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  1. EFS White, Re 1,2,3,4,7,12 etc. Have you read Arthur Young’s books? The Geometry of Meaning, etc hth
  2. EFS, Re: What is your grasp of these concepts? where words are concerned, my grasp is ‘weak’... just some things I came across and that occurred to me long ago that might give you additional insights and avenues to explore... Find your own ways!... Counseling seems in order that points everyone to stay with aligning their own ‘directions’/ elements /planets, etc. etc. first ... then later, if needed, seek correlations and “overlay(s)” with various “knowledge systems”... Re: “ Or is it more centered on cosmology and earth history than individual human lives? “ My post was much more closely related to individual human development and experience than cosmology and earth history. The "logarithmic time scale" mentioned also refers to the way humans metabolize ‘time’. Quick example - the first ( of 12 (zodiacal) developmental stages) lasts only a short few days in linear time but is experienced as an ‘eternity of bliss’... in childhood a day can seem like a week... but by old age, the passage of a month can ‘fly by’ and it seems like just a couple of days have passed... the first few weeks of life experientially seem to last as long as the scorpio stage which in linear time can last from ~42 yrs old to death-( provided of course you get the full ride on this "logarithmic time scale"... ) "...Our life in time begins at conception; however our time sense changes as we age according to a precise and knowable pattern and mathematics. Our fundamental ideas about time are often incorrect and perpetuate the wounds we carry. In attempting to heal these wounds inflicted by time, we may discover the path which leads beyond time. But first, understand for the time of your life." A.T. Mann very short utoob re: “The Wiki says his work is based around the concept of a "logarithmic time scale" and, as you say, developmental archetpyes. Could that be similar to Joseph Campbell's work about how myths and story structure mimic stages of human development?” Short answer is - Yes. Working with myths in the light of ‘heavy on prenatal’ opens fertile grounds for re-interpretation/re-“grasp” of multiple creation myths and developmental myths...prior to the hero, warrior, feminine, etc etc. myths (that were Campbell’s specialty). Long answer would take books - not even nice long posts would do... I mentioned that the tarot classically is used as symbols for situations and that I think it might serve better as a developmental map, with most of the cards symbolizing prenatal stages. Some 'ifs'... if the ‘deck’ developed unconsciously... if our personal history doesn’t go forward, it goes around in circles... if neurosis is reborn each morning... if only ~26 of the cards track post natal development and the rest map prenatal stages and possible prenatal ‘traumas’ (and folks, I used that word for the sake of brevity), etc. ...actually if for ALL those ‘cards’ that are for stages before ‘prefrontal lobe’ maturity, rational ‘talking therapies’ are helpless and useless, then all the ‘re-establishment of body flow’ practices (old and new, from the East, the West, n, and s) we read about in here and eslewhere may be ‘working’ on these otherwise inaccessible ‘barriers’ and work therein would get us much further than studying astrol with / and various “knowledge systems”...... good lord what rambling, big if's ... More re your OP... re “how do you zero and align this grid?” It is not ego centric to zero the “grid”(s) at your own ‘center’ ( zero and align... here in ‘infinite’ space and now in ‘eternal’ time’ for all the precious ‘thou are that’ters out there ) . There are many ‘hierarchies’ in astrology ... and ultimately all of them are ‘symbolic’ of something in human experience or potential. ... fields within fields, etc. etc... for example, galactic astrology requests 1)an orientation to galactic center and 2) to where our solar system is in the galaxy , 3) where it is ‘going’ ... and 4++) a whole new orientation to space, time and meaning concerned with individual contributions to the ‘evolution’ of the ‘planet’, etc, etc. - distinct from the geocentric or sideral orientations that form the main paradigms of typical ‘astrol.’ ... and... then at some point, galactic astro also becomes a limiting symbology... Esoteric ‘bud-ism’ (and esoteric astrology also) teaches that each of the many ‘rulers’ (dhyan-chohans, etc. etc. )of an eon (in relation to the ‘sentient’/ ‘consciousness’ aspects of these long cycles of manifestation, poofing, and coming again) have ‘sides’ that reach into and participate in the material and simultaneously have sides that remain fully ‘spirit(ual)’/ non physical. (This ‘looks’ like a duality. It’s not. The “sides” word was used where really there are no sides.) An individual’s experience typically goes through similar (but not equivalent) progression -starting ‘spiritual’in utero, growing into full participation in the ‘material world’ through childhood and adulthood, then in old age, an inevitable withdrawal from the material... (provided of course you get the full ride on this "logarithmic time scale"... ) (note: again this would take books... see how this whole paragraph omitted the ‘cyclic’ mental and soulful aspects of manifestations? etc.) So re “Have any of you found something that could qualify as an "understanding in terms of physics" to explain astrology?” Find your own ways! For crowd control, “Appearance is always misleading and geared toward concealing the fundamental sameness of things.” The sun is not what is appears to be. The sun is more than what physics books and currently dominant ‘scientific’ paradigms tell us it is... and... We are well within/ inside the ‘sun’! ... we are of the sun - not far away revolving around it! see ... and ... galaxies are also not what they ‘appear’ to be. ... ‘space’ has qualities non-local, instantaneous, independent of distance. Biologic ‘entities’ have quantum, plasmic qualities not acknowledged in current paradigms. If you must have something with “scientific” support - look at torsion fields, cymatics , resonance, superluminal ness(‘faster’ than light) etc. etc - such ‘nonsense’ might help open the development of your own cosmic synesthesia ie your own personal ‘astrology’ Find your own ways! all the best
  3. Start at The Round Art of Astrology book by A.T. Mann (Fakipedia info re the auther at ) also, it looks like he wrote book re your questions The Mandala Astrological Tarot ... Re your tarot ?'s ... through the years, the cards’ ‘meanings’ derived from classic texts never resonated with me. Then it occurred to me the 78 cards may be a developmental ‘journey map’ ... most of which are prenatal ! --ie only a few cards relate to / map post natal ‘developmental archetypes’ Have fun...
  4. barely on topic... statists at work... It is also interesting that no one has mentioned Larken Rose in this or the other 'doable' thread...
  5. a tangent...
  6. Atheism as a religion

