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Greetings from down under!


I'm basically a noob to this kind of thing; Taoism, Buddism etc etc..


Been doing Tai Chi for a couple of months now plus finding allot of Taoist like wisdom coming in to my life mainly through different readings that I have come across in recent times such as; Tai Chi Classics, Bruce Lee's Wisdom for daily living and The Art of Happiness: In a troubled world etc..


I am also finding much joy in meditation as of late (slowly but surely!)



There are one or two terms that I'm not sure about and I am also after a bit of advice on Chi/ Tai Chi, I hope I am in the right place :)



Basically, I'm coming from the direction of someone who has had a strange past.. I used to be an atheist many years ago but have since been strayed/ shattered to the path of a mystic. I have changed allot since then.. I'm not going to say I know this or I know that like some people do.. I'm not a big fan of belief systems really.. all I know is that there is something! Beyond us yet part of us, part of everything and yet nothing..


As far as beliefs do go though.. I am inclined to believe in reincarnation, only because it makes a shit load of sense to me:) and I am pretty sure Chi exist too!

And I also know Shamans are real!

Some of them anyways...



I see myself as someone on a bit of a mission here, I'm sure many of you can relate ;)

And a mission of peace can't be hurt by a little good guidance I'm sure..



Good days!


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Hi Matt,


Nice intro.




May you enjoy your time here.


Sounds like you are headed toward a Taoist/Buddhist path. No conflict there, IMO.


Best wishes on your journey.


Peace & Love!

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys!


Keep that head hard Marblehead! :P



Yeah I think I like Buddhism..

It seems to differ from most religions in the way that there is less force behind it and less of those messy beliefs..

As far as I know anyway..


My understanding is that the Tao is pretty "pure" as well, which is exactly what I'm about!



RAW and REAL to the CORE, these are the only things that will get my attention..


The rest is just noise, not worthy of being read or written. Basically, I think people have gotten way to excited in the past when encountering some of these unknown's..

As well as ones ego, and the history of the teachings also play a big part.



Tao it up!

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