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  1. Sorry for the late notice, I just realized this was happening yesterday. Xing Yi 5 Element linking form. It is led by Isaac Kamins, 25 year student of Bruce Frantzis. I'll be attending. If you want to connect, post here or send me a message.
  2. Today's practice: 5 minutes of tai chi breathing, lesson 5 of BKF breathing CD 1 (companion to Relaxing into Your Being) 5 minutes of sinking my chi. 10 minutes of guitar. Tuned guitar to itself, practiced Key of A chords A and E7 (I just started lessons last week, complete noob). 10 minutes of djembe. Practiced following pacing of metronome with various hand patterns. I have a few years of West African drumming experience but just starting to pick it back up again after a taking few years break. 5 minutes of standing chi kung. 5 minutes of tai chi stepping practice. That is all for today :-) My music practice may be somewhat irrelevant, but thought I'd throw it in here since I'm trying hard to cultivate a daily practice.
  3. Hey, sorry I've been out of touch. Life's been busy... Exited one long-term relationship, entered another, plus been overloaded at work. But I'd totally be down to get coffee or tea with anyone in the area. I could also use a Cheng Hsin training partner, if that would be up anyone's alley: I just got the kyu 1 (degree one, level one) video, and will likely be working on it for some time.
  4. Appreciate the input ChiDragon. I've recently started working with BK Frantzis' "Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body" and am really connecting with it. I think it's exactly what I need to be working on at the moment. I've been practicing Soto Zen for a few years so I'm no stranger to abdominal breathing, but his Longevity Breathing technique takes things to a whole new level! I'm working on expanding and contracting my sides during the in/out breaths, which is not something that had occurred to me to focus on before. I'm finding that I can maintain a 20 second breath fairly comfortably, and a 30 second breath isn't too great of a stretch, so maybe I'm not too far off (and all those hours of wall gazing weren't a complete waste of time, lol). Your research sounds very interesting--do you mind if I ask what in particular you're investigating?
  5. Thank you very much Blasto! I've come across that title before and thought it was something that I definitely needed to read, but for whatever reason haven't made it a priority... I'm going to do so now. And I am an aggie, and even got my B.S. from the College of Ag and Env sciences, but other than a couple soil science courses did not study much that seems directly applicable to my gardening habit (was a hydro science major). Other than their master gardener program, I'm not really too aware of what's happening in the ag/gardening scene at the UC. I'm really a novice gardener, but enjoy it much, and am thinking of studying biodynamic ag at the Steiner College here in Sac. And I share your pessimism, though I'm personally hoping for less of an apocalypse and more of a gradual shift towards local, sustainable economies... and if the post petroleum future means trading in my office cubicle for goats, chickens, and a vegetable garden, I likely won't complain too vigorously ;-) Are you familiar with the C-Realm podcast? Lots of great discussion re: collapse, sustainable ag, etc... KMO would probably love to interview you about your grad research.
  6. I've been a lurker off and on, for some while... I've found Tao Bums to be a very valuable resource that has, to some extent, guided my own practice and development over the last few years. I very much enjoy the frank discussion and melting pot of practices, techniques and ideas that I haven't encountered anywhere else. But these forums are meant to be interactive, and I think perhaps its time for me to throw my own insights, delusions and aspirations into the mix. My current practices include: Soto Zen AYP Hatha Yoga Yang style Tai Chi Zhan Zhuang (Working from Master Lam Kam Chuen's "Way of Energy") Diet (Whole foods, TCM, Ayurveda, Paleo/Traditional/WAPF) Aneros "re-wiring" w/ MGX Tibetan Buddhist style healing visualizations (working from Boundless Healing by Tulku Thondup) My primary objective is health. For the past half decade I've been struggling with a serious digestive condition, which has psychosomatic components, that I believe can be addressed via spiritual development of the nervous system. My progress has thus far been limited mainly be injuries (for example,currently rehabbing a knee injury that limits tai chi, standing and sitting), time (have a job/career that demands the majority of my waking hours and energy), and self-pacing to remain grounded -- I find pushing too hard in any of these directions tends to be counter-productive, so am working on finding a steady pace of gentle opening and integration. So... who do I talk to about getting a practice journal? ;-)