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  1. My nose blocks up and gets stuffy. I sit in a lethargic restless state. Sometimes it clears out. It's especially great when the Sushumna nadi activates. Then I feel like I am doing something. As it stands, I have literally nothing to do on a cloudy day. Dusting the furniture, cleaning things, I guess. Perhaps it's "clean & organize" day. Laundry time. That kinda thing. I just want to know what goes with the flow.
  2. Would you care to expound further?
  3. To this day I have yet to understand what we're supposed to do on cloudy days. What does the Tao ask for? Sunny days, you go outside and play. Soak in the sun. Tao is felt. Rainy days, you stay inside and read. Rain against the windows. Tao is felt. Yet on days neither sunny, neither rainy but a dreary grey, what do you do?
  4. Regenerating knee ligaments & cartilage

    Asking for any known methods of healing that can completely regenerate ligament/cartilage irrespective of damage to within reason. I would think that some time along the millenia that the Taoists or others might have found a way to regenerate bone. Seeing as how common ACL injuries are! Spotless: My ACL is torn completely, and meniscus isn't looking pretty, let's put it that way. I'm holding off the surgery for the time being. Qigong helped with the swelling and locking issues. I would imagine for some reason that there must be a way to activate the body's natural healing force to regenerate the area. The issue is with lack of bloodflow to that region. Perhaps there is a chi-based technique that could trigger regrowth?
  5. Are there any ways to regenerate the entire ACL when it is completely torn? The meniscus cartilage tissue too? I believe there must be some natural way of getting them to completely regrow once more. Does anybody know any? I would be eternally grateful!
  6. easiest/ hardest thing to do...relax

    Let me ask, do you guys find that releasing The Knot results in the lower dan tian opening up and suddenly deep breathing becoming easy? I cultivated this state for a few days. As has been said, the knot is like a whirlpool which attracts every possible stressor and they all form the knot. From that brief few weeks of experience, I found that it was possible to remain unknotted. But here's the catch. The knot is like a newborn baby, the slightest stressor will set it off. Isn't it funny that Lao Tzu writes in the Tao Te Ching, are you ready to become like a newborn baby? [#10] Can you coax your mind from its wandering and keep to the original oneness? Can you let your body become supple as a newborn child's? Can you cleanse your inner vision until you see nothing but the light? Can you love people and lead them without imposing your will? Can you deal with the most vital matters by letting events take their course? Can you step back from your own mind and thus understand all things? Giving birth and nourishing, having without possessing, acting with no expectations, leading and not trying to control: this is the supreme virtue. And these precepts are what I found to be the essence of the knot. Any attachment triggers the knot. Incredible, is it not? But this acting without expectation, it may perhaps include acting without the expectation of not getting hurt! Fundamentally the knot is there to stop you getting hurt in some deep perceived fashion, whether emotionally or physically. Physically it is as if the knot is a limiter on the dynamic range of the human beingness - when it is removed you can act in loud, confident ways that are physically impossible with it engaged! There is a meditation I developed out of this. It works for dream states and waking states. In the dream state it results in taking active control of the dream - being lucid, aware, and also it results in cessation of negative dream phenomena - dark entities, fears, paralysis, so on. There is a threshold whereby once it is bypassed, the dream state becomes filled with bliss, intrinsically ecstatic, deep rest is attained. One very interesting thing is that when the knot is removed correctly, at night you may happen to feel the body squirt fluid into a certain chamber in the central part of the brain! This fluid is literally felt as a squirt, to be crude it is literally like something ejaculates inwards into the cavity. This fluid is felt to be exceedingly cool and refreshing and it feels so as to wash out the brain and a sensation of clarity and release is experienced when it finishes. I used to wait every night during this phase to feel this. Here is a potential connection - the glymphatic system; this might in fact be the very fluid in question. Anyway, back to the meditation. When awake, the primary result of the meditation is a direct action unto this knot - each breath is felt to unknot it so long as it is sustained. How is the meditation done? Very simply, you will notice that each thought elicits a directly corresponding system-wide reaction in the body. Now, *either* stress hormones are secreted OR relaxation hormones are secreted. If you are keen, you already grasp the full essence of the meditation from this description. What you wish to do is to disconnect the thought-reaction impulse. There is a neural circuit which seems to mediate this Thought<=>Tension impulse and we want to actively work on this to switch it off. Consider: nerves that fire together, wire together. Whatever we do, we strengthen the neural connections thereby rendering it easier. Bad if you do stress, great if you do happy! The knot in fact has a clear neurological origin. There are two amygdalas, the left and the