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Found 2 results

  1. Geographic Location

    I see many discussions hinting at location making people weaker or stronger physically, concerning how power flows, for spiritual activity, where non-human entities live, etc. Question: Aside from physical health, how do you know which areas are draining vs. uplifiting your energy? Location on the planet? I read and see that many "masters" claim the mountains are better than the ocean, or water in general. Describe what a perfect setting would be and why?
  2. Cool places members live

    I was the its cold outside thread, and some people mentioned where they lived. One members talked about the Appalachian Highlands. That sounds really cool. I'd love to hear more about it. Other members live in some interesting locations. It'd be interesting to hear about those too. I'm in Chicago. Its a nice city, great lake front for walks and biking, world class museums and galleries. Excellent food culture too, though it lacks the food cart tradition of other comparable cities. I'm hoping people will talk about whats great in there neck of the woods. Cause its a big world and we just don't see enough of it and when we do, we often miss out on quiet gems.