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  1. Thought stopping is useful but overrated. Why take a stance which originates from aversion? One branch of techniques neither tries to stop thoughts, or contributes to adding thoughts, it simply witnesses the flow in a non-attached manner; another way is to choose a specific object of focus and keep returning the mind to it. Thought stopping could be useful at times, but I think it also involves attachment to the thoughts, one way or another, so wouldn't be considered an advanced practice.
  2. A person should be able to change likes/dislikes to a good degree. People learn to like pain, embarrassment, cold, heat, electric shocks -basically any kind of stimulus. People also reverse likes to make them at least neutral, such as people with addictions. They pair the addictive behavior with a negative stimulus. I think its mutable.
  3. Even 'fake' things have a reality
  4. Another good writer is Brandon Sanderson, who wrote the last book or so of the Wheel of Time series. He has a few good series, such as the Stormlight Archives...I also like Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen series...
  5. just seeing if anyone can figure out why i think this....hehe
  6. I think that my idea will be very useful several billion years from now when the sun expands into a red giant or something....some would say build spaceships and leave the Earth, but I say make the Earth a controllable ship that can be moved to ideal orbits to extend its liveability
  7. a fellow creative thinker!
  8. i thought it'd be nice to fly it into a more warmer and stable orbit around the sun, but i just had this thought because its COLD out there....not much of a winter person lols
  9. Let's build a giant Nuclear engine on one side of the Earth and fly the planet like a spaceship
  10. Reality is really real. Real is a funny word anyways...say it slow.... R E A L