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I'm currently taking turmeric capsules and it seems to be helping cleaning the digestive systems and improve bowel movements.


I often feel congested and have a mild breathing problem.


I'm thinking of buying cordyceps to increase the cleansing process. There are many types of cordyceps fungus which one would should i get, capsules, fresh, tea...??



Also if any of you could give me the Chinese character for cordyceps that would be great as i know for a fact that my Chinese herbalist won't have a clue what cordyceps means.



One last thing what do you think of a turmeric / cordyceps /apple cidder vinegar combination.




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Guest winpro07

i use all three at random. New Chapter is best for mushroom


cocao is good with mushroom and any alkalizing drink like vinegar


I was using kombucha and the mushrooms seemed to assimilate much faster


I know someone who cured them self from what the government was calling west nile virus

by drinking vinegar in water. They discovered it out of desperate attempt to save their

horses and tried on intuitive hunch pouring a gallon of vinegar into the horses troff. She said the horses couldn't get enough of the stuff. Then her and all her ranch hands got the same illness and she cured all of them the same way. I think she used regular distilled vinegar

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Here're the benefits of apple cider vinegar, a wonderful old-timers remedy:


1. Cures for allergies (including pet, food and environmental)

2. Sinus infections

3. Acne

4. High cholesterol

5. Flu

6. Chronic fatigue

7. Candida

8. Acid reflux

9. Sore throats

10. Contact dermatitis

11. Arthritis

12. Gout.

13. It also breaks down fat and is widely used to lose weight.


For daily maintenance, weight loss and pH balancing, this is the recommended dosis:


#2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar

# 0.5 L of water


Make sure you sip the mix thoughout the day rather than rather than drinking the whole thing at once. You will be keeping your pH in a constant, alkalized state by sipping this highly diluted dosage. Usually 1-2 tall glasses are all you'll need each day.

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I'm in Bangkok and Thai people are crazy about the Brands products, it's one of the all time favorite new year / birthday / wedding... gift.


It's supposed to make you healthier, smarter, live longer and all the rest of it..


I never tried them myself but i might give a try to the blend with cordyceps.


What do you think ?

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