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  1. If you are/were a *Practicing Magickian: -whatever your flavor- This Thread will be a good podium to help instruct those with Questions. This is *Real Magick: Not Role Playing, Not Hollywood Magick Maybe we can outline a basic non-dogmatic paradigm, for those interested seekers. Those who want to be like Harry Potter: ...or just Qi-Curious? Witch Wizard Sorcerer Mage and all the Spectrum in between : NOTE: The origins of the words Witch and Wicca is that they are derived from "Wic," which means to shape or bend. So, in essence, Magick is all about Bending Thread Idea Inspired by: Ritualistic Magic? Whats the point? _______ Maybe... this Thread will eventually become a Sticky/Pinned Topic...? _______ Tree of Life: is a good map It can be non-religious and non_dogmatic I will post info. about it- shortly