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  1. The internet Seems to me it can serve as an extremely powerful vector for all kinds of magick, occult type arts. The past decade, the stage has been set. Everybody is connected by now. It seems the darker forces are already using it, somewhat successfully. Not sure about the forces of light. If I would study magick I would definitely experiment to see if I could use the internet to enhance my practice. Anybody here who has been using it in their own personal practice? Any other stories or insights to share regarding this? Or perhaps people disagree with me? Or perhaps this is already well known and I'm just stating the obvious? ------- PS: I don't do or really know any magick practices myself. This is just a vague thought I've been having that I think is interesting and wanted to share the thought. But I do think magick is interesting and at one point later, want to go a little bit deeper into it.
  2. Greetings my fellow Magick Beings

    I would like to introduce myself to this forum. My Magick name is Shaialazin. Formerly I was known as N.O.X. Infinitum. My given name is Bryce J. Lemon. My motto and word is Gaia Ladrieh (165). I am a Ritual Magician, the Founder of the O!O School of Magick, the Creator of The Temple of the Archinox, and the Author of 'Excalibur: The Book of the Law: Solved'. My magickal journey was initiated 15 years ago and has continued through a vast series of adventures through 57 countries, thousands of temples and rituals, meetings with teachers and the consumption of volumes of Sacred Texts. Magick is truly my career and my destiny and my specialities are aligned with ceremony and ritual, astral projection, mystic vision, navigating alternate dimensions and timelines, and cracking Occult codexes and ciphers. I am here on this site to offer my knowledge, skills and experience I have gleaned from my life of initiations and ordeals - the key to true Magickal realization and power. I hope to converse with many of you, answer questions, and learn from your insights and experiences as well. In love under the will, Shaialazin
  3. This is a pieace I wrote awhile ago that I thought you worthy Bums might enjoy.... In the course of its long history, Daoism has been transmitted and adapted variously beyond China. Deeply embedded in Chinese language and culture, its ritual and communal practices have generally been less adaptable, but Daode jing thought, tales of immortals, and the various longevity and meditation techniques have found eager audiences. Especially Daoist thought and long life practices have spread in several East Asian countries, notably Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. In the West, too, the best known and most widespread aspect is Daoist thought; many concepts and maxims of the Daode jing have made their way into American and European culture. Much less well known and embedded in a different social milieu is the transmission of Daoist temples and ritual structures. Many remain within the framework of Chinese immigrants, but some organizations also attract Western devotees. Most recent is the Western adaptation of Daoist-inspired health practices and meditations. Following in the wake of increased health awareness and the popularity of yoga and Buddhist meditation, Daoist associations, centers, and masters are becoming popular. However, not all of them are properly speaking Daoist; rather, they often focus on qigong and taijiquan in exclusion of Mystical and Magical Practices. Just as different aspects of Daoism have attracted different audiences in East Asia over the millennia, so the modern transmission of the religion to the West matches a variety of interests and works in multiple social contexts. Most generally one can say that philosophical or literati Daoism was attractive first of all to missionaries and later to the intellectual elite. It offered a different way of looking at the world, proposed new principles of life, and encouraged a change of attitude toward the world. Today it is seen as opening a balance to the American (and Western) tendencies toward uncontrolled growth, environmental exploitation, corporate greed, and political corruption. Small is beautiful, and most happiness can be found in a simple life. Organized Daoism with its priestly hierarchy, religious scriptures, and devotional practices, on the other hand, fosters a sense of connection to the gods, community integration, as well as ritual services of protection, purification, blessings, and exorcism. It came to the West with Chinese immigrants and in close connection with Chinese popular religion and has remained for the most part an ethnically based organization, housed in inner-city temples and supported by local residents. Longevity Daoism, with its exercises, meditations, diets, and fengshui, has only been available in the West for a few decades. It appeals to well-situated, health-conscious people who are concerned with personal well-being, business success, and environmental protection( you know, Those People ). They often come to the practices for health reasons—be it recovery after an accident, weakness due to chronic disease, increased signs of aging, or the wish to reduce body stress exerted by contact sports, hard martial arts, or power yoga. Typically practitioners begin by looking for merely physical benefits, but then develop a sense of qi flowing in the body and gain an empowerment of a completely different sort. While many stop there, some move on to inquire more deeply into the conceptual and historical background of the practices and thus encounter Daoism. From there, some go on to advanced training in internal alchemy and more spiritual techniques whose ultimate goal is complete health leading to immortality. Daoist thought in the West is represented first and foremost in the Daode jing, the best-known representative of Daoism wherever it appears. In the