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  1. Max Christensen Interview by James Gilliland

    Yeah, there are six parts to it in all.
  2. Enjoy.
  3. I know Steve wouldn't have the rocks to utter a peep of his baseless slander to mine or Max's face. This is the very funny bottom line that makes me smile when he writes about us.
  4. Kunlun and Demons

    Wow. I find it amazing that what I wrote could yesterday could evoke such a response. Q: Who fantasizes about hitting women and dominating people? A: People who feel inherently weak. Poor guy. That would be a hard one to resolve as a practitioner. Ego stuff is the worst. Don't let someone like this bother you, folks. They have a hard time.
  5. Kunlun and Demons

    Really? What a strange response...
  6. Kunlun and Demons

    Basically when you hold this posture and can let yourself dissolve into it with a smile on your face, you will quickly experience "something". This something is different for everybody. It is completely subjective and as individual as you are. Comparing to others is nearly pointless as your body will move differently than another. In this state, you'll have activated the body's reset process. Your body wisdom will take over (if your mind allows it), and many of your tensions will begin to harmonize as mind, body, and spirit align. As this process happens, you may experience the full range of the human emotional spectrum, from amazing highs to the most personally horrible feelings one could imagine. For all of it maintain and objective mind. Watch these feelings pass like clouds before you. You have everything inside of you and that is why we say that this practice is extremely valuable, because everything YOU personally need to learn is contained within your current state. Any mental, physical or emotional blocks are in place to act as teachers. Of course, through your past experience YOU have placed them there, or more accurately, never fully processed them. This practice processes them. This is not an easy thing to go through. It is hard for all of us to look at what we have tucked away. Most can't. However, even if you have opened something miserable inside yourself, the best prescription is more practice because further harmonization can then take place. Smiling is the key. Smiling tells you that you will be ok through the process. Smiling carries the frequency of the divine. When you can breathe the energy of your own smile deeply into your heart you will have accomplished something really powerful. So, everything you need to learn is inside of you. Your lessons can be found at the center of your own tensions. The emotional source of these tensions provide the revelations. The most personally relevant revelations you will ever experience. All within. How far you choose to go into yourself is up to you entirely.
  7. Kunlun and Demons

    When the real benefits are discussed people don't want to hear it. They prefer to tabloid the whole thing and focus on, and blow way out of proportion, any wrong understanding of what is happening. I can tell you all day long the positive benefits and the absolutely unbelievable things I have seen and personally done, but it falls on deaf ears (most of the time) or at the very least gets glazed over in favor of drama. It is no different from the evening news. "Give us dirty laundry..." Primal fear rules this dimension, but we are working to dispel that. I would suggest that people focus on doing what brings them joy and forget all practices. Then you will have a happy life and you will be doing what the creator wants most for you because it comes from the heart (divine source). Perhaps you can check out the messages from Abraham-Hicks. The information is sound and the source is legit. If you can see beyond the "new age" veneer, you will find great guidance and wisdom.
  8. Kunlun and Demons

    Absolute rubbish. You don't PUT entities into people. That is retarded.
  9. Kunlun and Demons

    It is simply allowing the divine mind to merge with the compassionate, blissful heart while maintaining an external posture of surrender. Revelations follow.
  10. Kunlun and Demons

    Funny topic. Kunlun or Yi Gong (the spontaneous adjustment Chi Gung) will reveal what you have inside. So yes, you will face your demons. If you are ready and brave you will move through these illusory "blocks" and move closer to clarity and harmony. Don't let people scare with this reptilian BS. We are superior to those low level lizards and they must bow to our will, so if you come across one and you get a negative vibe, just tell it to eat your ass. I've worked closely with Max for eight years and I don't have any lizards bothering me. It is all belief systems. If you obsess over lizards, and knowing we create our reality with every thought, you will most likely manifest them into your experience. The same holds true with any fear issue. It is stupid. Victims are the ones who have choices made for them. Don't be one. You are strong and you've been everything in your past (including STRONG!). You must understand that we are all loved very deeply by those on the other side of the ever-thinning veil that lies between this world and the next. All is well. Truly.
  11. Kunlun in the movie Avatar

    Yeah it was cool. We have done focused practice like that where a group of practitioners sit in a circle and have someone who is sick or in need of some serious healing/balancing sit in the middle. The energy that is generated is very powerful and sitting in the middle is quite an experience. Focused, positive, loving intent. You could change the world with that sh*t. To be clear though, it was that particular scene that made our jaws drop. I am not saying I thought the movie was about "Kunlun".
  12. Kunlun in the movie Avatar

    I believe the Lyrans have been referred to as catlike in appearance. Yeah, I think it is triggering A LOT of things for many people. For many a feeling of familiarity and even home sickness. Crazy.
  13. Kunlun in the movie Avatar

    If you try the spinning for about an hour while you smile and breathe into your heart you will find out the difference between this and other Qi Gongs. The key is letting go of the mind as you feel the smile. The goal is the absolute release of all tensions in the body while surrendering to the divine. The result of that goal is a harmonization of mind, body and spirit and a greater understanding of what you are. Spinning clockwise draws the energy down and counter-clockwise draws the energy up. Swaying side to side also works and when you do that in 'feeling' mode you can actually 'swim' out of your body and go right back to your source. Like sperm to ovum. Then bask in the light of the divine. The DVD should be available within the a few months. I am not sure what Jenny is going to charge at this point. The Na'vi are supposedly very close to an actual cat-like race of et's. I've never met them so I wouldn't know. I believe their character design is a combination of this cat race and the Andromedans who are 7-12 feet tall and blue skinned. Directors at this level (Spielberg, Lucas, Cameron) are all privy to some pretty great intel. They are in an important position where they can affect the entire planet, so certain imagery can be made popular to condition the masses to seeing these things possibly in real life. In this case, 10 foot-tall benevolent blue beings. There are many stories of tall blue beings interacting with humans lately. Maybe they are to be a part of our near future. Who knows? Anyway, great movie! Great universal themes and some really beautiful and creative imagery.
  14. Kunlun in the movie Avatar

    No. It is the name of the spontaneous adjustment practice as given to Sifu Jenny (Wu) Lamb by her teacher in China. She and I are putting out a DVD soon to make it easier for people to learn. The practice became popularized globally after it was incorporated into Max Christensen's Kunlun system, which is the combination of Yi Gong and Red Phoenix. Both of which were two of the most highly guarded practices of Maoshan Taoism. Together they help one acheive the Gold Dragon Body or Light body. Sitting and spiraling at the waist opens the body. Spiraling counter-clockwise will allow you to swim up into the energy and spiralling clockwise will allow the energy to swim into you. Both are great experiences. Anyway, plenty has been written in this forum about these things. A beautiful example of the practice can be seen in the movie Avatar. Ahhh, divine surrender....
  15. Kunlun in the movie Avatar

    Yi Gong. The seated spiraling practice that opens all of your channels and allows you to more easily connect to the divine. Not exactly the same as everything else, but it's worthwhile.