing is keep playing and training, but keep it fresh. The only constant is change.
  11. Firstly, none of what I write is medical advice and I suggest you seek a qualified practitioner in your area. Especially if its a cardiac emergency. Nobody here is under direct patient care and anything I suggest should be discussed with your PCP or direct care physician before you decide on a direction to proceed. IF its an emergency, seek medical care immediately! Wow, what a smattering of questions. Cardiac emergency. Thin the blood immediately if its a bolus or obstruction. That's why they suggest baby aspirin in Western Medicine. Unless is defib, which is an electrical problem, the next recourse is usually vessel obstruction. Push on emergency points (Mu points) in front and direct Shu point for Heart and Diaphragm in the rear. Use distal Jing well points to illicit stimulation on both qi and nervous system. Or if its your mother in law and you are not on good terms, do nothing! Body side energetics is due to oscillating dominance. If you are R handed or L handed and if you are R brained or L brained primarily. Genetically you inherit one side of your dominance from one parental strain as well. So, you have to figure your handed dominance, brain efficiency and genetic makeup to answer that question. Personally, my right side is my matriarch side and my left is my patriarch. I am an oscillator who leads with his R brain and am ambidextrous. So primarily my R side is my yin side, and my left is my yang, opposite the usual. Which is why if I ingest caffeine, depending on where my energy is at that moment, it can make me sleepy. Generally speaking without serious observational analysis, Left is yin, Right is yang. But everyone is different! Each point on the meridian has its own interaction, as well as each meridian has its own flow. Even though they are bilateral, the can behave unilaterally depending on its source and origin. The R Jueyin meridian feeds the liver directly at the lateral lobe where the L jueyin meridian tends to source near the spleen and pancreas. Which is why heart attacks can shorten the L meridian and make the L arm retract and the R arm feels no sensation or a mild version. When I use thermal cameras on the meridians, you see which Tsubo is actually activated at that moment, and they turn on and off depending on time of day and momentary energetic influence of the person's body. Eyes are related to Liver health, specifically Liver blood and Liver yin levels. They both decrease with age and the liver is incapable of providing the nervous and mucosal influence on the eyes, and the person loses sight. Hair is dependent on blood, jing and circulation of these substances to the head. Which is to say its a combo of nutrients in the system, hormones of the person and cardiac circulation to the head. So if a person inherited weak kidneys from their lineage, the hormones level may lead that person to premature grey or go bald. Now, hair for men is usually accepted as a non indicator. Beard is more an indicator for man while hair is usually more diagnosed in women. This is fun. More please! S
  12. Happy Holidays to all practicing Taoists! I am back and I'm happy to offer some free discussions regarding TCM, qi gong, tai chi and meditation. Quick Bio, for the new round of people. First TCM apprenticeship started in 1997. Martial arts since 5th grade including extreme proficiency in Yoshinkan Aikido, Taijitsu, Internal arts. TCM doctorate and licesnsed acupuncturist in 2 states. Taught TCM at Master's level in Boulder Colorado for 5 years. Permission to teach Tai Chi in 2001. Yang/Chen base with loads of tui shao around the country, currently adapting Tai chi to American style. Teachers are original founders of NQA, direct study under Dr Glenn Morris. Direct lineage to Mantak Chia through original 13 American students from 1980's. Ive been around and would love to share. I believe in Karma and every winter I like to discuss traning when I'm toning things to a slow simmer for the hibernation. My patient load is still high, around 30 a week, I just relax my training a little, not good for the kidneys! Pick a topic and let's see where we go from there!
  13. Should Teachers Charge $$ For Teaching?

    I'm going to respond from the old paradigm, the current paradigm, and then respond from what I hope will be the new paradigm. In the older days, students would pay their way by doing chores, upkeep on the facility, family help in raising the teacher's children(aka Uncle whatever), security for the facility from other competitive schools, perform advertising through talking of the endeavors of the school, etc. No teaching has ever been for free. You don't understand how things were run in China. Spiritual and martial schools were competing businesses and they fiercely competed! I have been practicing for over 19 years now, teaching for the last 11. I am an acupuncturist by trade and have long term apprentices in a program that graduates students towards sitting for the NCCAOM board exams. Am I supposed to just hand over the years of investment in my time and energy because someone has an idea that teaching should be for free? I spent around 100,000 dollars for my medical education, should that have been for free? Should I let my family of two children and a wife go hungry because someone thinks there is better karma in teachings for free? How does a doctor become a doctor? Can you get even an ITT tech education for free? Physical existence is important for you to even access the spiritual realm. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a relevant system to how things are set up now. How can you think of God when your belly has been empty for weeks? Some can, but primal needs need to be met as well. Now, I think the question should be, why do we even have money? Why don't we have a system that is set up to deliver all of the basic primal needs since we have the best technology level of all recorded history to this point? Why is anyone homeless or hungry in 2011? What would the world look like if there were no politicians handing down orders, but stood a system that was set up to provide food, shelter and medical needs to everyone? Then once all of the needs are met, a person can investigate whatever profession or realm of existence they desired for free? What if money wasn't the issue but is just a symptom of the root problem of the illness? The absurdity is really the current paradigm and true spiritual endeavors should not be tainted by this system. They just have to adapt to how things are currently and hopefully evolve them towards something better.
  14. something's up?

    Well, if your into the whole change thing occurring on multiple levels- geopolitical, financial, environmental, emotionally and energetic, here is a somewhat interesting video someone sent me recently. It ties together all of the main rumors going around at the moment. At the least its entertaining, at its best, its thought provoking. I found it redundant in spots, especially some of the music. But I watched the whole thing one morning, and its quite a compilation. You can find it on youtube as well. As for aliens, years ago I had the opportunity to sit down with a DOD employee who works at a pretty high level. He told me stories about the technology they have employed because of downed craft from visitors. They have underground bases with alien detention facilities and his degree was in exobiology/the study of alien species. It was a mind blowing conversation that I had with a group of my friends. It wasn't just me sitting there so I had other people to look at and go, "wow, that's unbelievable". And at some points he had to stop our questions with the typical, I cannot confirm or deny the - blah blah blah. It was amazing. So in my mind, its not if they are disclosed, but when they are disclosed to the public. Recently in NY before Irene.
  15. Real Taichi

    So. The description is good. Yuan qi is exactly that. The source of raw energy that created the central channel of the body. When tapping directly into yuan qi, one feels a sense of electric like "tingle" that I used to describe for my students. Once this tingle is achieved, you can then build up the yuan qi into regions that have been tapped by living. If you must label it as a physics force, it is closest to electro magnetism. Since gravity holds things together, you need the Yin qi to hold the structure and create a solid, dense field. Its an awesome feeling. You really do feel lit up. Its not required to store hormonal secretions, as the yuan will refill that region anyway, but it does help to speed up the process. It leaves puddles of water on the floor if you do it correctly. That's another sign besides the "tickle". Jing is accumulated yuan qi. It is in a specific physical structure and is used to strum the instrument and shoot the bow. Too tight and snap. Too lose and you're a wet noodle that can't play a tune!