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  1. 1 hour ago, Taomeow said:


    How come I never heard this one.  It's beautiful and surprisingly accurate.  Could have been narrated by a few of my relatives.  


    The first one you posted is from the Civil War of 1918-1921 though, not the Great Patriotic.  And the one I posted is from 1848.  


    Ah forgive my ignorance - thanks for the info.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, liminal_luke said:

    Everyone says that siddis and powers are a spiritual sidepath and it`s better to just ignore them and keep on trudging up Mount Enlightnment.  This is no doubt good advice, though I`ll admit a fascination with supernatural abilities.  I believe that most of these supernatural abilities aren`t really supernatural at all: they are the natural good extension of radiant good health.  As such, here`s my take on the best way to become a "higher dimensional being"...


    eat a nutritious diet

    spend time in nature

    move your body

    cultivate close friendships


    Before you can walk through walls, you`ve got to eat a lot of broccoli.


    ... and farting helps you levitate.

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  3. 19 hours ago, ilumairen said:


    It is taught even the gods and goddesses inhabit Samsara, eventually their life of ease will pass, and as they near their passing they are abandoned by their fellow divinities who do not wish to be soo close to suffering and mortality. Having lived a life of ease and abundance they have not seen reason to engage in practices, and will be reborn into whatever realm is appropriate to their karma.


    The human realm is special in this, as there is enough suffering to encourage practice, but not soo much as to make it impossible, and human life is seen as precious opportunity - not to facilitate rebirth into yet another realm, such as the god realm, but to reach freedom from karmic rebirth.



    Yeah, this is the pitfall. You may be able to achieve a rebirth in the god realm, where you'll still be karmicly bound, but unable to recognize it until it's too late (as it seems eternal).


    What are you doing here? Trying to become a god or a demigod? For the purpose of engaging in sex whenever you wish?




    Even if one were a god who could enjoy unlimited sex - it would be ultimately unsatisfying - it might be a level of heightened pleasure beyond what a human could experience but would in effect be a golden chain which binds you to samsara in a way which is stronger than anything is possible in human life.


    The dichotomy of siddhis vs. materialism and sex is a false one ... unless by siddhis one means the ultimate siddhi of enlightenment.  


    Following a guru is about following buddha-nature and not the personality of said guru.  As a practice you may vow to follow another in whom you have developed a degree of confidence - but you have to remember it is you who have personally vowed to do this - through thick and thin - as a kind of exercise in self-education - as a path to strengthen and build your relation to what is absolutely real (whatever term you use for it).

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  4. 2 hours ago, Nungali said:

    Here is what I dont get ;


    When I came here there where lots of mods and  'admin' workers and assistants .  Sometimes they would be 'up late' fixing or doing something  on the site  ( I wouldnt know ,  I am a 'lotech' ) . Some seem dedicated  and put  a lot of time in, according to them.


    The first few decades of the community I lived on ; we had a meeting each week, they seemed endless and where about all sorts of things, permissions, problems, arrangements , sorting out , organising. paperwork,  etc .


    Now , the site 'sort of '  runs itself,    its chaotic ,  but chugs along    ..... what where all those people doing before , it cant have all been moderation ?   ( I go to MUCH larger sites then this  that have  4 mods ,   and one that had 1 mod .  )


    Now the community has abandoned  weekly meetings and all that organised kerfuffle , things chug along  pretty much as before , what where all those people doing before ? 


    Some energy is dispelled on the community in fights or arguments  .... but no where near as much as before with all the regulation, organisation, 'consultation'   etc .     And interpersonal, dis organisational and environmental problems still existed  with all these meetings and discussions .


    Now ( well, it started a while back, but there is always lots of 'talk' before anything happens , if it does )  the current  flavour is  'sociocracy '    thats what they are   enamoured with*  .  This might be similar to Gendao's  ' egalitarian council circle where no one can pull rank' .    They love the idea of this as those with 'personal agendas' have no one 'pulling rank on them'   :D


    Thing is , under  a hierarchical / 'democratic' system  /  ' normal business model '   ( a company limited by guarantee )  the place ran and offered a near utopian idyllic lifestyle and environment .   Under 'sociocracy '  ?    They cant even get it together  to have  a sociocratic meeting  of any substance  ( they had one where they made committees   and people put their name down  to be 'on that group '    -   multiple people where on multiple groups , but they never went beyond there anyway) .   A few tried it out from one of the groups formed  - they fought like bitches and abandoned it  , but never admitted it , they are still all ;  " Oh yeah sociocracy, thats cool, thats the way to go . ' "    And have virtually wreaked the system, the place, the way people get on, the environment , etc .


