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Intu-Flow: Beginner's Moves

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My wife and I have been doing the Beginner set of Intu-Flow. We both really enjoy it so far. Her wrist popped into place after being sore for a long while.


For those who are doing this, I make a list of moves so you don't have to keep watching the

(they're under Intu-Flow Beginner Parts 1 - 6) or DVD. I wasn't able to find a list online.


I was dismayed to find a lot of Torrents for this, though. If no one is willing to pay for this stuff, they will stop making it. Torrents for copyrighted material is stealing, no matter how "spiritual" your goals.


Intu-Flow: Beginner Forms


1. Neck


a. Side to side

b. Slide forward, down and back

c. Glide left and right

d. Up and rock back

e. Lift ear to shoulder


2. Shoulder Rolls


a. Roll forward—shoulders to ears, blades together


3. Shoulder Swings


a. Arm Circles

b. Across Body

c. Top circles

d. Down circles

e. Front circles : guitar swings

f. Behind circles


4. Elbows


a. Three range: extend, rotate outside, flexion

b. Opposite: Down, outside, extend, up

c. Both arms: forward

d. Both arms back


5. Wrists


a. Wrist circles, forward: top, outside, bottom, inside

b. Wrist circles, back: opposite



6. Arms


a. Shoulder, elbow, wrist

i. Outside

ii. Forward

iii. Outside

iv. Forward


b. Shoulder up, wrist down, elbow, shoulder down

a. Outside


c. Together

a. Outside: Shoulder, elbow wrist

b. Across body: Shoulder, elbow, wrist

c. Alternate forward (swimming)

d. Alternate right (swimming)

e. Alternate left; wrist, elbow shoulder (swimming)


7. Fingers

a. Circles: thumb to pinky, pinky to thumb


8. Thorax


a. Forward curve spine:/Collapse down

b. Glide spine


9. Pelvic Lumbar


a. Extend hips forward / Collapse and sit into chair

b. Lateral: all weight on one leg, then another (sit and root)


10. Spine


a. Go down and side to side or figure 8s

b. Bend over forward/ Bend over back, drop head: sit down to come up

c. Side bends, arm over head


11. Hips


a. Lift forward (sit dows), backward

b. Inside/Outside lift

c. Twist in, twist out



12. Knees


a. Bend forward/back

b. Twist knew inside/outside


13. Ankles


a. Toes out and down/flex and back

b. Turn inside/outside


14. 4 CBD (support on opposite leg)


a. Forward for ten

b. Lead with heel, outside for ten (foot to side, toes up)

c. Lead with heel, back for ten (head forward over ground)

d. Forward for ten

d. Cross leg into figure four, knee for ten


15. Spinal Rocks (hold knees)


a. Kick with hips

b. Push with chest


16. Quad Hops


a. Hands in

b. Feet out

c. Bounce with equal weight


17. Breathing Squats (Normal Breath)


a. Lift shoulders, drop shoulders

b. Shoulders, elbows wrist (inhale)

c. Shoulders, elbows, wrist (exhale)


18. Lateral Arm Waves (Normal Breath)


a. Elbow across body (lead with elbow, straight back)


19. Dropping Arm Waves


a. Down across the line, one way then another


20. Spinal Waves (Normal Breath)


a. Lift shoulders, extend chest, relax/ Opposite direction

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Thank you for the list! I just came across Intu-flow yesterday by someone's post on here some where. It seems very interesting and I am getting ready to try out the videos on youtube. Are there 6 videos on there? The website only links to 5.


As far as the Torrents go, I think most people are honest and doubt that much money is being lost. Those that steal it most likely never would have bought it to begin with. If someone is stealing spiritual stuff they may well need it more than others need the money. Not that I am saying it is right, but hopefully some day those that did the stealing will make it right. Most importantly, they will want to make it right.

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What you describe is a fairly predictable pattern in my experience: with physical exercise, with meditation, with anything.


Also, what you think is an "energetic effect" may be your body purging the garbage its built up.




There are six videos. Try Scott Sonnon's personal channel on YouTube and type in a search for "Beginner Part" to get all six.


As for stealing spiritual things--- when I was at my poorest in life, I could always find money for cigarettes and beer. A lot of people also claim they have no time, but then spend hours on the computer, or watching TV, or reading trashy novels. When people say they don't have money, they usually mean they don't value whatever it is you expect them to pay for. Also, the fact that some one has access to torrents, and therefore a computer and internet access to watch them on tends to go against this "poor but spiritually sincere approach."

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