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  1. Going to China to learn inner alchemy

    I'm going to Wudang in September for a month of training with Master Chen Lisheng. http://www.wudangwuji.com/ The day of training is usually about ten hours and there is much emphasis on internal work, plenty of standing, sitting practice. Master Chen teaches Bagua, Taiji, Five Animals Qigong and many other aspects. On Wudang there are some more performance-esque schools although I am personally not interested in them.
  2. Teaching

    Thank you all for the insightful replies. My apologies for not explaining it; I'll be teaching Yang style Taijiquan, Daoyin Yangsheng Gong then hopefully in the future some Wudang style Taiji Quan and Five Animals Qigong. I agree in regard to the structure as i will be teaching beginners, so I need to try and be methodical. It is a worry that I'll try to teach too much too soon although I understand the necessity of the core foundations and building upon them over time. My teacher has often told me you learn so much through teaching and I firmly understand the philosophy behind the sentiment in so much that we continually learn about ourselves and those around us. And yes fun, keep things fresh and fluid I know this is important. But how does one do this, is it a reflection of one's personality? I'm not teaching for money, i want to share my enjoyment in practice with others and ultimately help people deal with stress, ailments etc.
  3. Teaching

    Hello all, Just a note to ask some advice really...i am about to start teaching in the next month and would like to ask what you think are the qualities necessary to become a good teacher. I think i have the knowledge but I wonder about the teaching skills in order for those to enjoy learning the arts. People have told me recently that this is a natural vocation for me so maybe i have nothing to worry about. I know this is quite a general topic but any ideas would be gladly appreciated. Thanks
  4. It took me 10 years

    Does a question always need an answer?
  5. Chi Gong + Weight Training

    I have started weight-training more over the last years, mostly varying sizes of kettlebells. My best advise is to stretch out more before and after practise; the tendons themselves are much more important than any specific muscle and stronger too. The sinew stretching exercises of some Qigong schools are highly recommended.
  6. Music for Meditation/Relaxation/Contemplation

    I think in order to train oneself you can have music on while you meditate; if you look at many Taoist and Buddhist temples there will be music playing and it can be quite noisy to Western ears. The training is in being able to relax with whatever situation or atmosphere present and to simply be relaxed. I have listened to Taoist music when practising Zhan Zhuang and at other times I will stand in complete silence; giving both a try is fine as long as there is some benefit.
  7. Monkey Mind ? Anyone else?

    I think we all suffer from this predicament. The reasons are that we complicate our lives so much on pointless things and indeed there are too many distractions; to be dedicated and strict with oneself is the only way to proceed. Not easy though but best of luck to you and others who have posted or read this thread.
  8. 3 recent books from Chinese Health Qigong Association

    Professor Zhang Guangde is one of China's top teachers in Qigong so I personally would recommend the Daoyin Yangsheng Gong (I know a little of that myself).
  9. damn kundalini at it again

    Try something different a routine in itself can be the problem with situations like this.
  10. Handstand on Mt. Huashan

  11. Micro-cosmic orbit - a question

    Everything outside our body in the cosmos is also replicated inside each and every one us. This is in part my understanding of the micro-cosmic orbit.
  12. the grandmasters

    Ip Man 3 will be out soon and will star Donnie Yen. Ip Man: The Legend is Born and Ip Man: The Final Fight are unrelated to Ip Man 1, 2 and 3.
  13. Yang Short Form DVD?

    I agree and this is due to subtleness of Taijiquan; it may look correct to uneducated eyes but a teacher will notice even the slightest imperfection.
  14. Taijiquan music ~ MP3 query?

    *bump* Really nobody know...honestly?!