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  1. Bums I am missing

    Life will not be the same for any of us here, or those outside of here, for a long long time to come.
  2. Bums I am missing

    May you all here stay safe, very safe . We are into dangerous times.
  3. Bums I am missing

    I am amazed I am not kicked out yet! I never lost touch of the Tao. As that is an impossibility. I am more in Quora. Directing folks from there into here as it is better to wank with Ponds cold cream instead of wet coarse grit and sand. But to each their own and their choice. I came back to extract something I wrote here as to where is God? As I was asked to write on that! I think my answer will dismay most of them. I rather want to sit on the Pillars of Creation if you recalled.
  4. cat power !

    Cats are obligate carnivore unlike dogs. Cats do not have the ability to make many amino acids and use vitamins the way omnivore creatures, including dogs can. Even if cats have 90 lifes, the cats will die very soon on a vegan or even vegetarian kind of diet. Cats have little ability to form niacin or arginine and taurine, found only in animal protein. They must have meat, preferably raw meat, to remain healthy. So even though the mash I made for birds have lots of vege proteins from the different beans, supplying different kind of amino acids, I need to include a high portion of animal protein into kitty mash as well to make sure they get the amino acids that they needed. And that's only in just the mash that I made for them. And you seen in photos above I went further to add ommp to the mash as well. The Japanese, or anyone, are not going to keep healthy cats feeding them cooked rice and scraps and leftovers from their meals. Cooking for cats and preparing food for cats should not be tried unless you do know. A bit too difficult to get into details here especially as many of my steps were embedded in my sub conscious and therefore I might not even have written on them. On the other hand, I could have lived very healthily on the leftovers of my cats and my birdies. They had a far healthier and better diet than what I fed myself or ate in fine restaurants. Many of the beans , quinoa and cereals were from organic stores that I would never dream of buying for myself and my wife. I never claim much sanity and better known for the idiotic things I do and say. Those food for the kitties were a thing of the past. I used to do that regularly when Ivan was with me. Sieben took advantage to be given same stuff. The most difficult task was on their days to be stoic. Ivan would jump on my lap to tread tread on my tummy and on my back to tread on my neck muzzling me on my cheek. I had very little choice but to cave in to give him at least half portion. It would be so much easier to resist if I was clawed to my marrow by hungry kitties desperate for food. I would happily kick them in the head and tell them to fuck off.. I just could not make myself as stoic as what I wanted them to be. But now that Ivan is gone and in that little porcelain jar, ( ) and I decided not to have birdie until I find my place to retire in, I did not cook mash anymore. The last was before I went to Riyadh when Ivan was still with me. Sieben now got to remain content with the kibbles my wife poured out to feed him all loaded with ethoxyquin and BHA/BHTs. And yes, she cleaned his shit as well.
  5. cat power !