West, it attracted first attention through a translation into Latin by Jesuit missionaries, presented to the British Royal Society in 1788. This rendition hoped to show that the mysteries of the Christian faith were known to the ancient Chinese, matching Dao with God, like logos conveying the triple sense of supreme being,reason, and word ( a mistake to say the lest, and has muddied the waters about trying to give a grasp on what in the nine hells the Dao is, ever since). The first English translation by James Legge (1831-1905) appeared in 1891. It, too, attempted to impose Christian theology onto the Chinese text. This changed in the course of the twentieth century, so that by the end of World War II a number of translations and interpretation had appeared that attempted to read the text in its own right and do justice to Chinese thinking. By now, there are over 300 English translations of the text and its concepts have made major inroads into Western societies. The dominant mode of apperception is individual and personal; people appreciate the philosophy as it helps them to change their own thinking and their way of being in the world. Unlike in China, where the text has always also had a strong public dimension, there are very few political concerns associated with the Daode jing in the West( I believe this could change the face of our current political arena, if a few candidates running for the highest office in the land adopted some of the wisdom found in the lines). Popular Daode jing ideas in the west tend to involve four distinct areas of application: the Western tendency toward action and progress (Work,Work,Work till you drop!); the importance of reducing stress(Fuck I need a vacation); the reversal of come common cultural and ethical values(If I get Tattoo 35, does it still pissoff my parents?); and concerns for the environment and social harmony (Peace, Pot and Microdot). Balancing the Western push for increased consumption, the need to always have more, always get new things, and always acquire bigger objects, is the essential idea of the text to “know when it is enough.” This means that there is a level of material wealth and internal satisfaction that requires one to go along with the present and let go of advancement and progress. Having reached this point, an increase in consumption, a rise in position, or a multiplication of wealth will add nothing further to one’s community status or internal well-being. On the contrary, it will create complications and various kinds of difficulties that are entirely unnecessary and make one feel worse, not better. This latter concept in the Daode jing is expressed as the “continuous alternation of yin and yang.” Understanding the world as moving in an ongoing flow of rise and fall, increase and decline, people can make wise decisions. Too much growth will result in reduction; a period of calmness and apparent stagnation is the beginning of a new surge of energy. There cannot always be nothing but growth; nature requires moves in all directions, up and down, rise and decline, come and go. Even Aleister Crowley threw his hat in the ring when it came to the study of Taoism… “From 1908 to 1918, the Tao Teh King was my continual study. I constantly recommended it to my friends as the supreme masterpiece of initiated wisdom, and I was as constantly disappointed when they declared that it did not impress them, especially as my preliminary descriptions of the book had aroused their keenest interest. I thus came to see that the fault lay with Legge’s translation, and I felt myself impelled to undertake the task of presenting Lao Tze in language informed by the sympathetic understanding which initiation and spiritual experience had conferred on me. During my Great Magical Retirement on Aesopus Island in the Hudson River during the summer of 1918, I set myself to this work, but I discovered immediately that I was totally incompetent. I therefore appealed to an Adept named Amalantrah, with whom I was at that time in almost daily communion.( Amalantrah appears to be an astral being. Crowley’s Amalantrah working with Rodey Minor and others does not settle the question of Amalantrah being physical or incorporeal. This consultation took the form of ritual questioning of a spirit, and attendant visions of which the ‘codex’ would be one.) He came readily to my aid and exhibited to me a codex of the original, which conveyed to me with absolute certitude the exact significance of the text.I was able to divine without hesitation or doubt the precise manner in which Legge had been deceived. He had translated the Chinese with singular fidelity, yet in almost every verse the interpretation was altogether misleading. There was no need to refer to the text from the point of view of scholarship. I had merely to paraphrase his translation in the light of actual knowledge of the true significance of the terms employed. Anyone who cares to take the trouble to compare the two versions will be astounded to see how slight a remodeling of a paragraph is sufficient to disperse the obstinate obscurity of prejudice, and let loose a fountain and a flood of living light, to kindle the gnarled prose of stolid scholarship into the burgeoning blossom of lyrical flame.”- (THE TAO TEH KING (LIBER CLVII) A New Translation By KO YUEN (ALEISTER CROWLEY) THE EQUINOX (Volume III, No. VIII.) I will talk more on Taoism’s influence on Western thought and occultism as time permits, but I believe this is a good enough start for now. Stay gold folks. Sources: Clarke, J. J. 2000. The Tao of the West: Western Transformation of Taoist Thought. Komjathy, Louis. 2004. “Tracing the Contours of Daoism in North America.” livia Kohn,1999. “Introducing Daoism” Crowley,-The Equinox Vol III
  4. Weird Web Radio

    Just finished listening to Aidan Wachter on this podcast and enjoyed it supremely. If your into magick then you'll definitely dig the discussions on this podcast.