right. This organ is responsible for raw hardware level impulses - fight or flight, desire, semi-reflex actions, so on. So we want the left amygdala connection to strengthen, and the right amygdala connection to either weaken or stay dormant, I am not sure which occurs with meditation here and it does not matter too much. So again, how is the meditation done? Well, you identify the two opposing flows of energy. You will find each and every thought, however subtle will trigger the circuit. Each and every time you will identify the energy flowing one direction or the other: tightening or releasing. If you have no meditation practice then identifying this will be hard. But by practicing Insight meditation (Vipassana), you peel back the layers of the Self enough to finally see this in front of you. Regardless, when you identify the two opposing flows, it is as simple as flowing your mind in the releasing direction. Again and again and again. In fact it took me thousands of changes of direction per day and it might take you the same, the mind is relentless. Flowing the mind in the releasing direction is something you learn by doing it, learnt with trial and error as you keep trying and start making fewer and fewer errors. It is an internal teaching, you are teaching your body that it's OK, that everything is fine. At its essence, this is what it is, this is the very knot itself - the idea that "everything is not quite OK so I must tense". So this is the meditation, every time a thought elicits stress-response, you release the clutch. You let it go. It is a physical process, it is a directly felt action. I guess this is where non-action originated, some genius identified this early on in history. While they had to describe it in vague terms like "do without doing", we can cut open a hypothetical brain now, and point to the bit that's the issue. How excellent! I will add, at some point during this unknot practice, Samadhi arises. You can fall asleep inside your own body. Deeply awake to the outside world, fast asleep within - this is like the reverse of Yoga Nidra. Breathing from the heels, you fall asleep into the rhythm of the breath. By the time you enter this state, breathing will no longer feel like what you know as breathing. Rather you will be actively feeling the breath/prana making purposeful rhythmic motions up and down your body, and you will physically feel the lightness of the breath orbiting the body (MCO). It is a truly stupendously amazing sensation when you enter this mode. You can harness prana in and out of your body - for the tense person, prana is like a volatile gas that quickly dissipates and disappears; for the one in deep relaxation the prana takes on a viscous, almost liquid state where it is felt to have momentum and mass. If you can enter such a state you will be able to collect prana, condense it into a ball, and do stuff with the ball; the ball will have physical mass, momentum and effect. The harmala alkaloids are very useful for developing the awareness of the knot. Found in syrian rue and b.caapi (ayahuasca), they light up the pranic pathways and present a kind of grace, a leeway in the meditation such that where efforts were tight and narrow and indeed precarious, they become relaxed and spacious, indeed efficacious. As with all things, this too must be constantly cultivated and maintained. Real life took over and I dropped out of trying this stuff. It takes a lot of effort ironically, to relax. When real life returns to fanta sea, I will hopefully start again. I know now, the body is a breath machine at its root. The true essence of the body is the breath and think how few amongst mankind have ever found the true power of the breath!
  7. Possible Kundalini experience

    In a way I feel that most such healthy body-generated searing heat sensations are actually the kundalini. It is activated to a degree in everybody and I notice that the more activated types tend to form social circles naturally, it's something within us everywhere we go. Kundalini as far as I presently understand seems to be the very animating life force that etches your fingerprints and heals. It is a kind of white hot laser-like light which I believe might have to do with cells just combusting into pure heat energy when the K gives them the signal by flowing through them. I notice it is the presence of heat through the body which is Kundalini, and this heat works with the prana/breath and chi is the result - the kundalini is a completely active flow of heat intelligently directed by the body through the body, let's put it that way. It is constantly working away on your cells because it is the essence which flows through them, the life-force. Anyway whether or not you had a K experience you are definitely residing in the heart centre and your heart chakra is of course open and flowering, so I'd be happy and grateful if I were you of course! But yes, from the intense bliss and the nature of the flowing of the sensations I'd say it's kundalini for sure, just searing through a blockage. I mean the thing is it works up each of the chakras during the awakening so perhaps it is the case it has risen to your heart chakra so that means one thing, preparation for the whole shebang. It would be wise and astute to plan for either direction and knowing more about K will of course help either way. It's a ferocious beast my friend. Sometimes it may blast off and take you with it and there is nothing you can do but go through with it! A full blown episode would last a while for sure, and deliver a hard thwack to your life for a while. A heart orgasm does tend to happen with K
