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  1. "Israel Regardie & The Philosophers Stone" by Lisiewski is a great book. It gives the history of Albertus and his school. The book also explores the relationship between Albertus, Regardie and Lisiewski and the advanced work they delved into. For example the creation of The Homunculus. It contains practical instructions in lab work, especially the plant stone. Overall a great read!
  2. Chi Practice for Drumming

    Famoudou Konaté, master of timing:
  3. When I was younger I thought that working with heavy construction would make me more of a man, so I got a job as a scaffolder. The hard work landed me in the doctors office with carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger on both hands. The doctor ordered two types of surgery on each hand/wrist. I got home and ramped up my newly begun Zhan Zhuang practise to 1h+/day. I did the 5 health stances from Lam Kam Chuens "Way of energy", and after a couple of weeks I didn´t need to break open my hands every morning. After a couple of month I was completely healed. And yes, quit my job. Desided I was man enough without it...
  4. Calling all magickians..... A great manual that will lead to stable meditation/visualization!
  5. Lucid Dreaming

    Great interview with Charlie Morley!
  6. the writings of mouni sadhu

    "Concentration" is an excellent manual!
  7. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    Great session yesterday! Thank you guys.
  8. Flying Phoenix worldwide events

    I´ll join in from Sweden!
  9. Anyone here from Norway, or traveled to Norway?

    The norwegian coastline with its fjords is breathtakingly beutiful. It really can bring tears to your eyes. You don´t need to go by boat to experience it. Car or bus is great to. The only negative about the country are the high prices. You will have a great time!
  10. Purple Reishi

    My experience with Dragon herbs and their Reishi is good. I´ve not tried the purple Reishi though,
  11. What is the benefit of fire to the body..

    Why not incorporating fire rituals in your daily cultivation? Remember that fire needs form to develop in a healthy way: Martial Arts, dancing, drumming etc.
  12. Try posting in the healing forum: Other than that, good literature nurtures the emotion!
  13. If you find a practice that you find interesting, do a reading to se if it will be right for you in the long run. This can save you a lot of time.
  14. Vitamin supplements

    MegaFood is a good choice. It is what I take after experimenting with several wholefood vitamins. I take them with meals, no coffee for 1-2 hours.
  15. Reading The Intentions Of Others

    Mantra meditation can easily take you into profound states of consiousness. Just let the mantra do the work. Good luck!