  5. Ramalinga Vallalar siddhis

    I have observed that Vallar has been an individual who has garnered great respect on multiple forums, this one included. I know a fair bit about him, because half of my family is from Tamil Nadu, his hometown. I have not visited his samadhi, but by father has. Anyway, I have heard countless stories of his greatness, including that he possessed all Siddhis, and had the Hindu equivalent of the Rainbow Body. Numerous mysteries exist surrounding this, especially because his physical body disappeared one day. Some say he has gone to the Himalayas and lives amongst the siddhas...
  6. In my search for FREE knowledge I came upon this book. Have any of you read it? I find it very interesting.. would you all recommend the practices?
  7. My most sincere apologies, I'm sure this topic exists somewhere, I just couldn't appease the Search gods enough for them to help me! Whether it is culturally acknowledged or not, most societies regard the heterosexual act, at the very least, as a form of natural magick necessary to expand the species. This, as I understand it, is the basis for White Magick. On the other hand, homosexuality in some cultures is described as Black Magick. Penetration & fluid transmission, mimicking the heterosexual sex act of copulation but without a foetus, no egg to fertilise. In Christianity, for example, it is considered blasphemous. Some believe that the act of buggery installs demons in the aura. What I do know though, is to be careful where you spill your seed. Stony ground, fertile ground... the allegory is clear. I'm heterosexual but celibate & have been since my twenties. I've always felt that sex is something really special, to be enjoyed with a loving partner. The true love shared by the couple can be "celebrated" by the sex act, and the spiritual rewards should be bountiful. If one takes it further in the occult sense, it is possible to time the act to be "cosmically charged" according to astrological cycles (I'm guessing really, I've not much knowledge of astrology). Personally I'd rather go without until I find said partner (30 years later I still haven't), rather than risk what I feel is a hugely significant, highly charged event with consequences we (used to) know little of. I don't miss it - I've other stimulation's to keep me occupied - music study is my lifelong partner. Alas also, we are living in a time when the West has been infiltrated by the scourge of feminism, we also have MGTOW & the battling sexes... I like to think I did my bit for population control by not adding to the numbers To think we left school & were encouraged to sow our seed, without any knowledge of just what it is we were engaged in. I understand the need for a rite of passage into adulthood but the times they are-a-changin'... I know people that screwed around - they exhibit some of the characteristics of their sexual partners & seem almost schizophrenic in a way. I wonder if this leads to a loss of self, and therefore self-realisation? There are an awful lot of "clones" in Western society... makes it easy for social engineers & think tanks to manage. What a travesty. Contemporary life however, suggests to the suggestible listener that "it's OK to screw around". Personally I think not, and that's saying nothing of STD's & crazy ex's. But I'll not judge anyone that has, in fact I'd like to know if anyone has had any really positive or negative spiritual experiences with the sexual act, heterosexual or otherwise?
  8. Just recently I recieved a consultation from Khi Armand. I found his services to be profound, insightful and well worth sharing with others. Link and cheers:
  9. A great source for interviews with authors of a Magickal bent. It's also an itunes podcast
  10. Iceland was one the last countries to convert to Cathlocism. Gues what that means? Many of the pagan folk traditions were not able to be completely snuffed out by dogmatic religion. The magick is alive!. Whole country still speaks Old Norse and many of the people believe in Elves (a type of nature spirit). Cool documentary.