  8. After kundalini awakening, what next?

    I have spoken to quite a large number of people who in the West are undergoing or have already undergone Kundalini awakening. The symptom/effect set is the same for all of us: a series of prolonged intense experiences involving drastic emotional upheaval, complete sorting through of the self, extreme states of highs, lows, terror, bliss, searing electrical sensations, the feeling of being struck by lightning as the Kundalini bursts through blockages or blasts awake, the feelings of intense heat flowing through the body (I felt the walls to be on fire myself, not just my body, my skin was searing hot), spontaneous asanas and mudras and mantras, all sorts of things. Kundalini is much more common than you think and there are many people who have activated it knowingly or unfortunately, unknowingly. To my knowledge it does not require shaktipat. And in my own experience the final ascent of the Kundalini through the crown chakra produces an experience of complete release. But what happens is that basically the Kundalini ascends, you feel your entire being expanding outward to infinity then it collapses back in unto itself and everything disappears, dissolves. All sensations cease, heartbeat disappears, universe disappears, thought stops, nothing is seen, heard or sensed whatsoever. Then you stay in this state of total nothingness for a particular time and then the Kundalini descends once more, life thereafter is forever the same yet forever totally different. A kind of luminescence pervades every single moment. Mother Kundalini remains constantly active thereafter, working through the body and mind to do what she intends, whatever it be. The difference between the savikalpa samadhi and the nirvikalpa samadhi seems to be that in savikalpa the mind ceases and rests in the awareness of deep awake and the universe continues to appear, but in the nirvikalpa the universe itself disappears like in deep sleep. I have experienced samadhi after the awakening and it is characterised by physical effects. My lower dan tian is open and filled with energy and the samadhi is predominantly a physical one, involving the entire body and the entirety of the prana in the body and out of the body. Prior to this the samadhi states I would experience were not bodily focused but consisted of the mind turning unto itself and disappearing into itself. The most incredible thing I have experienced post-awakening is holding a ball of chi in between my hands, and throwing it 2-3ft from hand to hand and feeling myself, experiencing directly the physical space "outside" of my body intimately as the space inside my body. I could feel the energy ball flying from hand to hand as if I was throwing a third hand! Not to mention, I could see it too! It looked ectoplasmic, white, silver and shimmery and it gave off light. I felt my imagination to be what powered or directed its shape and composition and form. It is due to this experience that I am exceedingly curious as to what Kundalini is or what it does after the awakening experience: these qi balls seemed to reveal an entire world beyond the eat-shit-sleep mundanity. Internal and external breathing galore - I was slowing my breath down to a stop and moving it around like a hot-air ballon, in and out of my body, through parts of the body, in a ball of breath-heat-electromagnetism. I observed that there were at least three levels of this energy. The first level was pure heat, gentle and not too visible but present. The second level was momentum and it is here that it could be seen gaining a whispy kind of form. The third level was magnetic ectoplasm and here it assumed a kind of semi-stable solid-like form which could be moulded around. I feel there might be a level or many beyond this, I am entirely new to this world and I have never heard of this even on here except referred to as qi-jing-shen and pointed to but never quite described in-depth. What the heck is this stuff and what do I do with it!?!? It took around 10 hours of continuous qigong to get to the stage each time I tried where this would manifest - the work centred around quieting the fight or flight response and informing the muscles and nerves, through peaceful movement, that I am safe and completely at peace, that there is nothing to worry about. After enough hours of coaxing, the muscles finally rest and the mind ceases its complaining (all of which I found to actually be muscular-skeletal tension as the root cause) and a new way of ecstatic movement arises. In this kind of movement, permit me to be crude but it feels like every single cell of your body is as sensitive as the sexual organs and motion is orgasmic, ecstatic, serene. I noticed this is extremely dependent on semen retention - without it, there is literally no way to get the necessary jing to even hold oneself in meditation for enough time and intensity. I guess you could call this state "fluid dance kaivalya samadhi" In the time I was experimenting with this stuff, two exercises revealed themselves spontaneously. The first is very simple and it was taught to me directly by the Kundalini, what you do is stand up and hold your arms out stretched to the side, then swing left and right and you let your hand hit the shoulder on the other side and allow the arm on that shoulder side to extend fully so it's like a horizontal windshield wiper, you do this side