    I thought I might as well plagiarised into here how the kitty mash was made. I called it Jackie mash as Jackie my Indian Hill Mynah love this too. Last well documented kitty mash here Karen Pryor//Jackie Mash 03//Sieben & Jackie // Nasty Nic shanlung: Karen Pryor//Jackie Mash 03//Sieben & Jackie // Nasty Nic Jackie Mash 03// More photos in Flickr folder _ Jackie 01 -Bonding The mash was running out with me. Especially when I noticed the kitties eating the rest of the mash around the kitty kibbles. I decided not to add kitty kibbles giving more mash instead. To the 2 kitties 180 grams JM 40 grams raw mince meat 15 grams dried anchovies 15 grams chopped wheat grass 80 grams wet kitty food All well mixed and squeezed together, 2/3 given as dinner and remaining 1/3 for breakfast. Kitty kibbles given now and then by my wife when I was home too late to fix dinner for kitties, or I too lazy to fix dinner for kitties. Pouring kitty kibbles from a box is truly so much easier and more convenient then all the weighing and squeezing and mixing. And Jackie Mash batch 03 was cooked on Wednesday evening 15 Feb. But first, a note of thanks to Mike Burton and his memory. Kitty-Jackie mash is based on Tinkerbell Mash is based on the formula for Mike’s Manna Mash created and given to the world by my good friend Mike Burton. Mike is sadly no longer with us but never will be forgotten as long as people prepare his mash or Tinkerbell Mash. All this is dedicated to Mike Burton. A friend who left us all too soon and gave the world Mike's Manna Mash and on which Tinkerbell Mash in all its forms has been based. Original Mikes Manna Mash recipe here The memory of Mike will live on in every bit of Mike's Manna Mash or Tinkerbell Mash or kitty-Jackie mash regardless of the batch or who made it or feed on it. Two days before that, the beans and corn were soaked for 4 hours (warmer in Singapore so less time) to start the germinating and then drained of all water. They were soaked a few minutes and washed periodically until cooking. Full complete details of mash cooking should be referred to in Morning with Harry & the decision// Sultan of Oman Palace// Tinkerbell Mash Batch 7 Because of the new fridge, I decided more mash could be done Kitty-Jackie mash consisted of 1 measure (50 grams) of soybeans 1 measure (50 grams) of kidney beans 1 measure (50 grams) of garbonzo beans 1 measure (50 grams) of pinto beans 2 measure (50 grams) of blackeye beans 2 measure (100 grams) of Great Northern white beans (I managed to find the GNWs, or something that looked like GNWs in Mustafa at Little India, Singapore a couple weeks ago) 1 measure (50 grams) of red beans 1 measure (50 grams) of green beans 1 measure (50 grams) of black beans 1 measure (50 grams) of baby lima beans 1 measure (50 grams) of butter beans (which looked like lima beans) 1 measure (0 grams)of corn (I decided to nyet corn ) 1 measure (50 grams) of peas 1 measure (120 grams) of human grade groundnuts(peanuts) 1 measure (200 grams) of quinoa 1 measure (200 grams) of brown crushed barley 1 measure (200 grams) of black glutinious rice 1 measure (200 grams) of red rice 1 measure (200 grams) of brown rolled oats 1 measure (200 grams) of brown rolled wheat berries ( I decided to use more cereal. Just my choice. I liked crushed or rolled grains ) 1 measure (100 grams) of yellow millet measure (950 grams) of sweet potatoes grated measure (610 grams) of carrots grated 3 tablespoon of wheat germ 200 grams of dried anchovies 400 grams of mince chicken. I parboiled the sweet potatoes and carrots for 5 minutes and cooled them for handling. I find grating parboiled sweet potatoes and carrots to be a lot easier. As said, it looks like GNW, next to soya beans black eye beans & germinating baby lima beans and green peas kidney beans, germinating chick peas and butter beans germinating pinto beans, germinating groundnuts, germinating black beans All the beans & peanuts were brought to boil for about 5 minutes to parboil them. After cooling that, they all went into the blender to liquidise them. They were then placed into pot and water added to allow them to boil nicely and boiled for another 10 minutes or so. Part of that was cooled to add to blender to blend 200 grams of dried anchovies for the protein and the calcium. Part of that liquidised bean mash soup taken out to mix in the grated sweet potatoes carrots , the chicken mince, 3 tablespoon of wheat germ. They all got back into the pot and boiled. Just enough water added to allow boiling. Then all the quinoa, millet and cereals were added when boiling was good and strong. Stirred well for a minute or so until it got difficult to stir. Fire turned off and they left to cook themselves. That got me 9775 grams of Jackie/kitty mash batch 03 into 25 baggies.
  6. cat power !

    For kitties and not for me. Discards from human grade salmon sashimi. Cut off because those bits offend the aesthetics and the WA of salmon sashimi arrangements. Before kneading the kitty mash I made for them inside. Normally with an egg yolk. I vary their diet by sometimes deliberately not giving them chicken liver or raw pork. Keeping them on their toes so they never sure what they get from me. Cannot allow them to be bored. Once a week or so, based on random generated number, I deliberately starved them giving them NOTHING to eat to teach them how to be stoic and strengthen their character. Yes! go on and tar and feather me for being so cruel to my kitties.
  7. cat power !

