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  1. If you had a account it should have carried over to along with any msg and post. I, not sure how many people here use it but just a fyi. VR BP
  2. Funny how the Ancestors hold the keys to our liberation.... My work with them has lead me to some interesting points. On setting up a "altar " Space you cant do that unless it is empowered... plan and simple you can try to empower it yourself but that does do what a actual altar does. I would suggest that you find then create a working system and seek out the blessing. That depending on who you talk to can be done alone but only if the Divine chooses to work with you. VR BP

    Yes it is it is about specific energy cultivation through centers in the body. However if a mod recommends we move it that is fine.

    Well I have found out through practice for me atleast that dividing energy into yin yang however you want to spell it is a start. But it has to get more specific then that. This is for Divine Qi or energy its closer to yang fire but flows like water. It doesnt burn it has a form but it can be directed to become more. I am looking at the lower dantien as a actual cauldron a furnace a smithing area where things are refined. Now my personal experience is that when you refine in the body it happens on all level and plans and spheres of reality as you do that. The method I am using I will not share simply bc I dont fully understand it myself and am not sure of the results since I have only been doing it shortly and am still working out the kinks. The above however is how I do circle walking and any other niekung by opening the eyes first. When you do the Omni breathing you will start to see shards in the air... if you can breath them in. It will def change your perception. putting effort into breathing them in makes them go away. When you figure the trick out its really cool. I hope this helps sorry I am not always on the net and I get busy I apologize about the delay VR BP

    Not a prob you can post them here or pm me. BP

    No you can use the actual sound on both but you want to feel it more on the breath in ie feel the vibration. You should feel it on the pole and it should spread out in all directions in your body same on the breath out except it spreads outside the body. BP

    When I first started I used AH yes and I still do when I do the traditional vibrations with the charkra. When your working on the 3rd eye you have to see feel it open use all your senses. You might even begin to small different things when it open. For me it was painful when I first started. You focus the vibration in the center of the head then to the throat then to the chest and lower abdomin. Then you imagine the while pole vibrating with the sound. You have to stretch each sound out AAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It should last the whole breath work on feeling and hearing it when your breathing in ( you can make the sound or not ). It does not take too long to open it up honestly. Now what you learn to do with it takes a life time and is never ending but the initial step can be as fast as a week. It will feel like trying to open your eyes when your tired. If they dont budge after a while and you still want to sleep force them open. BP

    There are more then one point for the 3rd eye. There are less ( smaller in size not importance) eyes extending to the crown directly ontop of the 3rd eye, There are also points directly above the eyes that go all the way up to the top of the head ( you will notice that these also correspond to other points on the body. There are 2 points on the bridge of the nose between the eyes. These all connect in a way to the inner 3rd eye in the brain. That is how I connect all my head points they all feed into one another and connect into one another. IDK if that will work for you but its what I do and is a continual process. It just takes time. As far as steps I would open the 3rd eye first but like I mentioned in the last post I would not use this technique for it I would do the regular vibration sounds first and then allow the Pole to vibrate with that sound. Start at the crown go down to the root, then back up. Once that is done Imagine the pole is vibrating with each sound as u move down adding sounds. This is hard but you will go into a altered state faster. If you do deside to use this technique when your breathing in make the AH sound. THE REASON I SAY TO USE THE REG CHARKRA TECH FIRST is when I first started doing them they where very painful and pumping so much energy into a point like that to open it will be unpleasant... but it might be a faster way. I went the traditional route but I did open up the inner eye with this tech. I have opened up others like that also but massive headaches result. This is bc when these points are opened you send out something that makes the Divine or other beings want to talk to you and this results in spiritual pressure. How do you relieve it well open up more points and talk back lol BP Bardons pore breathing is similar however when you breath in the Omni it is what we call ( in this forum ) Divine Qi. It enters through all pours charkras everywhere. The amount you bring it it will depend on how open to the process you are. It can also be refined and turned into other things. I never completed reading Bardons books. All books or manuals have "blinders" in them anyway so you have to figure them out... That took me a while to learn and some hard lessons. BP