to side movement and it seems to stir the kundalini awake and gets the Qi flowing. From this position you can bring your hands together having built up significant momentum and you can develop energy balls. The other exercise is bizarre and incredibly powerful. You stand up with both your hands clasped together and stretched up above you, feet together or very slightly apart. You stretch gently but firmly upward as if you are pulling your body apart, and start rocking side to side with your hands upwards, in a DNA-helix kind of motion. The motion originates from the power centre in the hips and terminates in a kind of sinusoidal spiral at the top of the hands, sending large wave-like EM pulses through the body. There will be a particular groove of movement where you will find the Kundalini naturally flows in itself and when you slide into this groove, the motion becomes automatic, effortless and the Kundalini itself takes over and starts moving for you, you just watch it happen. To add to this, firstly when you start off this motion it is directed by volition/yi and you are moving from side to side in a helix-like sinusoid. Your arms will vibrate in a resonant way but you will notice the more power you feed into this, the tighter the circle gets! To the point where when the Kundalini itself takes over, you have essentially stored so much momentum in this motion that on the outside the body looks completely still but you are vibrating at a frequency that could practically break your bones! I put my toe out of place and it blasted me 4ft onto my ass, from a completely still but resonating position. There is a powerful sensation of the Kundalini becoming active at the base of the spine in the root chakra, of which the root chakra during this motion is firmly planted to the ground yet ascending to heaven simultaneously. It is an extraordinary sensation, and whoever of you can activate this, you will feel something incredible beyond all comprehension. It was at this time that I distinctly felt my crown chakra and actually saw the multi-coloured flower above my head made of ethereal/ectoplasmic energy and as real as your own head right now. It revealed that the body has some kind of innate intrinsic purpose unto itself revolving in some way around the Kundalini. I have not since entered that deeply in meditation so I cannot comment further on the nature of this! I got a new line today on my left hand. I felt a searing electrical pulse, like a white hot metal string cutting into the palm and now I have a line pointing to the index finger at the mount of Jupiter. It's very intriguing, this effect but I do not really know what it means or does, I can get a general idea from palmistry websites. All in all I feel like what is going on is in some sense, far beyond my comprehension in the same way that I do not know what the intricate machinery in my pancreas or heart does on a daily basis but at the same time it feels so familiar as to be strikingly obvious. It's amazing! Kryptyn, are you activated yourself? Because it doesn't quite sound like you have gone through this yourself, my apologies if I am incorrect. The experience of Nirvana bestowed by Kundalini seems final in that all sensation is transcended and one abides in the vast emptiness of the Self which is before birth and is perpetually, but life remains the same, life goes on, I laugh, I cry, I have to eat and I have to poop. I am liberated entirely from all of my thoughts and from all experience, it all has the same character to me now, I guess that is equanimity but at the same time I am feeling everything just the same as always, there is no difference between the perception-feeling of the world now and before the experience. Though for two or three years I entirely lost my self and saw the world as a new-born baby practically but now I have a working ego-machine to live and subsist by. There is no "me" but to get by further in the western world, I have to continue to operate in a devil's advocate kind of way for the ego-self. I believe the ego-self is to be honoured and raised by the experience, I do not observe it to be extinguished as far as I am aware. I can still do right and wrong, I can still make mistakes, it is no magic recipe. Also in my experience the only true way of entering Samadhi is to dive into Love, the feeling of Love or much more appropriately, love for the Self. When the mind is resting in this flow towards the heart and towards the ever-abiding love of the Self, then I feel Samadhi to occur and arise naturally. I try emptiness meditation but this has only ever layed the groundwork, it seems the true samadhi is reached by cultivating pure love for the Self. Without the love, there is this void of space but when illumined by love, this void of space is known to be the Self who you are, infinite, expansive, all-pervading love. It is amazing to dissolve into it. A: I AM THE DEATHLESS UNBORN SELF WHO KNOWS NO REBIRTH, NOW I AM BECOME DEATH, THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS B: OK dude thanks for the info, now please get out of my way so I can get to work Life goes on Also, one key question: does the combination of the 'Shiva' with the 'Shakti' between root and crown, relate in any way to the combination of Yin with Yang in the lower dan tien which is said to be required of Mo Pai practitioners? I would like to learn more about that especially!
