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Found 3 results

  1. Weird Web Radio

    Just finished listening to Aidan Wachter on this podcast and enjoyed it supremely. If your into magick then you'll definitely dig the discussions on this podcast.
  2. Just finished the SS course so thought it would be fitting to create a review for a course which i deeply enjoyed. For a list of all the lessons and when the next cycle begins click on the link below: ------------------------------------ My Favorite Things The following were my personal favorite attributes of the course: 1. Each lesson is dense with info and practical magical tech. There is no fluff and no time wasted in getting to the meat of each topic and how it is applicable to you as a practitioner. I learned more in this year long course than all the books on magick i have read combined. 2. The system has a Holistic approach to magick. He covers each topic with a broad sweeping brush that attempts bring many ideas and techniques into the fold, yet at the same time stays practical and grounded. The "system" he creates is not really a the sense that it is not binding with many hard and fast rules. If you practice another style of magick then you will undoubtedly find his approach to be highly complimentary and enhancing to the work your already doing. 3. Behind the Strategic Sorcery Course there is an underlying theme of "Creativity". In the sense that the author acknowledges that magick/sorcery is always evolving and that its not your job to become stifled with mindless repetition. What the course gives is various fundamental principles and techniques of magick so that you can work with them in a way that suits you and your creative faculties. That attitude of "keep playing, keep exploring, keep refining" is something very important in my own practice and was happy to see it present in this program. 4. The course itself is balanced. There is an emphasis both on spiritual growth and practical sorcery to help push you where you desire to your living a happy, balanced and true life. Gnosis isn't enough if your flat broke and living in your mothers basement. The emphasis in the course is that your level of gnosis should shine through in your mundane affairs. 5. The SS Discussion Group is a valuable source for information and tech from other practitioners of highly varied backgrounds. I personally learned a great deal from others in the group and its fun to hear of other peoples experiences good/bad with magick and learn something from it. 6. One of my favorite parts of the course was the HW assignments that are given. They gave me an excuse to do magick . Often most of my magical work is focused on mystical/ascension endeavors. But the assignments gave me the opportunity to get my hands dirty and at the same time deeply contemplate what i truly want as part of my life and the best magical and mundane approach to achieving said goal. 7. The emphasis in the course is on taking physical action along with magical. If you try casting a spell for a million dollars to show up on your front porch its very unlikely to work. Magical action and well planned actions on the physical plane must go hand and hand. 8. The course itself was not difficult time-wise. I was worried going in that i would be overwhelmed by the lessons and that i would not have enough time for other practices that i am currently doing before. This was not the case, the weekly lessons are convenient and were timely enough that i didn't loose a step with my other practices. 9. The Rites that he organizes are quite powerful and enjoyable form of magick. I got a great deal form them. You can also continue to do each rite even after you finish the course. Cons The following are things i didn't like about the course. To be honest there were very few and the ones i mentioned are me just being nit-picky. 1. If you already have some background in magick then some of the lessons are gone be on topics you are already well versed in and may feel boring at times. Going into the course i already had a strong background in meditation so while i appreciated his emphasis on this, (because it is enormously freaking important) it was a simple review for me. Though, if your completely new to this field of study then every single lesson will be valuable to your foundational understanding and practice of magick. 2. There are some spelling typos here and there in the lessons. None of them inhibited my understanding of the material, but i still noticed them. That's all i can think of. Besides those 2 nitpicks i greatly enjoyed the course and highly recommend it. An additional review that i found insightful is here:
  3. The Storm Riders

    Just watched this for the second time. Brilliant movie if you are into HK movies ala sword & sorcery, magic and gung fu. Enjoy!