  11. Here's an effective simple rite to summon entities from my forum: This will be an invocation because it is easier for a beginner due to the fact that you need more internal flux (juice) and the ability to allow it to leave the body to evoke. First figure out which entity you want to summon- learn as much about it as possible. Use your meditation technique to get into a trance (Alpha / Theta Level) Circulate the flow of energy. Using it's sigil (power of attraction) Allow the Qi to saturate your LaoGong point and using Sword Fingers draw the sigil in the air in front of you (Qi is a vapor)- allowing your inner eye to see the astral imprint/tracing/mist in the aethyrs. While doing the tracing, chant the entity's name (power of vibration) Allow the sigil to grow brighter (Qi can be a plasma too) like an electric blue neon sign (think LBRP) Keep your eyes closed, and scry this behind your eye lids. This is the Qi conversation in Shen. Now greet the entity when you see/feel it. Make sure when you are finished you use a trigger for dismissal so you are grounded (banished) upon completion. Read more:
  12. New Guy on the Way

    Dear all, I am 48 yrs young and after experimenting with a lot of different esoteric/magickal systems I came to the clear conclusion that the Tao is the way for me, too. I am working myself through the "Universal Healing Tao" system and I am doing the "Six Healing Sounds", "Inner Smile"and the "Microcosmic Oribt" once to twice every day. These meditations are very uplifting to me like no other I ever tried. Now I am working on semen retention (day 7 now), which I am really interested in and the cultivation/transmutation of sexual energy. I am fascinated about how others start to percieve me in a more positive way, when I abstain from ejaculation fror week. I want to learn more about why it is so and about how use this energy to change my personality into "higher frequencies". I came here to this forum because of a fascinating answer the member Seth Ananda gave here: This is exactly what I want to work myself in to! Does anybody have a book recommendation for me? I would appreciate that very much! My further interests are shamanism & tantra and everything that has to do with the subconscious, the "matrix of matter", chi/orgone/od/vril/animal magnetism, reiki and healing but since I don't want to dissipate, I focus solely on the Tao,since the Tao is quite demanding :-) Thank you. Edit: Why I left Satanism. I felt very attracted to Satanism and it seemed to be ok, since I held the belief, that there is no "good" and no "bad". The world seemed to be "symmetrical" and it seemed to be irrelevant which "path" one takes. Today I think different. I am convinced, that there is a life after this life here on earth and that your inner core (soul) will reside somwhere in the astral plane. I am also convinced that here are beatiful places in the astral and really bad places with nasty entities, where nobody (even the most dedicated Satanist) wants to go. Every soul loves the good side. In hardcore Satanists their "flesh" may dominate, but as soon as the flesh is dead, the soul is naked and strives and cries for peace and beauty (see near death experiences). This is what I believe today and this breaks the symmetry! There IS a good side and a evil side and the two paths (left hand and right hand) don't lead to the same goal! Satanism lowers your frequency (whatever this is...) and leads you to lower astral realms - bad, bad, bad. Increasing your frequency reconnects you with God. Things in your life start to fall into place and time seems not to work against you any longer (my experience). I am convinced, that here are only two external powers influencing us: The "dark side", which is Satanism, which is STURNism (Important: Google "Black Cube Conspiracy"). Since Planetary Magick is part of this Kabbala/hexagram system, I consider this as belonging to the dark side, too. The "white side", all influences coming through the Matrix, like belief, Christ (I am Christian), inspiration, trust, love, high vibration (...) and last, but not least, Chi! Luke Skywalker: "Is the dark side stronger?" Yoda: "No, faster!" Saturn/Satan, the dark side, is easier to access and provides everything you want to still your lust. Especially when you are young, Saturns offers can be very seductive! I take some quotes of "Star Wars" very seriously, 'cause Gerorge Lucas seemed to know exactly what he is talking about. Did you know that his invention, the "Death Star", looks exactly like the Saturn (!) moon Mimas? Coincidence? I think not. I hope this helps to understand my postings. I can't go deeper into all this now.
