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  1. ..........

    Me too. Have fun everyone !
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    This thread needs to be closed RIGHT NOW !
  3. Science and Acupuncture / Chiense Medicine

    There have been 3 occasions when we as a family have used TCM acupuncture. Every time it has been a huge success. 1. My wife was suffering with pretty bad sciatica when pregnant with our second son. A little needling and the pain was eased considerably. 2. I have suffered with hay fever for nearly 20 years and the prescription drugs can only help me in reducing some of the uncomfortable symptoms. After a treatment of acupuncture (which was a fantastic experience), I never had any hay fever for the entire summer. 3. My wife has also had a low immune system after an operation years ago. Virtually every cold and virus that was doing the rounds, she got. Again after some needling, she has never had any problems since. So from our point of view, acupuncture works. I would recommend it to anyone who has given up on any other type of conventional treatment. SM
  4. Creating Gaps in Thought

    Personally, the method that I keep coming back to because of it's effectiveness is Pure Land Buddhist recitation. Or, nenbutsu as it is called in the Japanese tradition. Using a mala with 108 beads for counting, I find that I can do a few rounds of mindful recitations without any external thoughts entering. I am really pleased that I found out about Master Honen, his works and his tradition of Buddhism. SM
  5. Tucking the Tailbone in Taiji & Zhan Zhuang

    In my experience, if you can relax/sink into your posture and look side on into a mirror, you will see that your alignments are correct. Even if it doesn't always feel so. Get someone as a spotter if you can. It is essential to have help when learning to stand correctly so that no bad habits are formed. SM
  6. Shinobi

    Hatsumi is a shrewd business man who cashed in on the ninja boom of the 70's and 80's. There's no doubt that he is a skilled martial artist, but having studied in the Bujinkan for a few years myself, I realised that it is nothing but glossed over karate. The grading system is a complete joke with numerous 15th Dan grades I'd like to see a high grade Bujinkan guy against a 3rd Dan Okinawan Karate guy. And people getting grades for just showing up at lessons and courses. Complete shambles. I got totally disgruntled with the whole organization, and I'm not the only one. I don't think there were ever any 'ninja' at all.
  7. Camellia sinensis

    Great thread. I've just had a nice cup of oolong formosa. Genmaicha is a favourite of mine also.
  8. You Should ..

    Without asking for anything in return.
  9. I would like a copy also, if it's still available.
  10. I've often thought about getting this but the price does put me off.
  11. Buddhism and taoism?

    Then why is Buddhism often referred to as the middle way. It doesn't have to be rigid, or a religion.
  12. Reincarnate Lama Turns Away From Buddhism

    I wasn't aware that Buddhism has a bad name.
  13. Life Begins At 40

    So, later this week I'll be hitting my 40th birthday. Probably half of my life over and time to reflect. I'd be interested in opinions from some of the more 'senior' members as to ways in which they've come to terms with this milestone. Possibly adjustments in physical, mental and spiritual disciplines. Myself, I've never felt better in all of these. Still feel as active as I was in my twenties. Definitely more relaxed, mindful and focussed. This, I think, has all stemmed from lots of walking, cultivation in meditation, nei gong, zhan zhuang and my study of Buddhist teachings. So, does life begin at 40 ? Or is it a continuation of all the good work done in the previous years.
  14. Master Kwan Sai-Hung

    I had a feeling that the story was just a work of fiction. Glad to see that has been cleared up. The world is full of these conmen.