  9. After kundalini awakening, what next?

    Thank you so much for the responses guys! Yes I felt the process to be very destructive, the energy obliterated several major blockages in my body but I came through and it shot out or up to the crown chakra and I experienced dissolution, fana. It was amazing! Well, I feel the "cool breeze" of Sahaja Yoga on my hands and I can feel the chaitanya, the vibrations running through each finger and the palms. After I came back from nirvikalpa I was staring at my left hand and I observed a white light cut a y shaped fork into my palm, which I looked up later and found to be the line of health/wealth and the line of fate. The Kundalini is etching lines into my hands continually but every so often, for instance I was looking at my left hand and the line of fate a few years after the initial experience and then I saw a floating outline of a potential line and it asked me to designate a place for this new line and I could move it up and down on the fate line and adjust its length to some extent; then I selected the place I felt best and the white light shone bright and laser etched the line into place. This has happened on the other hand, a line of fate and health are forming too. The vibrations are going to town! So all of this points to something greater. You say it is the first jhana, well thank you for the pointer. I thought nirvikalpa samadhi was the second endpoint as far as samadhis go; leaving sahaja samadhi and also I have heard, dharma-megha samadhi and kaivalya samadhi. So is there a place I can read more about the remaining jhanas and how to enter and pass through them? I practice Vipassana and emptiness meditations and I've been doing this for a few years with fervor. Whatever it is, it feels amazing. Kundalini drove me psychotic during the bursting phases and I went into intense manic overdrive psychedelic visionary states. It felt like something I had been waiting for my whole life, before I ever took a drug or cared for drugs I had been anticipating this and it felt like a constant background lurking sensation while growing up. Yes, there are drugs involved and I believe that they played a large part in contributing to the psychotic side of things. I took copious amounts of mimosahuasca and what really did it was LSD. I had been expecting a breakthrough from the combined effect of insight meditation, breathing techniques and high dose psychedelic states and it came through hard and fast, began in May 2010, ended in October 2011 which I found rather incredible and left me speechless! Yeah Kundalini kicks your ass! Peace folks, I will have to investigate further on Path Notes but if anyone had information about what an individual can do with an activated kundalini I would love to hear it and also hear your personal experiences. I have since met a few Kundalini activated individuals in real life and it is amazing being in such people's presence, their eyes seem to draw you into a gaping void.
  10. After an individual has successfully raised their Kundalini to the crown chakra, producing the satori/enlightenment experience, what is the next stage of progression? What does living with an activated kundalini present that is not present in an inactive kundalini? I have felt some awesome things mostly working with energy - after a little qigong (i.e. many hours a day consecutively for a few months) I find myself able to build up globs of energy and mould them into shapes. It feels fairly difficult to do this as it needs hours of movement work to build the energy into one ball of momentum. What does kundalini give to the person who has activated it?
  11. bliss vs Bliss

    Neither abstraction nor theorising, that is the kind of framework that would make Lao Tzu eat his shoe. Humans cannot talk of Tao bit suffice to say Tao speaks - information-theory is far from theory! Luckily for ourselves at this point, the good Mantak Chia has written a book about the whole thing - Darkness Technology
  12. bliss vs Bliss

    It might be worth pointing to the Heart as the origin/essence of all Bliss. Reason being that there are 3 chakras above and 3 chakras below, the heart being in the centre - even disregarding chakras we observe the heart is the central unification. When energy flows down from Crown to Heart and simultaneously flows up from Root to Heart, there is a meeting in the middle of these two flows. Then there is a resonance which occurs when these flows meet. There is DMT synthesis occurring (dimethyltryptamine). Within the DMT synthesis there is the IAM. Think of DMT as the volume level to the IAM. If I-AM is sad, DMT at 10 is LOUD sad, if I-AM is happy, DMT at 11 is BLISS happy. When a person seeks to enter pure Void of Void, it is DMT that is the gateless gate into it. DMT is always synthesised with each heartbeat as far as I can tell. It acts in trace amounts as only a tiny nudge from this is necessary to do things. It is found in the heart, lungs and pineal gland. DMT is the molecule of Clear Light. When DMT levels go up, Clear Light floods the body - it is the key to opening the gate itself. To sustain the bliss, the body must satisfy these conditions: (1) Monoamine oxidase is inhibited or otherwise rerouted from breaking DMT down (2) DMT