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Found 4 results

  1. Dear moderators, I am new. I've only made a few posts but I keep on getting banned notifications and I'm not sure why. There are no warnings. In order to access the site, I switch the location on my VPN. Is it because my VPN is changing my address to someone who has been banned for bad behavior, or did I actually break a rule. If it's the latter, why no warning? Can someone please explain? Thank you.
  2. General Billy Mitchell was banned from the military for lunacy. Because, he predicted flying gunships that could take out battleships and accurately predicted the Japanese air invasion of Pearl Harbor, with the subsequent invasion of the Philippines, decades before it happened. After it all happened as predicted, the military in a great oops moment, re-admitted Billy Mitchell and gave him the congressional medal of honor.
  3. I realized that the votes in the other thread were public. I couldn't find a way to make them private so I decided to post a new thread.
  4. I'd like to get a community vote on whether or not you think More_Pie_Guy/Thunder_Gooch should have been banned. NOTE TO MODS: I am not challenging your judgment I'm simply interested know if the community overall is glad or sad that MPG was banned.