    You say " I AM breathing in Omnipotence" out loud you dont have to be yelling it but enough that you hear it I would recommend also facing North ( for guidance ) or East ( opening up new door) ( I downloaded a compass app when I lost my regular compass). The universe was started with a word. These might have a health benefit but that is not why they where given to me. They are strictly for bringing in massive amounts of energy or putting it out. This is so the organ channels do not get burned out. You can use them in your Chi Kung work or in healing or what ever you want. I have been using mine in my practices to bring in alot of energy through the meng ming point. You can use the eyes to open up points that are blocked I have done this and I feel a relieve of pressure and other things. But you have to find out how to use them there is no manual you can look through. IF you need guidance I can help but I would recommend opening up the 3rd eye points and the points on the ear and temple. You will be surprised how much better information flows to you when you do this. I have done this on other people but some arent ready... When you seek you will find. VR BP I also am currently working on building up the organ channels with this technique. IDK why but I think it helps with the flow of energy to said organs or gland or what have you. Its a ton of work and this isnt something that will be dont in a day or a week. I have like 2 organs done haha. BP
  10. Ok this text will be about building channels in the body. These channels serve no other purpose then to either pull in or push out massive amounts of energy. This has to be done so that the organ and other channels do not get destroyed ( this method can later on be used to help improve said channels so you can have better health and such. Like improving a car or house you are simply adding to the original structure) or cause you burn out. This information people do not want out but since I am not affiliated with any school that taught me this I am going to put it out anyway. First like I said this was given to me in meditation or what ever you want to call it gnostic trance communion with the Divine. It was alluded to being called a system of RODS but I call it the opening of eyes. This opening of eyes technique can be used on almost any point. But be prepared for certain results to happen ( specifically when I opened the spleen charkra with this for about 3 days I felt intense worry although my over all health improved). I do not recommend this on the main charkras bc it can be intense. If you choose to do it on them and run into problems let me know I will help you. The meditation is very simple and you can do it in minutes however the lower the meditative state the better the result. If your having trouble staying awake there are ways to keep you up that force you to stay awake but they can be unpleasant and damaging if your not carefully. One way which I learned how to do meditation on is to drink something with caffeine in it and go through and relax the body from head to toe deeper and deeper. But we warned it will be hard. A easier way and one that is not as detrimental or the need of outside sources is to use all 5 senses when you meditate. This is what I currently do and it works great. So sight sound touch taste smell and feel like you feel energy. If you can just have these happen fake it til you make it. If you can look at a table or a wall and feel how it felt on your hand with out touching it then you can feel energy. Ok this is my personal run down of the energy system and charkras. If you disagree thats fine you dont need to do this. If you disagree or want to flame ok also I do not have all the answers so if there is a question I can not answer I will let you know. Charkras : these are vortexes that funnel energy into the body. They are much like black holes they have a event horizon and PULL FROM ALL DIRECTIONS not just from the top or bottom. Ever point on your body has a charkra and a dantien ( ie accupoint pressure point). The lead into the next portion. Dantiens: The charkras lead to this singular infinitely dense point. This point can dry up or be blocked. ( just like the charkras) they are surrounded by 6 gates in essence a cube., The dantien starts out as nothing and opens into a sphere. With all the sound and sensation you expect from such a occasion. This is the "EYE". These dantien and charkras are all over the body the main ones we are concerned with will be the joints, hands, feet, .taiji pole, and the eye between the knees and below the feet ( BE WARNED THE CHARKRAS BELOW THE FEET LEAD INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOUR READY) and above the head ( THE CHARKRAS ABOVE THE HEAD LEAD TO THE MORE "HEAVENLY" ASPECT AND WHEN