    Seen while surfin ... "I don't have enough faith to be an Atheist"
  7. 3 reasons why enlightenment sucks

    that suck about enlightenment Enlightenment is not something we can define / distinguish for others from ‘non-enlightenment’. It can only be experienced. Any act, especially ‘verbal’, about it, either by current or historical masters/teachers/guides, - even discussing possible practices, markers and patterns, giving testimonials, making associations, etc - regarding enlightenment is probably more harmful than helpful in the long term. No one can really say what practices are precursors / causes. Ie No one can really say whether choosing and doing various things ‘in’ various ‘bodies’ ‘triggers’ the experience or not …or what ‘practices’ end the experience. It cannot necessarily be accomplished through ‘energy work /therapy. It can’t necessarily be ‘neuroscience-d’, ‘movementscience-d’ , ‘substancescience-d’ into experience… or sought in the ‘empty’ or the ‘full’, or ‘in the world’ or ‘in the void’, in the 'light' or in the 'dark', or even in the unity/'neutralization' of those ‘poles’… etc etc etc… No one can really say how ‘possible’ enlightenment is. No one really knows if it is a natural, ‘normal’ state that is blocked in ‘regular’ humans or if it is an experiential state that emerges when it’s ‘reached’… The clarity and ‘flow’ of enlightenment can only be experienced in a ‘now’. The ‘state’ cannot be grasped or established permanently. It ends… not like it begins… but the experience always ends. … some ‘things’ what sucketh about enlightenment
  8. Different types of Yoga?

