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Found 2 results

  1. Pandemic Panic - Transcending the Fear

    Greetings bums, This topic is intended as a platform for providing alternative outlooks on the current pandemic wrecking havoc in various ways - but first and foremost in people's minds. Comprehensible as their concern for their well-being may be, little is it understood that the very focus on apocalyptic scenarios - powerfully reinforced by the messages governments and media are constantly giving out - can only contribute to their eventual manifestation. It goes without saying that lots of people's hopes rest once again on conventional medicine coming up with a vaccine and/or cure for covid-19, when as a matter of fact methods that could treat it effectively have been known for a long time, but are woefully neglected by mainstream physicians and the general public. We may well go into those methods in due course, but let's start this discussion by reviewing the words of Dr. Edward Bach concerning the nature of infectious diseases. Known today mostly as the founder of a widely popular method of treatment using flower remedies, it should be noted that Dr. Bach started his career as a successful bacteriologist and vaccinologist and was gradually lead to a metaphysical understanding of illness and health. Due to his background, we can assume that the man was talking from personal experience and observation when he wrote: From: Edward Bach: Heal Thyself, ch. 7 I feel these words remain just as true today as when they were written down back in 1936...
  2. The end of all things

    It´s been 5 years since my last confession. With our without an enlightened perspective, reality as we know it is changing very fast. Even here in Norway, you do not have to be an epidemologist or climate researcher to realize that things are ending. Living in one of the richest countries in the world, with a solid 1000 billion emergency fund, and socialized medicine, things will dry up very fast. Even if we get out of the pandemic, climate change and economic meltdown will have irreversible, profound effect on the world. I can only imagine the devastation that will unfold in the rest of the world. Modernity as we know it is getting fundamentally reorganized. Its actually fascinating to realize that I was alive when it happened. Saddening and devastating to know I have a son who will live a life looking back towards his childhood as happy times. In such times, just as when a loved one is facing death or serious illness, I feel compelled to contemplate what is real and true. The forest, the mountains, the sound of birds, the breathing of my son when he sleeps. After the devastation, there must be grief for acceptance to grow, However, something miraculous occurs when you tune into the cosmic Energy. The more I listen to it, the more it reveals. Just as serious illness, this crisis is a form of initiation into a mystery. The price for such initiation is loss. Maybe its 5 year until next time; just my 2 kroner