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  1. The collected works of Blissmusic

    Not bad, but we are the universe nothing we have to do. If its something we have to do or say its ego related not true Zen or Tao. Cloud
  2. Erle Montaigue

    We train for longevity and good health, we rack up time and hopefuly we can live a long time. Diet is very important but quality of life is the most important thing. Move Slowly Cloudhand
  3. stuff i thought i knew

    My Tai Chi has nothing to do with a handle or a blade. The internal I follow is a moving meditation. Tai Chi is not Iaido. TX for the jargon it is not for me. Move Slowly, Cloud
  4. Erle Montaigue

    Erle Montaigue RIP, he was great so much free info it was mind blowing coming from him.
  5. What Books are by Your Bed?

    I have the Tao Te Ching by Jane English and my mentor Gia Fu Feng, Tai Chi and I Ching the Way of Centering By Gia Fu Feng and The Book of Bean Curd Boxing its by a internet author, Beat Zen by Allan Watts my other mentor. And I like all the beat poets Ginsburg, Kerouac, Snyder and my own books that I wrote on Tai Chi which is on-going and my Book on Stick Fighting that I did with Jason Elkins. Move Slowly, Cloudhand PS; Bean Curd Boxing is by Paul Read a great guy.
  6. good guys finish last

    I like that book but its over a lot of peoples heads they would rather fight, cheat,and steal and become a badass. Ghetto thinking. Cloud
  7. Calligraphy by Master Wang Liping

    Do a little practice online this is nice training not like the real thing though but fun.
  8. Meditation makes you dull

    There is a thing that you can become a sitting statue and no one wants that. Cloud
  9. stuff i thought i knew

    The body will fail at some time. The mind is where your focus should be and the internal. Cloud
  10. good guys finish last

    Thats why we have millions of screwed up people. Cloud
  11. What are you listening to?

    This is the best drummer of all time hands down or should I say sticks.
  12. What are you listening to?

    Billy Cobham trained cutting down trees to be stronger on the drums, I seen him with MaHa John in Chicago he looked like a body builder.
  13. Jack LaLanne

    Its sad to see him in later life on on commerical TV I think he was better than that, but alot turn to that form which I call junk TV. Move Slowly Cloud
  14. What are you listening to?

    Sif we got to do the best Drummers Billy Cobham, Neil Prut, Keith Moon, John Bonham.