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Found 2 results

  1. General Billy Mitchell was banned from the military for lunacy. Because, he predicted flying gunships that could take out battleships and accurately predicted the Japanese air invasion of Pearl Harbor, with the subsequent invasion of the Philippines, decades before it happened. After it all happened as predicted, the military in a great oops moment, re-admitted Billy Mitchell and gave him the congressional medal of honor.
  2. Almost every report of someone who claims to have achieved enlightenment ( or god-realization) is described the same way. It always has the element of losing the concept of the self in the many. Being one with everything & everyone. Since most New Age spiritual practices present the concept of God being everything, this is taken to mean that a person has become one with God. However, other than this "God is everything" concept, what is making us associate this experience with God, whatever God is supposed to be? I have recently been considering the concept of the herd mentality of humanity. Science has put forward the idea that this element exists as a leftover from our evolution from a herd species. I am certain this element exists from my own personal experiences to need to conform to mass society and also the existence of mob mentality which I need to research further. Perhaps I can state one example of the still existing herd mind in me: When I put my movie rankings on Criticker, I always have a number decided before visiting the site but once I get there and see rankings of others or its average, I feel the need to adjust my score to match theirs. I can fight this urge but it will always present itself initially as an automatic mental effect. So perhaps what we currently call enlightenment is simply an example of this herd mind element in the brain completely gaining control for a little while? I don't know. Just an idea that occured to me. Would love to hear your views.