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  3. Definitive PROOF that KAP WORKS

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    So much food for thought here I'll have to think about this for a while before all the various thoughts and impressions coalesce into something tangle that can be expressed in a way which represents the relationship at its essence. I will say though that i believe its absolutely necessary to study deeply on this. The mind must be fertilized with knowledge before wisdom can grow from the energy of direct experience. I sincerely hope we do meet one day, and thankyou for your offer. I find it amazing that you would be open to being read in that way. I remember knowing a very old school chinese lady who had some juice and would not allow me to read her pulse or even look at her palm...completely forbidden lol. I have ideas as to why, but people are very complicated, hidden intentions take subtle eyes to see. Strange flows, yes theres really something to it, but more study is needed, especially in the west(and myself). Its tricky though, the tcm culture doesn't engender open sharing of the really good information. And without direct experience of doing, it is difficult for one to have the capacity to understand. Glenn was a qi beast? i think he still is!!!
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