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  1. Thanks JuJu! I hope your retreat was deepening!

  2. Hey thanks for that link CowTao... very nice! Here's a forum you might like to join! it has all the names from E-Sangha but doesn't seem to be as harsh with it's moderators.

  3. I concur with CowTao. :)

  4. Do you really live at Mizen Head?

  5. Thanks Alwayson, I concede I concede! Thanks Mandrake and CowTao! I was wondering if I should come back at all, but darn it! You can't keep a good man down! Just kidding... well, not really but you know.

  6. LOL! Heaven Chi... thanks, that's very sweet.

  7. Leon, that's fine.

  8. No problem Strawdog! I agree, it is important!

  9. Heyao!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!! Peace and prosperity!

  10. HAHA!! Yes, Padma... I used to beat that same drum, that all paths are the same and lead to the same place. The cosmos is just so much more complex than that though. Not even all Buddhist vehicles lead to the same type of Buddhahood.

  11. thelerner! Thanks!! I appreciate that very much.

  12. Padma... what's WMT?

  13. Padma! WOW, 100x... I used to listen to it all day, but yeah... sitting it and doing it is entirely different. That would take a full day. But, enlightenment in 24 hours?? HAHA!! Wow. Yes... I've got to give that one a try! SoV is incredibly powerful. My first time doing that, without knowing the words in group with ChNNR was... I can't say enough about how powerf...

  14. Hi Padma, the short tun was very powerful for me, then I went to the medium tun which is my more regular practice.

    If I have met you before, nice to see you again!

  15. Really Island? I'm flattered, thanks! =^D

  16. Hey bro... nice to see that you popped in for a read or two. It's not all useless ping-pong!

  17. LOL! Indeed... we all should be meditating moooooore!

  18. LOL! I was only able to do about 15 or so of those. I guess there are some people who actually like me! =^P

  19. Thanks guys... yup... super busy!

  20. LOL! Dependent Origination isn't a thing Mr. Songs.

  21. VajraHridaya means "unbreakable heart".

    Sure Leon... anytime.

    Songs... what's real?

    CowTao... Thanks bro... but working hard in this business is inevitable. Most likely too hard as well.

  22. No problem Leon... ask away!

  23. Thanks bro!! =^)

  24. Hi there Gaelicrock. Vajra means thunder or unbreakable and Hridaya means heart.