  13. Just finished the SS course so thought it would be fitting to create a review for a course which i deeply enjoyed. For a list of all the lessons and when the next cycle begins click on the link below: ------------------------------------ My Favorite Things The following were my personal favorite attributes of the course: 1. Each lesson is dense with info and practical magical tech. There is no fluff and no time wasted in getting to the meat of each topic and how it is applicable to you as a practitioner. I learned more in this year long course than all the books on magick i have read combined. 2. The system has a Holistic approach to magick. He covers each topic with a broad sweeping brush that attempts bring many ideas and techniques into the fold, yet at the same time stays practical and grounded. The "system" he creates is not really a the sense that it is not binding with many hard and fast rules. If you practice another style of magick then you will undoubtedly find his approach to be highly complimentary and enhancing to the work your already doing. 3. Behind the Strategic Sorcery Course there is an underlying theme of "Creativity". In the sense that the author acknowledges that magick/sorcery is always evolving and that its not your job to become stifled with mindless repetition. What the course gives is various fundamental principles and techniques of magick so that you can work with them in a way that suits you and your creative faculties. That attitude of "keep playing, keep exploring, keep refining" is something very important in my own practice and was happy to see it present in this program. 4. The course itself is balanced. There is an emphasis both on spiritual growth and practical sorcery to help push you where you desire to your living a happy, balanced and true life. Gnosis isn't enough if your flat broke and living in your mothers basement. The emphasis in the course is that your level of gnosis should shine through in your mundane affairs. 5. The SS Discussion Group is a valuable source for information and tech from other practitioners of highly varied backgrounds. I personally learned a great deal from others in the group and its fun to hear of other peoples experiences good/bad with magick and learn something from it. 6. One of my favorite parts of the course was the HW assignments that are given. They gave me an excuse to do magick . Often most of my magical work is focused on mystical/ascension endeavors. But the assignments gave me the opportunity to get my hands dirty and at the same time deeply contemplate what i truly want as part of my life and the best magical and mundane approach to achieving said goal. 7. The emphasis in the course is on taking physical action along with magical. If you try casting a spell for a million dollars to show up on your front porch its very unlikely to work. Magical action and well planned actions on the physical plane must go hand and hand. 8. The course itself was not difficult time-wise. I was worried going in that i would be overwhelmed by the lessons and that i would not have enough time for other practices that i am currently doing before. This was not the case, the weekly lessons are convenient and were timely enough that i didn't loose a step with my other practices. 9. The Rites that he organizes are quite powerful and enjoyable form of magick. I got a great deal form them. You can also continue to do each rite even after you finish the course. Cons The following are things i didn't like about the course. To be honest there were very few and the ones i mentioned are me just being nit-picky. 1. If you already have some background in magick then some of the lessons are gone be on topics you are already well versed in and may feel boring at times. Going into the course i already had a strong background in meditation so while i appreciated his emphasis on this, (because it is enormously freaking important) it was a simple review for me. Though, if your completely new to this field of study then every single lesson will be valuable to your foundational understanding and practice of magick. 2. There are some spelling typos here and there in the lessons. None of them inhibited my understanding of the material, but i still noticed them. That's all i can think of. Besides those 2 nitpicks i greatly enjoyed the course and highly recommend it. An additional review that i found insightful is here:
  14. The only problem with this would be finding all those threads! Though there could be links to them all in the first post. But imagine 50 some odd threads about Agrippa all in Hermetic somewhere! This was much easier when I was tech and could just move stuff around lol.
  15. Hello, I'm just interested in the scope of what is supposedly possible through magical practices, AND, would like to hear personal stories of what any of you've managed to achieve through it. Primarily interested in ESP and healing stuff, but, any manifestation, Siddhi/Siddhis in general, invocations, OBE, Astral Travel, anything interesting I guess. Cheers guys
  16. I was wondering if any one knew about the effects of amanita muscaria if one practice tai chi and/ or Taoist practices. I know that most drugs are yin base so unless you are practicing magick you cannot take it, but amanita muscaria seems different because it seems to access the subtle energies. I want to know if anyone has taken amanita muscaria and knows if you lose your chi from it?
  17. I was wondering if any one knew about the effects of amanita muscaria if one practice tai chi and/ or Taoist practices. I know that most drugs are yin base so unless you are practicing magick you cannot take it, but amanita muscaria seems different because it seems to access the subtle energies. I want to know if you take amanita muscaria, do you lose your chi from it?
  18. If you are/were a *Practicing Magickian: -whatever your flavor- This Thread will be a good podium to help instruct those with Questions. This is *Real Magick: Not Role Playing, Not Hollywood Magick Maybe we can outline a basic non-dogmatic paradigm, for those interested seekers. Those who want to be like Harry Potter: ...or just Qi-Curious? Witch Wizard Sorcerer Mage and all the Spectrum in between : NOTE: The origins of the words Witch and Wicca is that they are derived from "Wic," which means to shape or bend. So, in essence, Magick is all about Bending Thread Idea Inspired by: Ritualistic Magic? Whats the point? _______ Maybe... this Thread will eventually become a Sticky/Pinned Topic...? _______ Tree of Life: is a good map It can be non-religious and non_dogmatic I will post info. about it- shortly