YOU OPEN THEM YOU WILL BE OPEN TO INFLUENCE SO YOU MUST PUT FILTERS ON THEM DO NOT OPEN UNLESS YOUR READY) also the eyes of the temples ears fingers and toes, and lesser 3rd eyes. When you open these centers up you will start to hear things you will start to see things it can be unpleasant and scary... ABANDON ALL HOPE YEE WHO ENTER THIS PLACE.... The Gates: these are filters to these energy systems many things can happen with them and they can be built into other more complex shapes. I say this because even though a cube has many directions it still has areas it is not pulling from. A octagon or more complex shape eliminates these areas of no pull and allows the sphere ie the eye to get more energy. So its a work in progress. RODS: These are criss crossed HALLOW TUBES that are constructed in the body they NEED TO BE TEMPERED AND MADE TO BE ABLE TO CARRY DIFFERENT ENERGIES.These connect to the gates and can only be constructed in a straight line. One final warning this is not a game this is not to be taken lightly there is serious risk involved with doing this. With bringing this energy into your body and opening these points... RISK ALL GAIN ALL 1 Face East close your eyes state I am breathing in omnipotence outloud. Feel the Divine white light enter you body on all levels. Imagion your body as a shell that has this warm healing Divine energy comming into it. When your full move on to step 2. 2 Your nothing when this starts your body mind and soul is nothing in the blackness you will be brought to light by this technique. All visualizations are in a dark glowing red. The first eye is in the center of the hand. If you dont know where the center is take your thumb and push inside down into your hand and do the same with the index finger. Dead center of the hand between the middle and ring finger bones. When this and all other eyes are opened they extend out on a sphere so it will be like a ball in the center of the hand. Breathing in brings energy into this point so you going to breath into the HIPS DEEP AND FAST while imagining this point opening up. You want to hear it reeving up like a engine or a scream what ever you associate with power. Once that is done your going to build the Gates THESE HAVE TO BE BUILT IN PAIRS. So front back, left right, top bottom. They start from nothing open into a square this square is just a outline and you can still see the eye inside it. It keep them open imagine a drawing of a eye on the square with 6 rays on the top and a I like a pillar in where the pupil is or a Pyramid. This will keep them open until u change the shape. this also acts as a filter to stop certain things from entering. 3. The rod to the wrist is very short but very important ( side note do not do the fingers until you connect the rods to the Taiji pole and Dantiens inside the body It might just cause alot of energy to gather in the hand and thats the way I did it so if you do it another way its on you) your going to breath in fast and deep same as before. fill the ROD extend to the wrist. Take another breath in and see lines criss crossing on the ROD this leads to the Gate way of the Wrist. 4 There is not much more to type the process repeats and keeps repeating. You will always find more places to connect and to open. The ROD follow the bones for the most part you can make them bigger or wider or slimmer in different parts like the forearm. That breathing technique can be adapted to use on other systems do what you want with it. Incase your unsure here is the layout Wrist Eye and Gate the ROD to Elbow Eye Gate and ROD to Shoulder Eye Gate ROD to Tiji Pole and also go DOWN from the shoulder to the HIP GATE EYE ROD to Thigh to Knee Gate Eye ROD to Ankle Gate Eye to The 3 centers on the foot in the heel center and ball all same procedure Gate Eye Roded to the next. The eyes on the outside of the toes and fingers are opened and ROD to the the tips Then the first joint then the Gate Eye ROD to the next and so forth until you get to the eye in the hands or feet. Alot can be done with this take it and do what you want with it figure out how to use it. Black Pheonix
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    Sad day for a great man who wanted to shine truth on the world may his dreams one day be full filled.
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    This is pretty cool
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    I think it is a great thing if in fact it is legit. He apparently has students all over the place. I am always leery about "investments" of this type especially since the 2 websites are out of synched and are not linked to each other. P
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    Has anyone heard of or can verify this temple with Master Chen Links below VR Pheonix