    Bunches of people out there with no REAL experience  in group management  and organisation  offering scatterbrained  ideas  that are the 'in thing'  that they dont have a clue about  ..... out with the old ( that worked )  and in with the new ( that they are too stupid to understand , or move beyond their conditioning to implement ) .


     I have been in many groups   (including being the chairperson on 3 different companies boards )   and one thing has been made clear to me;  no matter what thing your group is  doing, it will fail if 'group dynamics' are not understood and addressed  in a relevant way  - and a whole section of the populace doesnt like that ,   becasue they want to do shit - basically .


    I was also 'Chair'  (on a group of 9 elected representatives )  on a Baha'i Spiritual Assembly  ( they elect 9 people to manage their affairs, in replacement of the idea of 'clergy' ) ,  its a great 'spiritual administration' system , and a certain amount of understanding , wisdom and development  is required to take such a position   ..... is human BS absent  there ?   NOPE .


    There ARE some systems that work, becasue they address human nature  .... but people do not want to admit or own that nature , they imagine they are something else  ; balanced people without issues that can make clear decisions ..... THAT requires a HEAP of training and needs to be objectively assessed . . .   but they imagine and believe it will just happen with 'the right system' while not addressing the lack of personal development  that doesnt allow them to implement an 'advanced and enlightened ' system .


    But nowadays , anybody 'has the right' to do or be anything  .    I mean , look what pollies and police do !     In a system I was involved in, it took years of basic training to get some awareness about yourself and processes . Then you might get invited to a higher level . Then intellectual and physical prowess need to be demonstrated , as well as an understanding of human nature, philosophy and politics , after that   you are eligible for a seat in the organisations  Senate .  From this are drawn the  'rank' of people that act in a similar way to 'police'  .... it is considered that you cannot  govern or police  others unless you  yourself have demonstrated a certain level of qualities , 'in the hierarchy'  .   It doesnt mean that  these people are perfect , but at least 'the system' tried  ... it doesnt say 'we are all equal' , no hierarchy , anyone can and has the ability to govern .... or police .



    And while I am having a bitch ;   so many times I have heard people moan about hierarchy  and want another system  ' like the indigenous '  or want to ' go free and tribal'  ,  or move over the land that 'no one owns ' .    HA!  All I can say to that is - try it  .... go live with a tribe ... not as a  visitor  .... go  LIVE with them ... then you will see what hierarchy is about  !


    Now, feel free to attack me for such conservative views  ......  AFTER  you have real life experience  which shows the opposite !



    *  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sociocracy


    Only one man can pull the sword from the stone.

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  5. 7 hours ago, Nungali said:

    I suppose after that , I better offer something on topic .


    I got stuck on post 1


    Why is  casual sex    :   " Lusting and wanting to have sex solely for the fleeting physical sensation with no regard for having any virtue around that when sharing your body, or even having the self control to stop yourself from doing it  .... sexual behaviour selfish in essence as well as self degrading? ... dispersing your life force to something casual.....  Knowing you are operating primarily in the motive of lust rather than cultivating a true bond where you value yourself for that and therefore reserve that Part of you for the sake of being virtuous.


    What does casual sex actually mean ?    :huh:


    It means not wearing a suit and tie while doing it.

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  6. On 2/4/2020 at 4:00 PM, ralis said:


    Go away little man! Better get your jackboots on and march in lockstep with the rest of the right wing religious suppressed puritans. You requested a dialog and when many disagree you fly off and call ones that are not in agreement with your silly belief systems, whores! 


    Sex is nothing compared to the power of the cosmic life force!


    Jackboots!  he said casual sex not S&M.

  7. 6 hours ago, alchemystical said:

    Whilst I don't know that guy or his issues with some members I can say he raises a lot of interesting points in his statement, especially about how the conduct of many belies their purported prowess in cultivation as that was in part what motivated my original post as it all seems so immature and I'm stunned people actually have that much free time to sit around BSing.


    I'm a new signup here so don't know what this place was like in its heyday nor do I recognize any "characters" or anyones old rivalries but there seems to be an absolutely immense amount of signal to noise which is oddly tolerated by whoever is supposed to be calling the shots for whatever reason.


    Like I said I'm here to learn and pick up some hints and tips along the way but man from what I've been reading it makes me wonder if this site isn't some kind of containment place that stops people signing up to the true cultivation discussion forum (wherever that may be - do I need to roll up a trouser leg?) like some kind of shield?


    Truly bizarre.



    You can roll up your trousers if you like - but please don't post any pictures.



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