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  1. How is the dalai lama chosen?

    Hi daojones, You should watch the movie " Kundun" a masterpiece https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119485/
  2. hello from denmark

    Thanks dawei, I belive it is the great saint Bodhidharma.
  3. hello from denmark

    Thanks Lost in translation & Limahong
  4. hello from denmark

    Thanks Stormhealer
  5. hello from denmark

    Hello Fa xin and Marblehead Thank you for your welcome. My interests are many based on martial arts and philosophy, especially Taoism and Buddhism, i also interesting in qigong tenaga-dalam reiki and other energy-work. best regards jules
  6. hello from denmark

    Hello to you all. good to be part of this exciting forum. Sincerely jules from Denmark