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  1. [TTC Study] Chapter 66 of the Tao Teh Ching

    there should be a "No Mountainstream Left Behind Act" then what? not helpful?
  2. Really need help with Translation Important

    not quite. yours is a western thinking 仙灵哉不威 - 自畏 师老矣有德 - 须尊 when an immortal turns into a heavenly being he becomes not imposing - then its time to be in awe of him when a teacher grows old it means he has accumulated De - then one must worship him. i cant read cursive on the other two, ask Chidragon.
  3. Really need help with Translation Important

    top one is Southern Heaven White Crane Immortal Teacher
  4. My current favorite Tai Chi video on youtube

    more like a turbulent stream rushing down the mountain its not that they are particularly sneaky , its that the students are more than willing to dupe themselves "hey, just wave yr hands smoothly its taichee, man" i know this by going back to the source. in this DVD u will find the original unadulterated river phrase as well as see what real TJQ looks like
  5. My current favorite Tai Chi video on youtube

    it may come as an unpleasant surprise to you or your instructor but Yang family taichee for external students is a ruse to conceal secrets. they do it from performing the form in such a way as to hide whats going on and in twisting the language of old sayings. in this case the saying was "the form should NOT be like a flowing river". they just dropped the negative. clever.
  6. The return of the body light

    oh come on. for what? no offense was taken, ppl nowdays get offended way too easy.
  7. The return of the body light

    u seem to be confusing cause and effect here. a teacher's retort to this statement would be "if there is no embryo how can there be his breathing? exactly. and its just the beginning.
  8. The return of the body light

    i have completely experienced that phrase and that phase. i dont think u have.
  9. The return of the body light

    if you read e.g. Ch. Luk's "Chinese yoga" u will find a phrase "first stage is white light - it is useless" if whatever u r doing involved ming too u would noticed specific effects on the body, beyond what u have described.
  10. The return of the body light

    these are good results but because yr teacher did not explain u the process- u still work with xing only. that leads to a second error - collecting light that is not ripe yet. otherwise, good for you.
  11. TTB Moderation

    oh yeah quite a lot thanks for lending a shoulder to sob on apech i am not "here", 5 min of my online time is here. u r actually the most innocuous one , nobody is impugning u, but u r aider and abetter.
  12. TTB Moderation

    sean unleashed a bunch of new-agey PC cheerleaders on forum thinking that he will catch more flies with honey than with honest exchange of opinions. as a result the forum turned into a a saccharine cesspool meaning he shot himself in the foot. the mods are now corrupt thought police who viciously punish every critique of businesses they are associated with be it wang lipin, kunlun or frantzis. the blind who tolerate this deserve to be led by the blind.