    And more I was reading that chicken gizzards and liver got more taurine then minced pork. And read that kitties got recipe that have raw gizzard and liver . Then when I saw in supermarket that gizzard and liver about half the price of salmon bits and skin, I decided kitty should have that. I bought gizzard and liver and cut that to tiny pieces, filling 4 baggies of 100 grams and a fifth baggie of 70 grams that I decided to use as see fit. I bought 100 grams of wheat grass. Took 200 grams of salmon bits and skin and cut that into smaller pieces to make 4 baggies of (100 grams gizzard/liver and 50 grams salmon bits and skin) . Added 25 grams of wheat grass chopped into small pieces. and added 90 grams of wet kitty food. Each baggie of (100+50+25+90) or 265 grams will be the additions for each group of 4 days for kitty together with the kitty mash(that total 200-300 grams /day). One thing good for kitty is that they need not worry I help myself to the gizzard and liver the way I help myself to their salmon bits and skin (discards from the aesthetic making of human grade salmon sashimi) and found that to be better than what I bought for myself. That 4 baggies will be in the freezer with one thawed and used every 4 days. I even clean their shit and litter trays too. And threatened them all the time I will twist off their heads off and toss them into the dustbin.
  8. cat power !

    I cook for my kitties. Not to save money, but as I wanted the best for them. The basic kitty mash Extracted from recent postings I did in Facebook aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Last well documented kitty mash here Karen Pryor//Jackie Mash 03//Sieben & Jackie // Nasty Nic shanlung: Karen Pryor//Jackie Mash 03//Sieben & Jackie // Nasty Nic In a Nat Geo documentary on wild bears feasting on salmon, when there were loads of salmon, the bears got more particular and ate only the salmon skins and eggs discarding the flesh. And recently I saw in supermarket salmon skin with bits of flesh attached were being sold at half the price of salmon fillet. I love the salmon skin (I add to my porridge and noodles and COOKED) and found kitties love raw salmon skin too. Which got me adding it to their mash. Kittie mash by the way need not have raw salmon skin or mince meat added. Those were already cooked into the mash. 2nd last batch of mash had 200 gms of dried anchovies, 750 grams of pork mince in them. Last batch of mash had 200 grams of dried anchovies, 250 grams of pork mince, 750 gms of salmon skin cooked into it. On days when I too lazy to add more stuff, kitties happily eat the kittie mash anyway. Adding wet kittie food was a habit from the past that persisted on. From time to time, I add wheat grass and other greens to the mash. I spoil the kitties silly as I am trying to fatten them to the point I can slow cook and braise the kitties - once I can find a good recipe to slow cook kitties The salmon/pork/wet kitty food are daily addition with regular kitty mash added to 200 to 300 grams daily. Deliberately fluctuated to torment kitties with nothing regular to be faced with feast and famine at my choosing. I also think periodic clearing of their digestion tracts good and healthy as if in wild, they never will have regular meals and I try to replicate that. I think enough photos of Sieben and Ivan for you all to judge their health and scream at SPCA to lock me up for cruelty to kitties Documenting the additions that go into the total of 200 to 300 grams of mash for the 2 kitties, prepared every 4 days, hold into freezer with a baggie thawed again for the day. 100 grams of raw salmon bits and skin , 40++ grams of raw pork mince, 100 grams of wet kitty food combined with salmon and mince to 227 gms Then 130 grams mash added and well mixed by kneading to 400 grams and divided into 4 baqggies, one used for the day and other 3 into freezer typical baggie of regular kitty mash of 385 gms 4 baggies of 100 gm salmon/mince/wet kitty food/mash - which then be topped up with kitty mash to daily 200 to 300 grams fed to the horrid beasties
  9. She and others like her trivialized the traumas to those getting raped and go all out to console the rapists. Bad enough when those attacks are on adults, I draw the line when the attacks are on kids. Such as this attack in Linz on a 3 year old boy by 6 migrants. The latest migrant sex violence outrage took place at the Linz baths, where a 36 year old mother of three identified only as ‘Sandra F’ by Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung was paddling with her children, a ten year old daughter and two sons aged three and six. She told the paper: “I had noticed six foreigners aged between 30 and 40 years old in the indoor pool. Two were sitting on the edge of the children’s pool. “One of them sidled up next to my youngest, and had his hands in his underwear”. The woman told the paper she witnessed performing a sex act next to her young son. Can that be profiling of them? Noticed none of the other 5 tried to stop their friend from attempting to rape that 3 year old. Maybe they waiting their turns. Those that tried to speak out at the beginning are not just labelled racist. Do recall the very public attacks on me here that I am no less than a xenoaeiou, by a person who confess he did not even have any muslim person that can call him a friend. (Handwringling he got a Muslim in law as if he gave permission to his sister or brother to marry one, or to his son or daughter to marry one, as if his permission matters to them or to me, or to you all here) Here I was in just a couple of my many photos with my many Muslim friends. With family of my Muslim friends being invited in Iftar meal (first meal after the sun go down to break the fast on Ramadan) An iftar meal (I got many more such photos of my interactions with Muslim friends, he got one?) That I was bloodthirsty ghoul for advocating retribution of 20 strokes rotan caning for any and all assaults on minors. As if those that attack and rape kids are human and deserve hand wringling over. Perhaps he was salivating and looking forward to the good fortune of being paid for counselling those 6 foreigners who might be so traumatised that they need even more hot soup and hot meals and much more lucrative counselling to be done. Notice, no apologies given to me after I was painted blacker than black We who tried to speak out for the way of life we have known and liked are called rightwingers and Nazis and worse by those kumbayahing jackasses who believe funds will always expand to feel the needs and never mind if millions and millions of refugees within their countries starve to death as long as they the jackasses get the funds that they need.
  10. I find her to be as disgusting as that Iraqi migrant rapist of that 10 year old boy. She should form a circle with her friends in the nude and sing kumbayah in the center of a migrant camp.
  11. For those kumbayahing jackasses and counsellors of traumatised refugees. This is one of the results. More and more to come as even more and more of them come flooding into Europe in 2016 when the weather gets warmer. Migrant raped boy, 10, at swimming pool claiming it was a sexual EMERGENCY AN Iraqi rapist told police his attack on a ten-year-old boy was an "emergency" because he had not had sex in months.
  12. Had they stopped the additional 90,000++ storming into Germany in Jan 2016? Will they stop the probable 180,000++ crossing into Europe in Feb 2016 with their begging bowls and hijabs and mullahs? Will they stop the likely 400,000++ extra begging bowls coming into Europe in March 2016 when the weather gets better and better? If not, they are like Yanagiryuken trumpeting how good his chi is and repelling one and all without his even having to touch them. At best, those planes blow out very expensive hot air and good only for display on Youtube.
  13. The Cool Picture Thread