    worthy of mentions… Hot / Bikram yoga is worth a try for just about any noob to yoga… esp during the wintertime… and esp if you have any pain or ‘old injury’ issues at the start. The instructors are typically a slight notch higher in quality and depth from Hatha (ie americanized) yoga instructors, but instructors are really case by case regardless of 'style' - and as someone said above the teacher is as, if not more, important than the style. Another obscure ‘school’ is Prasara. The postures and transitional flows are more physically challenging than stock yoga asanas, so consider it only if you are close to healthy ie already ‘strong’ and ‘flexible’ ( ie youthful - but not necessarily young). The focus is on re-establishing your 'natural' bodyflow ... and turning bound flow to healthy flow in the 'first body' takes the brakes off spiritual progress... and ...etc Scott Sonnon has championed it for years in the west… has a book and dvd’s about it available online Note: As is often the case with ‘teachers’, Sonnon’s own latent disorders / instability / challenges / conflicts / unresolved issues / wotchamacallits are starting to show up more and more these days. Maybe it’s just a passing midlife crisis or something… wishing him all the best. hth
  9. reactive/responsive or creative structural conflict or structural tension resolution The Path Of Least Resistance Robert Fritz
  10. Smoking is a type of meditation

    Preface: My qualifications for posting in this topic = Haven't smoked in decades ... but I have 'quit' before Tobacco is a very powerful ‘medicine’ Collectively, it is a much abused ‘ritual drug’ It is a very powerful medicine for a ‘broken heart’ It is a much abused, very powerful medicine for a ‘broken heart’ - much abused, in large part,because its active substances are among the most addictive in the world. If you look carefully, you can find the ‘broken heart’ part in close time proximity to when you first started smoking – even if, ostensibly, it started as a ‘social’ smoking… re: the breath ‘form’ aspect of smoking (and meditation), there’s something to that – but not much … the breathing alterations are mostly to optimize ‘dosing’ of the medicine to the brains. fwiw: ‘medicinally’ / to not be ‘abusing’ the drug / and to prep for breaking the addiction (if that’s what you want) – it’s best to confine your smoking to btwn noon and ~ 6PM… re health and smoking… to ameliorate the cancer risks, RollingThunder, a now deceased Cherokee intertribal medicine man who deeply 'understood' tobacco as medicine aspects, (and others) counseled that ppl who smoke should consume NO dairy products. All the best
  11. How do Taoists feel about having pets?

    Deep in the eyes of the ‘loving’ dog is deep in the eyes of the ‘living’ dao … I suspect it is practical, not Taoist(, energic, or whatever) reasons for this historically. The old monastery ‘masters’ probably eschewed dogs in house because they had enough trouble keeping the stupid humans/' sht cleaned up off the floors… plus Chinese dogs ( like Chows, etc. ) aren’t exactly the most warm hearted bunch on the planet The health benefits of personally compatible pets far far far outweigh any health risks.... btw, the planet is covered in "microscopic filth" - avoidance won't help ... Lots, if not most, practices would indicate the practitioner create some space for practice away from "mingling" with any and all distractions, animate or inanimate ... so yes, the dog would have to be somewhere besides trying to lick his face during practice. But, in day to day, living, walking practices, a dog can teach as well as a high level master... Did you know that churches will take chips in the offering plates in Las Vegas? … and who take up the offerings? The chip monks.
  12. Help, Breathing in high states of being

    …my best ‘measure’ of optimal breathing is the clear, effortless, unrestrained, flowful, side effect breathing that spontaneously happens when (incrementally or directly) awareness is really sent ‘back’ towards/ to pure awareness itself … and, btw, never come even close to sustaining it when awareness returns to ‘normal’ realms …and, to date, no breath techniques nor carryovers from other practices have approached (re)producing this blockfree ‘breathing’…
  13. How can you meditate if you can't breathe?

    Has she tried moderately high dose of quercetin and bromelain in the afternoon? Has she tested for copper imbalance? hth
  14. The Sun Is Speaking!

    ... and btw, we are in the sun...
  15. Sugar