is being synthesised by resonance of heartbeat-lungs-pineal (3) Absolute is choosing to flow the body into direction of Bliss So we have in order of flow Clear Light/Truth => Spirit/Breath => Clear Light/Truth => DMT => Clear Light/Truth => Rest-Of-The-Body Heartbeat pulls Spirit in and out applying Yin-Yang transform. Clear Light is prismed by Spirit into Spirit's individuated colour/frequency. DMT opens or closes amplitude of vibration of Spirit. DMT is also the prism molecule itself! Too much Spirit at the wrong time? Toast. In each mid-stage between Clear Light, there is the propensity for the generation of noise and consequently falsehood. The signal:noise ratio is of key essence. So you can see where the unification occurs. I remember reading a story where a monk was given DMT. After returning from the journey, he stated this is the farthest you could go without physically dying. I might come to agree! Thank you for the pointer toward Dharma Megha/Kaivalya! DHARMAMEGA: "Cloud of Dharma." In the very last section of the Yogasutra: within the Kaivalya Pada it describes a condition immediately preceding kaivalya itself called dharma-mega-samadhi. Accordingly, the text infers dharma-mega-samadhi contains and encompasses all that can be known, just as a cloud fills the sky. And just as rain quenches the thirsting earth, so this "cloud" pours down the rain of the Dharma and exstinguishes the raging fire of all kinds of instability. 'The Yogasutra seems to be interested in the benefit of the dharma-megha-samadhi for the sake of the yogin only: his Klesa and Karma are eradicted, his knowledge is infinitely enlarged, his kaivalya is secured, which means the attainment of his "being his true self." Highly relevant thread - "Eternal Heaven" The truth of these statements may be understood from an information-theoretic perspective - it is very much so mathematically sound! Also of interest: 6-MeO-THBC (Pinoline/endogenous MAOI) 5-MT (Mexamine/Dream tryptamine) Melatonin (Sleep inducer/Astral plane connector)
  13. bliss vs Bliss

    From WIkipedia: "Samadhi can be compared to normal thought as a laser beam can be compared to normal light. Normal light is diffuse. A laser beam is highly concentrated light. The laser beam contains power that normal light does not. Similarly, samadhi is the mind in its most concentrated state. The mind in samadhi possess power than a normal mind does not. This power is used by the yogin to reveal the essence of the pratyaya. This essence is called the artha of the pratyaya. The release of the artha of the pratyaya is similar to cracking open the shell of a seed to discover the essential elements of the seed, the genetic material, protected by the shell. Once perfected, samadhi is the main tool used by a yogin to penetrate into the deeper layers of consciousness and seek the center of the yogin's consciousness. Upon finding this center, the final act is using a variant form of samadhi, called dharma mega samadhi, to penetrate the center of consciousness and emerge through this center into Kaivalya. Kaivalya is the term used by Patanjali to designate the state of Absolute consciousness free from all fetters and limitations. Thus it can be seen that, according to Taimni's interpretation of the Yoga Sutras, samadhi is the main tool the yogin uses to achieve the end goal of yoga, the joining of the individual self with the Universal Absolute." It leads me to a question of The Reading (al-quran). The process is described in chapter 55 from beginning to merging. We might think of it as a series of layers. In the first layer a person is fully induced into "I-AM" asleep. In the final layer where the curved boundary merges with the flat line, a person is fully induced into "I-AM" awake. Then beyond this point we have non-duality entirely abiding in wholeness. We go from one => many => infinity infinity => many => one one => oneinfinity one <=> one With regards to the physical structure of the individuated human body in terms of 3D snapshots travelling along axis 4, we may observe there is a gate of openness abiding in the Heart. The key is to abide (1) opening heart (2) preserving opening-heart-flow => (0) absolute-open-heart As for (0), this is the unifying intersection of Bliss Prime with Bliss and bliss and all subsets. Bliss Prime geometrically would be centred at t=0 then Bliss would occur at the cyclical intervals where Bliss Prime is switched off by even a single (0/1) bit value, then bliss in reference to the pervading light vibration is the point where (2) is etched into the fundamental IAM of an individuated senient being. We may then define: Absolute Absolute-humanresonance Absolute-humanresonancebliss Absolute-humanresonanceBliss The return from Absolute-humanresonance to Absolute is the generating Absolute-humanresonanceBliss Due to the law of entropy these words may degrade in quality though perhaps someone might build a pyramid
  14. bliss vs Bliss

