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  1. is it possible to see chi?

    This is another interesting technique to see energy. th
  2. is it possible to see chi?

    I agree with you, I Am, the techniques should be developed by observing real people and other real objects. Video is not the best tool but it can be a tool.
  3. is it possible to see chi?

    That was cool. Thanks Cat.
  4. is it possible to see chi?

    We are all energy. Some say the chi is in air and others say air is chi. I am a purist. I don't attach any labels to seeing energy. It is what it is. I am not holy, pure, gifted nor clairvoyant or psychic. Through my qi gung practice, I have learned that is a tool - but not the only tool - for diagnosing health, disease and illness. Sometimes cameras and camcorders can record the energy fields around a person. Its pretty cool if you can see the colors and others see it too. Did any of you see the guy's aura in the first clip where he shares his techniques for acquiring the ability to see auras?
  5. is it possible to see chi?

    I believe the first clip I posted is the best for some techniques. The mind will try to rationale what you see according to our western standards. The truth is you see something whether it is in a still photo or in motion. When we slow done our thoughts and observe and not judge we can see more.
  6. is it possible to see chi?

    This guy has a very strong energy field. I don't know him but I can say he has attained a highly cultivated chi energy.
  7. is it possible to see chi?

    Here is another way.
  8. is it possible to see chi? Here are some interesting techniques for seeing auras. Let me know what you see and I will tell you what I see.
  9. is it possible to see chi?

    Yes, a person can see the chi energy if he or she is studying a system of chi gung that cultivates that ability.
  10. Capoiera

    Capoiera is a beautiful martial art. It is very deceptive. It looks like a dance which makes it deceptive. Plus I can see there are no hand stikes or blocks. There are some very good ground techniques hidden within Capoiera. Awesome!
  11. Auras and what do they mean?

    I agree with last few posts. Based upon my experience with auras the color black in one's aura is a bad health sign especially if it is close to the body. You should get to the doctor or emergency room as soon as possible. Brown is not a healthy color and you should see a doctor real soon. Green is a sign of illness and is not a healthy color. Yellow is a sign of emotion. White and blue are signs of good health. I have found red to be related to emotion usually anger. Now I have found that highly cultivated people and highly spiritual people (who pray or meditate a lot) will have a kind of rainbow aura with whites, yellows and blues or various combinations of those colors being closer to the body than the other colors. Red and green colors are further out and away from the body. Our emotions, mental health and physical health play a part in our energy field. As say earlier seeing is just a tool in the healing process. Peace love and respect!
  12. Growant, great post! See what happens when you asks questions of a good sifu, you get assistance and answers. You must be committed to the practice. It takes time for the meditations to mature. Some people feel the effects early and others it will happen over time. Whether you feel something or not the meditations are still effective. The DVDs are instructional because they give you the breath control and the movements. Learn and master the movements. Learn how to do the breath control. We use our abdomen and not our chest when we breath.
  13. Here is a free Doo Family Qi Kung Meditation authorized by GM Doo Wai to be posted on Youtube in 2007. GM Doo Wai gives very clear instructions. This and the other free meditations are very safe to learn otherwise he would not have allowed them to be posted. Some meditations are done with the eyes open and the other ones the eyes are closed. He often calls the chi gung meditations Chinese yoga. Enjoy!