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  1. dafuq is happening to me now ?

    Well, then i am limited to asking how much fat youtake in. I know of 2 people with active kundalini that would have to add butter to their coffee and find themselves eating large servings of rich fats. Maybe that will help? That's the last tool in my tool box, as I don't have open K myself, just reiterating what has helped others:-)
  2. dafuq is happening to me now ?

    When you work out, do you do squats? lift heavy free weights? eat plenty of meat and take in plenty of healthy fats? these things could help you to 'ground', probably in a way that will be more effective than 'mentally directing energy' downward at this point. Maybe you can help rebalance by changing workout and diet. I hear that eating pleny of (mostly animal based) protein, getting plenty of fat in your diet has helped a lot of people with Kundalini to stay grounded. And of course squats will by necessity draw energy to your legs/lower body. Hope that helps.
  3. Beginner's [REAL] Magick: Instruction Q&A

    Exactly. Better for the ones who decide to withhold. Im untrained in Western practices, but from the little I've read about the LHP side, one big component of, for example the 'Satanism' side's discontent with Christian religion in general is that it enslaves people with guilt and does not empower the individual. Most practices discussed TTB are empowering. As we ( some of us) seem to be "seeking the truth", should we not be prepared to handle it, regardless of the pain or pleasure it may bring us? Equality of knowledge is freedom, and being held in a state of ignorance is tyranny, IMO.
  4. Beginner's [REAL] Magick: Instruction Q&A

    DNB said: "It's Nature's Way of Culling..." Yeah, but...not all of us will be culled. Those who have inherently known that this something was coming their whole lives will see and recognize. Right? DNB also said: "Once enlightened, the avatar finds that by sharing this knowledge- he/she is often labeled 'a satan'."
  5. Entity/EMI/Telekinesis Alarm: Easy Construction

    Pics of device please?
  6. -Certain, My Breathing Ceases

    DnB-- I love your posts! I haven't posted here in a long time, I pissed some people off I think, because I started getting visitors checking me out at night. I've been lurking here for several years though. As for the breathing, I have experienced the very beginning of ceasing the breath. I only mention it because for me it is a natural phenomenon; I have done very little ' mediation', but can easily extend my breath to one per minute. I read once in a book by B.K. Frantzis that there were great health benefits from this- I have to wonder though, what this means that I can do it so easily. I've tested my ability to alter my heart rate, and can naturally alter it by about 10 bpm or more, up or down. Thus being without the valsalva. I just ' drop' or 'raise' inside, I dont really know words for it. When Im alone in a quiet place, I've been able to stop my breath briefly, the 'thought' that "people have to breath" caused me to take a breath, though I felt no urgency what so ever. It reminds me of a documentary about sun gazing, 'Eat The Sun' I think, and the loss of appetite and supposed lack of need for food. I suppose I have my mother to thank for any of this natural ability Ive held onto, she's always supported me. We used to play the number game, I got pretty good at guessing the right number. Anyway, I'd be curious to see what your blood oxygen and end tidal CO2 are when you are in that state. But I wouldn't worry, some of us are just where we are with this stuff, 'science' be damned! Thanks for reading:-)
  7. Gloabalist Agenda

    Ralis- I looked at Thom Hartman 's site, and he seems clearly pro Democrat, anti Republican. IMO, the Democrat / Republican divide is crap, it all comes down to personal liberty to me. As crazy as Alex Jones can seem, he seems to be conservative if anything. And his site (though biased in its own way) reports on things that are hard to find information about elsewhere. Cool find though. How long has Mr. Hartman's site been around? Mainstream media is all riddled with (political) agenda. Just my opinion :-)
  8. Information Wars

    I go to infowars!! At first I kinda thought Alex Jones was just using scare tactics, but I am starting to really like the things they report on. I am totally 10000% behind Ron Paul.
  9. Bumping this thread because it is so awesome. Ahh, the road less traveled.
  10. How to determine someone's level of enlightenment?

    What about this point of view; Enlightenment is attained whenever one realizes (truly) and stops denying their mortality, while also realizing and no longer denying the power that the opportunity of life is-the vast possibilities, from existence to world change. Not just of ones own life, but of all life. All of this, while being uninhibited by the gravity of such realization. It is an understanding, and an awareness, which once made fully, does not leave the consciousness yet is no longer present in thought. I have never read anything along these lines, particularly the relation to accepting ones mortality. But I haven't been reading much lately:-) As for how one could 'tell' if someone is enlightened, I think GIH has really put a lot into this. But my mind goes back to 'The Unfettered Mind', by Takuan Soho as translated by Cleary-something about the flower and the subtle smile. Enjoy today. N-
  11. The Akashic records

    Lol look I'm sorry guys and gals, I'm not saying its easy. I'm saying I think it could be done in much less than 60 years. To go back to the Kung Fu example, You will get a lot better at Kung Fu if- in addition to learning it, you test it ( fighting ), teach it, and train it. If, after gaining some good instruction in Kung Fu, You actually fight with it, you'll get a hell of a lot better (assuming you survive ) than if all You do is take lessons and practice. So, I'm thinking that if You want to access these Akashic records in a useful time frame, you might consider ; Seeking out someone with the most experience you can find. Find some sort of daily practice(s) for this goal. Consider sources (of knowledge ) most would avoid- communication with the disembodied- human or otherwise-for example. Practices that most might find extreme, such as sensory deprivation, seclusion, sacrifice, etc. So again, like in the Kung Fu example with fighting, risk big to gain big. I could be totally wrong. Good luck!!!
  12. The Akashic records

    I feel that if it takes 60 years to do something, (most anything ) then its being pursued poorly. Think about it - If a person had to work for 60 years to achieve some feat, many of those years were probably spent making mistakes and learning from them. Who would work (daily I presume? ) for 60 years with no result? What use would that be? My guess (this is all just my guess) is that if it took anyone 60 years to achieve something, than their achievement was a byproduct ( unexpected /unintentional) of some other pursuit. Therefore I suggest that results could be had faster with appropriate techniques. You might find someone who has done this already, or look for proven methods. Good luck :-)
  13. KAP youtube channel

    FWIW, I'm currently in KAP 1 with Tao, and it has been awesome so far. I'd say you get much more than you pay for, IMO. Definitely more than just a 'starting point'. :-)
  14. Opening the Kundalini: How?

    Would just like to say, FWIW I don't get my info about the Vatican 's library, or the history of the Catholic church from TV or movies or fiction books. I get ( got) it from history books. And history classes at a university. :-) I really feel its very important to know our (vast human) history, which is much deeper than even the publicly available historical records. For example, the water erosion seen on Sphynx in Egypt, which is impossible according to the accepted timelines. We have been here probably much longer than we think, IMO. And I agree with Vaj, they want to hide the truth ( in general about history ) to control. N~