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  1. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    What is american food? is the entertainment truly mindless or simply an exploration of the human condition.most nations of color covet american techniques of power...but not its modern culture.which is organic,progressive[according to some]and ever changing yet remaining the same.Individuals,groups,and nation states have secrets...so be it!let the Mo Pai cling to their values,beliefs,and dogmas.Let them share what they will or not. Just as some say American science has already perfected anti-gravity and free energy yet keep it secret.some even say americans have already established bases on Mars.Those so-called u.f.o.'s are really American experiemental crafts.Why would America or western nations keep these secrets of nature onto themselves? the reasons are manyfold and as numerous as the stars in the night sky.Just like the Mo Pai.
  2. I'm thinking of purchasing this device however it is very expensive! So I would like some feedback if another bum has experimented with this device or something similar. I've heard Wang Liping sleeps with magnets under his mattress and other qi-gung masters regard them with respect...so any insights would be appreciated.I'm also considering the scenar which immortalforlife posted on. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=5&ved=0CEAQFjAE&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.earthpulsetechnologies.com%2F&rct=j&q=earthpulse%20magnetic%20pulser&ei=-DkVTZ2oNM_-nAe5n-X1DQ&usg=AFQjCNGPt4mH5PXwzpLXxGIUGLy8PeEvSA&cad=rja
  3. superman neikung

    That's the goal, connect with the source directly. However even if you do it by pure means spirits will still try you. Christians, Muslims, and John Chang all say spirits will attempt to drain a person's lifeforce. Supposedly Chang moves his dantien around to keep spirits from stealing his yang chi. He also does this when in China.
  4. superman neikung

    Of course some would say you are correct however believers in objectivity would say the natural world is apparent or universal to all. Like air or water whereas magic can invoke spirits [or natural forces]and multiple layers of reality-not just one. The sun is the sun whether you are in North America or China, subjective interpretations notwithstanding
  5. Any insights on the distinctions in chi when dealing with medical versus martial qi-gung? I notice sometimes I feel warm from spring forest qi-gung but not as warm as I do from practicing San Ti. Also former Mo Pai members have reported feeling overheated [even while sitting]from doing their practices. Any insights into the nature of these forces or is it all a result of training regimen and intent, which is what I suspect. Oh,Tridaya can bring tremendous heat and energy as well.
  6. Pain Control

    A lot of healers die from disease...what can we say of it? Maybe subconsciously they want to die, tired of living. Longevity has its place yet most would like to keep their looks and vitality. What's so good about living long if you lose your energy and for some-looks. My question is if it's possible to control bodily functions:blood flow,rapid healing why not try resetting the youth and vitality gene or whatever it is that keeps us youthful and energetic. I've heard the subconscious mind controls most functions and Schwarz achieved his through connecting with his.
  7. Pain Control

    In light of the recent talk of superman and Jack Schwarz, who could heal almost any wound without leaving a mark. Here is a demo of pain control without blood loss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6UG3EjQ44U
  8. superman neikung

    Here you go these should get you hyped! Superman jumping over a house like John Chang! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk_XHHCBNxc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qvwm-D90Acw&feature=related
  9. superman neikung

    Interesting point about the sun giving him his powers...but superman is largely based on Jewish and Christian models. Moses being saved by a raft and being adopted. His powers coming from nature,not magic[his greatest weakness] plus in some cannons supes is suppose to be almost sinless. No sex,no lying!
  10. Books!

    Thanks! I already have that one, I wanted the one by Schwartz because it details the exact method he utilized to acquire his skills. Down to breathing ratios, everything is covered in fine detail.
  11. Books!

    I have a vast collection of stuff...so what field interest you? I also possess a vast collection of hypnosis mp3s from Richard Bandler,Paul Mckenna, Paul Scheele, ecetera. Everything from time distortion to deep trance identification. I have nlp books from Roger Dilts, Milton Ericson, Tad James, Kenrick Cleaveland, conversational hypnosis [books and audio]books on modeling and Mantak Chia's stuff.Brainsync stuff, concentration stuff, martial art books, Anna Wise's high performance mind cd set.Big book of nlp techniques, the structure of magic, Beyond Being from transparent.Memory books by Harry Lorane,Mega Memory mp3s and book, the school of phenomenal memory course, Silva mind control stuff, hypnoperipheral processing from Glauberman. Again what field?
  12. Books!

    Hi! In light of the recent book sharing on the forum I was wondering if any bums have a copy of Jack Schwartz voluntary[any autogenic book] controls book? Which is now out of print or a soft copy of the Magus of Java...I still haven't read it except for the parts detailing his conversation with God. If you don't mind sharing or perhaps a trade.
  13. Download "Measuring Meditation"

    \\ It is already down! Anymore copies?
  14. Systema, Aikido

    Funny! But it actually happened.
  15. Systema, Aikido

    Which is why I always advise my friends learn hardcore, scientific street fighting before the heady stuff. Weights, heavy bag, sparring, running, plyometrics, killer instinct never abandon you! That said, I also agree there are internal masters who can defeat mixed martial artists. Especially after learning about how John Chang took down Mike Tyson[before the Buster Douglas fight] and his bodyguards in Vegas!