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Yuen Biao

Spine, shoulder and hip circles?

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Anyone know what I'm talking about?

This is a longshot. Does anyone have any knowledge of Ruyi Taijiquan or indeed practise it.

Has anyone even read the following book by Shi Ming?
Mind Over Matter: Higher Martial Arts

*EDIT - God knows how to link?

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Fixed the link for you. cool.gif

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Yuen Biao,

Looks like a cool book.

Don't know about that individual system but re "spine, shoulder, hip circles" Yes!

Cirlces for ALL joints everyday (yep including toe circles)!

Google Scott Sonnon, CST, intu-flow and presara wings, (and zHealth if you are CNS oriented)

... elite performance unleashed

All the best and hth


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Google Scott Sonnon, CST, intu-flow

Sonnon's Intu-Flow was big here on TTBs for a while (might be some good history threads if you search). It's his fundamental product, super simple, really good. Here's a short write-up on it. (Uh, though some people warn that their online community isn't all that fun, but the product is really good.)


Yipes! Potential excellent read!!!

I read the reviews of the book and here's a quote from the introduction of the book

"...the purpose of imitating life is to use forms to refine consciousness, use consciousness to refine inner power, and use inner power to refine the mind and spirit, in search of pervasive integration; it is a type of biodynamic principle and technology for seeking the highest level of integration through returning all things to their root." (intro, 11)

I've put it on my amazon wish list.

Thank you! Yuen Biao for bringing up this book!

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Thanks for your replies.

The reason I ask my question is that information upon the subject of Ru Yi is difficult to find unfortunately.

The spine, shoulder and hip circles are individual exercises to learn and master but help you understand the form itself and how to open up these imporatnt parts of the body for energy to travel through. Obviously this is all in the book itself. The book is quite a complex read so it is quite unlike any other written on the subject of Taijiquan.

The only information I could find on Ru Yi is as follows:

Ruyi Taijiquan is a newer Taiji system developed by Master Shi Ming from Beijing.

Ruyi means Taijiquan, Taijiquan translates freestyle and was developed by Master Shi Ming, a renowned master of traditional Chinese martial art taijiquan, with more than forty years of experience and training. He became known to Western audiences through well-known PBS series Bill Moyers' Healing and the Mind, "Shi Ming is also the author of" Mind Over Matter "translated into English by Thomas Cleary.

The steps have been taken over by Ruyi Taiji from the old Yang style Taiji, hand movements of Wu Style Taiji, Xingyi Quan and Bagua Zhang. Animals were taken as models, whose movements are imitated: Snake, Tiger, Monkey, Dragon, Crane.

The Ruyi Taijiquan is composed of:
Qigong exercises (Zhan Zhuang)
Basic Exercises:
o The dragon is rising in the sea (Tan Hai Zhuang)
o The winds rotate (Yao Lulu)
o Distribute the monkey (Dao nian hou)
Hand Shape 42 movements
Sword form
Push Hands / defense techniques
o Push Hands
o Sanshou

The Ruyi Taijiquan has 5 levels:
1. Basic training to learn and form (Jiben Jia Quan)
2. Learn the 3 circles "hip, waist, shoulders" (San Quan Jiazi)
3. Open (Dong Zhi Ze Fen Jiazi)
4. Close (Jing Zhi Ze Fen Jiazi)
5. Empty (Jiazi Kong)

One can Youtube Shi Ming and see his skills on video and there are excerpts from the documentary 'Healing and the Mind'.


I hope you enjoy the book, it took me three reads before I got it to be honest and I had to put aside my philosophy degree to truly understand it.


Edited by Yuen Biao

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