    Stranger things happen in real world than in imaginary world. Especially when aided by photoshopping
  14. Syrian refugees struggle to buy food as aid dwindles In this Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 photo, a Syrian boy walks in Kawergosk refugee camp in northern Iraq carrying a plate with boiled potatoes. Syrian refugees in Iraq are struggling to feed themselves as cash-trapped aid… KAWERGOSK CAMP, Iraq — Perwin Shamsaddeen Ali, a Syrian refugee living in a tent camp in northern Iraq, has been reduced to cooking one meal a day for her family of four. "I cook at 11 o'clock and we eat the leftovers in the evening. Why? Because we have no more food, that's why," the 28-year-old mother of two said as her sons tossed a balloon outside their tent. "Today I gave the kids some noodles, that's all. That's all we had today." As aid agencies struggle to keep pace with the worst refugee crisis since World War II they have been forced to cut back on assistance, including food rations. With no end in sight to the Syrian war, and regional host countries increasingly overwhelmed, many refugees see the perilous crossing to Europe as their only option. Recall how some fool here hold matches to my toes screaming at me and demanding for proof when I said those into Europe were que jumpers instead of the traumatised refugee he claimed he did counselling for. And that those into Europe drained the money that should be going to those still in refugee camps in their country. Idiotic Taoist who cannot see how he can cure a lack of common sense especially when infected with righteous foaming of the mouth (or fingertips) and who happens to be allowed to carry a very big stick Dunno should those claims be forensically examined, or better let sleeping straw dogs lie where they are