    Brilliant thread! "in terms of my own experience, it arises from a root-awareness that this body-mind is just a tiny ripple in the Ocean of existence. the awareness is not localized in the body, but takes in experience through ALL bodies and generates new experience for all bodies. the substance of that experience is Bliss. it's like a friction. all existence is motion. all motion is vibration/friction. and all vibration is bliss. so the relative crushing agony of a mother suffering the loss of a child is indeed bliss in nature. the painful cries of the drug addict dying in a pool of his own vomit in some darkened alleyway is indeed bliss in nature. in fact, ALL arising phenomenon radiates pure bliss, merely by virtue of existing. however small or great the motion," I'm amazed to find that someone has put this indescribable feeling into words. That feeling of Bliss is the feeling of the knowing of Tomorrow The universe transmutes all shameful-existence into Pure existence All pain is rooted from the shame of existing: Why am I? Someone disagreed with Me. Why am I? The answering of the question expanding the universe More room to breathe Suddenly purity
  15. Vibrating the lower dantien

    So true! And when you say fundamentals, it literally is fundamental - fundamental harmonics/modes. There is a heat in my spine I notice comes and goes as with the opening/closing of the central channel/sushumna nadi. The aim is to keep this heat constantly present and flaming very gently, as a candle flame that lights up through the spine and the vapor reaches the third eye & crown thereby illumining everything with divine light/awareness. There is a corresponding posture correction effect. Keeping this spinal heat up is the key to maintaining meditative stillness and the breath is infused into every little motion. The lower dan tien automatically opens up and through correct breathing flow one naturally keeps it open. We have many habits of modern living that over time shall inherently restrict the airways and close the LDT so it is of essence to cultivate habits that open it more than close it the majority of the time. I have made a conscious decision to get off the PC and start walking a lot and switch to a kneeling desk and these things vastly help. Now... the vibration of deep meditation! It's the breath cycle and the brainwave cycle! So you have this breath travel up and down the spine, in effect from the heels right to the crown - whole body breathing! First with practice it appears more so just up and down the spine itself as a warm rush felt in the back then flowing with it will unlock the heel breath naturally effortlessly. The brainwave cycle is important. There is a physical stillness to the way of movement. When movement become smooth, the breath cycle is smooth. When the breath cycle is smooth, the brainwave cycle is smooth. When the brainwave cycle is smooth, the Tao is realised in that moment. There are fundamental modes to this spine breath energy (your Spirit). The first mode is a perfect slow 1 cycle breath where it is as if no breath is necessary altogether (Samadhi). Then you have harmonics of this breath, modes of the standing wave. If we are rushing around day to day making jerky movements then this Standing Wave of the Breath is thrown off and connection to Tao is distanced. So you have maximal in<=>maximal out, that's mode 1. The natural state free of all thought is maximal in<=>maximal out Then we have interrupted breaths, which occur via thought-trigger - a thought triggers direction flip of the breath flow. Any thought => (Direction of Breath) * (-1) The reason this happens is that each thought collapses everything into a Yin or a Yang, a Male or a Female, a duality/polarity. The breath changes direction to resonate this energy that Thought chooses to focus on. Then we have the dynamics of Yin-Yang that generate the music of the breath itself. Breathing at X cycles per second, interruption/flip points, the still points between breaths (out=>Still Point=>in=>Still Point=>out), heart rate. The correct natural state of abiding aligns the breath cycle with the heart flow cycle. This will cause the Central Channel to open and resonate like a radio antennae. The standing wave of breath oscillation travelling up and down the spine via nerve conduits/heat flux, the standing wave of a heart in total peace and remembrance of Supreme, the standing wave of the brain's electrical oscillations. The last one is of keen interest. It is known that monks have heightened gamma wave activity in addition to standard delta<=>gamma range activity. From what I have heard and feel from experience, the high gamma wave resonances are primarily sustainable in the fertile garden of a deep delta wave resonance. Then the harmonics of the waves present a kind of stillness-in movement-in-stillness aspect where typically the high gamma activity might have been directed toward anxiety. The physical heat-energy-momentum wave of the breath is directly the emotional resonance of the heartbeat is directly the brainwave resonance of Mind. What we want is that maximal Yin/Yang points of Mind are directly simultaneous with maximal in/out points of inhale/exhale, and at all of these times, there is a perfect equal and opposite resonance so that the sum total is 0. The experience then is pure stillness, peace, serenity, fluidity. Tremendous amounts of electrical energy can be built up in this process and best of all, this energy is yours to keep, it is You, so keep it, conserve it and share it, but conserve it above all!