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  1. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I just happened to come across this and it made me laugh. It is in Kentucky's state capital of all places too. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=frankfort+ky+high+st&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x884274b6a70e708f:0x59e135749053ae01,High+St,+Frankfort,+KY&gl=us&ei=5_4mTuquOoK20AG30t3NCg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBoQ8gEwAA
  2. HealthWatch: Sitting Vs. Smoking

  3. Organic Farming: The revolution of the future.

    I love this guy, his book and what he has done. I find it funny and sad that he was showing a way to farm that is very effective (and natural), yet everyone that came to 'study' it only wanted to look at one small aspect of it instead of the whole picture. This year I am starting to implement his methods. I will see how it goes. I also like how everyone says we can't feed all the people on Earth. Yet I drive around and see houses sitting on acres and acres of grass. What do they do with all that grass in their yards? They mow it. No we probably can't feed all the people in the world with this kind of mind set. Yet if we actually used most of the land we have to actually grow food we would have more than enough to feed everyone.
  4. Sexual Urge

    Cultivate it!
  5. Listening to music without internal dialogue

    Life is much more enjoyable and beautiful when we are not judging it. This is not only great about music and entertainment, but really helps when you are in situations that you can't really avoid, such as work, being stuck in traffic, natural disasters, etc. By judging we are creating conflict, but when we stop creating conflict all the time we can relax and really enjoy life.
  6. Transmutation of Sexual Energy?

    Yes, both will be beneficial. Any practice that increases your awareness of your body and qi and brings you to stillness are going to help. Having practiced this for a long time now, here are my thoughts. This practice is not difficult, especially for those that have already worked with their energy. Just work with the energy and listen to your body. Anything about retention and ejaculation will come secondary, just listen to your body. The important thing is to cultivate the sexual energy to use it for your own health, etc.
  7. Transmutation of Sexual Energy?

    I learned using Mantak Chia's books. Trunk has a good website though I can't seem to find the link now. If I come across it I will post it, or someone else might have it to share. Have you worked with your energy at all? It is really not that difficult. Basically you just move your sexual energy out of your genital area, move it along the micro cosmic orbit and store it in the lower dantien. This can either be when you are masterbating or having sex or just when you become aroused (easiest to work with at this point). It is a good idea to have some kind of qi practice, such as qigong, to keep your energy balanced.
  8. Your guys thoughts on Ron Paul?

    If anyone would like to learn more about libertarianism and more indepth explanation about the ideas and solutions you can read, or listen to, The Libertarian Manifesto for free here: http://mises.org/rothbard/newlibertywhole.asp It has been said that libertarianism is based on Taoism.
  9. Your guys thoughts on Ron Paul?

    The Federal Department of Education is a complete waste of money. It is a fairly new program, 1980's I think off the top of my head. The States did just fine without it and education has not improved any since the Federal department was formed. Some could argue it has gotten worse. Personally I think that the whole education system in the US is out dated. I think a lot of money could be saved and education improved if they got innovative with the technology we have and possible improvements in the future. With what we have now with all the educational tv programs and available access to the internet and libraries, why do kids need to go to a school building most days of the week all day long? I know that I personally, along with my kids, have learned a lot of useful things just with these resources. As for corporate regulation, is what we have right now so good? The laws are written with corporate influence to stack things in their favor so it becomes legally difficult on the competition. Where has all the small businesses gone? In most places in the US big corporations are the only option.
  10. Spiritual diet has now been labeled as a new disease

    That HAS to be a joke. So people who try to eat healthy have a disorder? LOL It sounds like the big food corporations are starting to worry about people not wanting to buy their junk food any more.
  11. Your guys thoughts on Ron Paul?

    I have liked Ron Paul for awhile now. I agree with most of what he says. Freedom is a good thing.
  12. Transmutation of Sexual Energy?

    While mastrubating or having sex, instead of shooting out the energy, I cultivate it by drawing it up through the rest of my body and storing it in the lower dantien. The energy can then be used for things other than procreation or wasted. Is this what you are asking?
  13. Tantra, Cultivating sexual energy

    Mantak Chia's methods are safe as long as you study and practice all of what he teaches, with the exception of the million dollar point finger lock. Even he says this is not really helpful and mostly for historical reference. Winn no longer even teaches it and suggests against it. Don't bother with it. Anyway, most people get into trouble with Chia's practice because they don't follow what Chia teaches. They obsess about not ejaculating and strive to never ejaculate. This not what Chia teaches! Depending on your age, health and experience you should still ejaculate, just not every time. As long as you pay attention to what Chia teaches and especially if you are following a practice to balance your overall energy you should be fine with Chia's teachings.
  14. Suggestions about medical condition

    If conventional tests show nothing is wrong (and maybe nothing is), then I would suggest finding a Qigong master in your area to discuss this with. They can give you more insight into the qi possibilities and what to do about it. Also practicing some kind of qi exercise could be a good start. What do you mean by a red branch on your eye? On your eye ball? Like your eye is blood shot? Have you had this looked at?
  15. 100 days of RETENTION

    Not everyone thinks Chia's methods are harmful. Many people have had good experiences using them. That is not to say that they cannot cause problems because there is the potential if practiced incorrectly. Why were you trying to go over 10 days without ejectulating? Of Chia's material I have studied he says that a man in his 20's should ejaculate once a week. This seems to be where most that have problems with the practice go wrong. Chia does not say to never ejaculate again! In fact not ejaculating is not all that important to the practice really. You could ejaculate every time and still gain benefits as long as you are cultivating your energy, which is one of the important aspects of it. The important thing with such practices is to listen to your body. If your body says to ejaculate then ejaculate. If it says not this time, then don't. If you are wanting to focus on celibacy then Chia's method may not be the best practice.